tenorshare reiboot review

the pricing is great and the basic version of the software is free with which you can try the software. if you want to recover large amounts of data you could. Tenorshare ReiBoot Review – The Solution to Your Problems. Key Features of ReiBoot. One-Click to Enter or Exit Recovery Mode. Does Tenorshare ReiBoot Work? Read 2021 Review. 4 hours ago Tenorshare ReiBoot claims that it is the iPhone Recovery mode tool to fix iOS system issues.

: Tenorshare reiboot review

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Tenorshare reiboot review
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Tenorshare reiboot review
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tenorshare reiboot review

Tenorshare reiboot review -

Tenorshare Reiboot review: fix iOS device boot issues without any hassle


Published on January 18th, 2017

ReiBoot Crack

Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro 8.1.3 Crack Full Version [Latest] Download Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack is used in iOS devices to recover their data and boot them in a normal way. This software can be used for boot repair. It also contains the recovery mode. This mode can be used to recover your devices. And you can… Read More »

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In my numerous articles that I have written over the intervening years, my emphasis has been on the importance of digital security, privacy, and data efficacy that our 21st Century lives require. On the front lines of the primary interface of technology, networking, and the human element, the focus has shifted from the desktop/laptop machine to the truly portable computer, the smartphone/tablet. Gone are the days of just making phone calls, checking you home answering machine with toll-saver or remote tone generator, and writing your message on a piece of paper.


Now, we check our phone messages on the phone, for our portable/home number, write messages, texts, e-mails, play games, listen to music, watch movies, and keep our wallets on our phones (money, pictures, numbers, I.D. etc.). So much consolidation has many drawbacks, but not so different from the days of yore, a loss of an organizer/smartphone/wallet has far reaching consequences; a scene out of the film, “Taking Care of Business,” where Charles Grodin loses his notebook/organizer, and it is found by James Belushi’s grifter character.

Such catastrophic events means that we must be vigilant and protective of our data, as well as solid, backup/restore capabilities to make sure that any theft, fire, loss, or hardware failure will not take our, precious digital life away with our physical device. Your choices in this area are widening all of the time, but a trusted professional company, which has a solid reputation and case history, are the wonderful folks at Tenorshare.  You may recall my article on their iPhone Data Recovery Suite, which would meet the aforementioned issues, but a key companion piece of software is Reiboot 5.0.


Having the tools, equipment, and proper cables and software will do you very little good, in regards to being able to utilize them for their intended purpose if your phone will not boot properly or gets stuck in a reboot loop, due to OS or other software updates. You can hope that the manual restart commands will work, but I can tell you from personal experience that they do not always work. You can try and repeat the steps of holding down a certain button combination, but when you see your data, saves, phone numbers of friends, family, business contacts, and even important government numbers going up in digital smoke, you will sweat bullets and cry many, many tears, and in my case, pray fervent prayers, in hopes that all is not lost. It bears mentioning at this juncture that you should have been diligent in do phone data backups (more than just the default cloud saves that come with phone manufacture’s user accounts, as data backed up in one place is just archives, two or more places is a backup), so if a reboot recovery is not possible, you have a baseline to work back from in getting you phone and your life, back on track.


If your manual efforts are unsuccessful, the Reiboot program from Tenorshare can come to the rescue. I am certain that no matter if you are a seasoned iDevice user or new to the ownership of a smartphone, this will deliver. Many companies might be inclined to charge for this recovery function or only give you trial access to this feature, only to ask for money later; not Tenorshare though.


Besides the ability to get your device unstuck from a boot loop, it can also get your phone/tablet out of other, difficult startup issues. This fine piece of software can allow you also tackle a phone stuck on the boot logo, or get a phone out of restore mode, and several other problems under the umbrella of software-based touchscreen woes. This covers a wide range of solutions for these problems, and if you need more help, you can then move up to Tenorshare iCareFone that covers a wide spectrum of tools and device recovery options.


The process is straightforward and very easy to find out your way through the program, and its steps. If you feel lost or are unsure of how to proceed, the website has excellent support resources and even sample systematic (step-by-step) instructions to walk you through the process for these problems. Please feel free to contact them, and they will be more than happy to help you, if you need personalized service.


As I stated at the start, this program is free and fairly versatile toolbox for getting your phone back in operation. They have very reasonably-priced programs that augment and exceed the feature set of Reiboot, with ICareFone starting at $29.95 USD. No matter what you need, Tenorshare has you covered for your iDevice needs, even for the latest devices (iPhone 6S, iPhone 5 SE, iPad Air 2/Pro, etc.). Check them out, and I know that you will agree. Until next time, keep on techin’!. . .

