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One click and windows is activated properly. Hassle-free and can be activated immediately after paying. Newegg also offers free shipping to clients in the US, which can cut your costs even further. You'll receive the activation key upon purchasing. Here is the list of Windows 10 license keys: · Windows 10 Pro key: W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX · Windows 10 Pro N key: MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-.

Windows 10 product key purchase - Free Activators -

(echo The connection to my KMS server failed! Trying to connect to another one… & echo Please wait… & echo. & echo. & set /a i+=1 & goto server)

explorer “”&goto halt


echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo Sorry! Your version is not supported.&echo.


pause >nul


  1. Save the text doc as .bat
  2. Right-click on the .bat file and run it as an administrator 
  3. Wait a few seconds
  4. Press Y, followed by Enter when prompted to restart your PC

The annoying prompts should go away after rebooting your computer. That means you have successfully activated your copy of Windows 10.


Using a Windows Activator 

One of the most reliable Windows Activators is KMSPico Activator. However, you should download the software program from trusted websites. This is because most websites have viruses and malware that could infect your computer.

Here are simple steps on how to activate the OS using KMSPico:

  1. Download KMSPico from its official website
  2. Install Windows activator on your PC using the installer provided
  3. Open the installation directory and run the exe file
  4. You will see a red switch button. Click on it 
  5. Wait for the activation process to complete.

After the activation is complete, you should have an activated copy of Windows 10 running on your PC.

Other Activators work in a similar manner, but KMSPico remains the most widely used. Therefore, you can easily find the web. If you have followed these steps carefully, you should have an activated copy of Windows 10. This means you will no longer see those annoying prompts. 



How to Activate Windows 10 Without Internet

  1. Press Windows key + X 
  2. Click Run and type slui.exe4 in the dialogue box 
  3. Press Enter 
  4. Select your country 
  5. Choose the option Phone Activation 
  6. Stay on the phone and wait for the Microsoft representative to help you activate your copy of Windows 10


Can I Use Windows 10 Without Activation?

You can use Windows 10 without activating forever. But some features will be disabled in the long term. Microsoft no longer forces users to buy a product key and reboots computers every two hours after the expiry of the grace period. 

So, you don’t necessarily have to activate the OS. Anyway, section 5 of the Microsoft License agreement states that users are authorized to use the software only when they are properly licensed and the software has been activated with a valid product key or through any authorized method


Where Is the Windows 10 Product Key in the Registry? 

  1. Press Windows key + R to open Run
  2. Type ‘regedit’ and click OK 
  3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
  4. Right-click on Product ID and choose Modify 
  5. You will see a key. That’s your Windows 10 product key.
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