Like this:


Источник: https://condorwingman.wordpress.com/tenorshare-reiboot-5-0-in-depth-review/

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Windows/macOS, $35.95

Get It Now


What is Tenorshare ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot is an exceptional and magical tool and trusted by up to a million users in the last five years. Tenorshare ReiBoot can bring your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode in a matter of seconds. The software is capable of performing anything related to the iPhone issue without even losing the data. The software size is small enough that takes only a few seconds to install on your computer. All you have to do is connect your iPhone, launch the software and click on the “Fix Now” button. Tenorshare ReiBoot will automatically troubleshoot, detect, and repair the problem and let you know when your iPhone has become its original state.

Is Tenorshare ReiBoot Secure?

One of the main reasons behind Tenorshare ReiBoot’s success is its commitment that no data will be lost during the recovery process. Tenorshare ReiBoot ensures its users that they have nothing to do with their data, and it is their first priority that no harm should come to the data with Standard mode. So, Tenorshare ReiBoot is 100% secure, and you can trust them regarding data safety and security.

Is Tenorshare ReiBoot Free?

Well, the answer is Yes, if you are using the Tenorshare ReiBoot to put your iPhone into or out of Recovery Mode, and Tenorshare ReiBoot provides a free trial version to its users so that they can know what the software can do and how effective it is.

On the other side, the answer would be No if you are looking to repair iOS system. However, the cost is very less that everyone can afford it.

What is the Difference Between ReiBoot Free and ReiBoot Pro?

As mentioned above, Tenorshare ReiBoot is free of cost while exiting from Recovery Mode, but in case your iPhone is stuck in some serious problem then you may need to buy Tenorshare ReiBoot’s Pro version which is ReiBoot Pro and it can fix the issue within minutes.

The below image clearly describes the difference between ReiBoot Free and ReiBoot Pro.

Tenorshare ReiBoot: What’s In It For You?

Tenorshare ReiBoot facilitates its users with three kinds of Recovery Modes. Let’s see what are they and how do they work.

1. Enter Recovery Mode

Download the free trial version from Tenorshare ReiBoot’s official website and launch it on your Windows or Mac operating system. Definitely, connect your iPhone via a USB cable.

Choose the first option that is Enter Recovery Mode.

In a while, your iPhone will be entered into the Recovery Mode. From the next screen, you will see the Apple Logo on the screen.

2. Exit Recovery Mode

If your iPhone is already in Recovery Mode, connect it with the computer, and ReiBoot will automatically detect the mobile.

As soon as your mobile is detected by the software, you will see a screen prompting Exit Recovery Mode. Click on the option.

Within a while, after some loading, your iPhone will be reset to its normal state.

Exited recovery mode successfully.

3. Repair Operating System

First of all, download the ReiBoot on your Windows/Mac and double click on it to launch the program.

You will be asked to connect your iOS device so, follow the instructions and attach your iPhone.

Click on the Repair Operating System after your iPhone is recognized by the ReiBoot Pro.

If you are sure that your iPhone is not working properly, click on the Fix Now button to start the procedure.

In case, if your iPhone is not detected by the ReiBoot Pro, it will display you instructions on how to enter into recovery mode.

Still facing the same situation? Click on Enter DFU Mode to find how to put your iPhone into DFU mode.

Usually, ReiBoot Pro does not harm the data and repair your iOS system without losing any data, but if you see your iPhone needs serious repair, then you have to choose the Advanced mode which will erase the whole data on your iPhone.

You will be asked to download the latest firmware, that is necessary to proceed with the process. Choose a location where you want to save the firmware.

Wait for the firmware package to be downloaded.

After the download finishes, it will automatically start the repair process. You have to do nothing at this point.

If you already have the latest firmware, you can browse it from a specific location and then click on Repair Now button.

You will be informed when the repair is finished. Click on the Done button to close the setup. You are ready to use your fixed iPhone.

Where to Download Tenorshare ReiBoot?

Tenorshare ReiBoot has both Windows as well as Mac version.

For the Tenorshare ReiBoot’s windows recovery software, you can download it from here.

For the Tenorshare ReiBoot’s Mac recovery software, you can download it from here.

Reasons Behind My Reviews and Ratings

There is not a single reason behind this Tenorshare ReiBoot review. We have tested the ReiBoot by different means, and then after knowing all about the results, we decided to write down a complete review so that you can easily find the difference between Tenorshare ReiBoot and other iOS system recovery software.

Here are some reasons for my selection and review.

Effectiveness  4.8/5

Tenorshare ReiBoot is truly a very handy and robust iOS repair tool with a load of efficiency. The software is very reliable and customized, and I didn’t find any lack of efficiency while using the software.

It took a few seconds to download and install the software, which indicates that the size of the software is very ideal. After that, when I opened the software, it responded in less than a second which shows the effectiveness of the software.

Price  4.5/5

Unlike other iOS system recovery software, Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro comes with a reasonable price chart. You can see the prices from the image below.

Ease of Use 4.9/5

Tenorshare ReiBoot has an ideal interface when it comes to the Ease of use. Tenorshare ReiBoot has a big number of fans who love to use the Tenorshare ReiBoot because of its intuitive interface. I am sure you will love ReiBoot if you are looking for software that has a very simple interface and recovery steps.

Support  4/5

While observing the software, we kept in mind to must check its customer support service. We contacted the support but didn’t get a response at our first call. I am not saying they are bad at customer support, I am just saying the response was a bit late but we can get an answer when we next time contacted the support. However, that doesn’t matter.

Alternatives to Tenorshare ReiBoot

Well, I hope we have learned everything about Tenorshare ReiBoot but besides the ReiBoot, I have shortlisted some of the other major system recovery tools that are very known on the internet. They also have a very good reputation and hundreds of positive user reviews.

So in case, you can’t access the Tenorshare ReiBoot, you may use any of them.

iMyFone Fixppo

iMyFone Fixppo is also known as one of the most effective iOS system recovery software out there. Its exceptional features make it different from other software, and that’s what makes it apart among others. Another great aspect of it is, you don’t have to be feared at all, iMyFone Fixppo commits that there will be no data loss during the whole process. Also, it comes up with great customer support and a very understandable interface. It has more reasonable prices than Tenorshare ReiBoot. For more detail, you can read our iMyFone Fixppo Review here.


  • Allows you to enter and exit from recovery mode with a single click
  • iMyFone Fixppo allows you to access the core of the Mac operating system.
  • Simple and understandable UI.
  • Works for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Dr.Fone – Repair

dr.Fone – Repair is also an amazing iOS system recovery program and proves a good choice if you are looking for an iOS repair tool. It offers a fix to almost every kind of iPhone issue, including Apple black screen, Stuck at Apple Logo, iPhone screen is flickering, iPhone is not responding, unlock screen passcode, etc. You can check the other details and unlimited features on their website. Read our dr.fone toolkit review here.


  • It also allows for solving the problems related to jailbroken devices.
  • Do not require technical knowledge for using the software.
  • Easy to use, easy to understand.

Joyoshare UltFix

Joyoshare UltFix is a popular iOS recovery software and knows as a good alternative to the Tenorshare ReiBoot. The term featured recovery software can be used for this tool because it has a great demand in the market and it can fix all the issues related to the iPhone, iPad, etc. It supports all the latest iOS versions.


  • Easy to use with a simple GUI.
  • It can be used to restore, backup, upgrade, and sync iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.
  • Does not require any technical knowledge for using the tool
  • Compatible with all windows systems as well as Mac operating system.


We can conclude that Tenorshare ReiBoot is a must to have recovery software. Since it is freely available, you can use this iOS recovery tool on your computer as well as Mac t fix all the issues related to iOS. Well, the free version comes with limited features, if you want unlimited features and service, you may buy Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro.

Besides Tenorshare ReiBoot, you just had a look at the other best 3 alternatives to the ReiBoot. These recovery tools have their sets of benefits and limitations. Each described program has unique features that make it different from the other one.

If you liked the TenorshareReiBoot review and feel that this post was helpful, free free to share it with your friends and social media. Also, if you any questions in your mind, leave them in the comment section and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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Categories iOS Fix, ReviewsИсточник: https://www.ianyshare.com/tenorshare-reiboot-review/
by Sunit Nandi


Have an iOS device, but running into issues? Is iTunes unable to put it your iPad to DFU mode to apply a software update? Is your iPhone stuck into a bootloop? Is your iPod stuck at the Apple logo? Many of us face a lot of issues daily with our iOS devices. For this, we often resort to factory resetting our devices, risking data loss.

But now, we have a solution. The developers at Tenorshare released a tool to combat the major issues that plague iOS devices, named Reiboot. We thank them heartily for making us aware of Reiboot. So we’re going to give the tool a spin and see what it can do.

What is Reiboot?

Reiboot is a tool developed by Tenorshare to troubleshoot tricky situations that happen to iOS devices. According to their website, Reiboot can:

  • bring an iOS device out of being stuck at the Apple logo.
  • put and bring device out of recovery mode.
  • bring iOS device out of “Connect to iTunes” stuck screen.
  • fix iOS bootloop.
  • rescue iOS from blue screen of death.
  • recover iOS for a failed jailbreak attempt.
  • fix iTunes syncing issues.
  • fix iTunes device detection.
  • recover any hung iOS device not responding to touchscreen or button presses.

This is only a small list of what Reiboot can do. More details and help can be found on the official website.

Let’s now move on to the review.

Getting started

Reiboot can be downloaded for free from their website. Before we install the tool, we must make sure that the prerequisites are fulfilled, that is, you are using a supported Windows (7/8/8.1/10) or Mac OSX (10.x, 11.0) version and the latest version of iTunes is installed.

Installation is easy and takes a few clicks. Once installed, just plug in your failed or stuck iPad and run Reiboot.

Usage and experience

Using Reiboot is a piece of cake. Here I have with me is an iPad Pro 12.9″ 128GB cellular version which I managed to crash and put into recovery mode.

When Reiboot is launched, it asks you to plug in your iOS device.

I plugged my device to my computer. It had trouble getting detected by USB 2.0 ports. I tried with an USB 3.0 port and iTunes launched automatically and asked me to restore my iPad (reinstall iOS, i.e.). I ignored the prompt. Soon after, Reiboot was able to detect my iPad.

All I had to do, was click ‘Exit Recovery Mode’ and soon afterwards, my iPad rebooted twice. After that my iPad booted normally and reached the home screen.

One can also reboot the iPad back into recovery mode right from Reiboot. Clicking ‘Enter Recovery Mode’ does the job. It comes handy if the device is stuck in a bootloop or is unresponsive. Putting it back out of recovery mode after that solves most issues without resorting to restoring or factory resetting the iPad.

So that’s all about using Reiboot.

Getting for yourself and other paid upgrades

Reiboot is freeware and can be downloaded from the developer’s website. You have the choice of a Windows and a Mac version.

If you are looking beyond basic bootloop or device stuck issues, like iTunes errors, iOS upgrade failures, overheating, etc. you can buy Reiboot Pro for $29.95.

To deal with more advanced iOS management like cleaning up junk, blocking ads, managing device content and taking and restoring backups without iTunes, you can buy iCareFone for $39.95.


Reiboot is a lifesaver for many sticky boot situations that plague iOS devices. Whether your iPhone stuck on Apple logo or iPad is in a blue screen, you need not worry about restoring them via iTunes. This tool will help them boot normally without data loss. This is one freeware you can keep installed on your PC at all times that will come of great help in an emergency.

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Sunit Nandi I'm the leader of Techno FAQ. Also an engineering college student with immense interest in science and technology. Other interests include literature, coin collecting, gardening and photography. Always wish to live life like there's no tomorrow.

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I don't think there is anything more frustrating than losing all the data on our mobile device. It is more painful when we don't have a backup in place for when that happens. Thanks to advanced technology, we don't have to experience such agony anymore. Various software applications can handle our data recovery and other necessary system repairs. With these applications, you can easily recover your data and personal information you've on your mobile device. There are many software companies out there but not all of them are credible enough for you to trust them with your personal information and data. One you might want to consider giving a try is Tenorshare. The company builds software applications that run on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android platforms.

About Tenorshare
Tenorshare is an international software company that was founded in 2007. They proclaim to employ talented developers in the industry to create high-level software products. The company's focus is on the Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms and core technology study. Tenorshare provides users with solutions for data recovery, system repair, password recovery, device content management and other practical mobile phone and computer essentials. Tenorshare ReiBoot fixes over 150 iOS/iPadOS/tvOS system problems such as update, stuck, Apple logo, boot loop and more. Tenorshare boast that their services are trusted by over 63 million people worldwide. If you're curious to know more about their products and services, we recommend reading the customer reviews of Tenorshare here before going to their website.

Products and Services of Tenorshare
Tenorshare product tools are categorised into Data Recovery Software, System Repair Software, Password Unlocker Software, WhatsApp Transfer Software, iOS Data Manage Tools, iAnyGo - iOS Location Changer, Photo Repair and Video Repair. The data recovery software category features UltData - iPhone Data Recovery, UltData Android Data Recovery, 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery and 4DDiG Mac Data Recovery. The System Repair Software category has ReiBoot - iOS System Repair, ReiBoot - Android System Repair, Windows Boot Genius and TunesCare - iTunes Repair. The Password Unlocker Software category features 4uKey - iPhone Passcode Unlocker, 4MeKey - iPhone Activation Unlocker, 4uKey - Android Screen Unlocker and 4uKey - iPhone Backup Unlocker. The iOS Data Manage Tools category features iCareFone - Free iOS Backup Tool and 4uKey - Password Manager. The 4uKey is an application by Tenorshare that provides a password unlocking feature. All Tenorshare apps are available for purchase on their website. Payment can be made via the following options - American Express, Giropay, Direct Debit, Eurocard, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Tenorshare 
Which Tenorshare software product have you used before? How effective was the software in handling the task you want? How many software products did you buy from Tenorshare? How easy was it to install Tenorshare apps and have them run successfully on your device? Did Tenorshare customer care assist you in any way with their software? We'll like to know about your experience using Tenorshare software products. Kindly leave independent feedback about the software company.

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