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Learn more about RoboForm password manager, form filler, and password generator in our review. Enjoy 30 days of free service to test the features. Customers love using RoboForm for its convenience, reliability and flexibility. One user says, “The application is outstanding and works perfectly for logins. RoboForm Password Manager reviews, ASO score & analysis on Google by users and how successful is your review management strategy.

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RoboForm Reviews


  • Simple and straightforward client
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Biometric authentication
  • Versatile customer service
  • Affordable prices


  • Confusing installation process
  • Shortest subscription available is one year

A great password manager should act as the perfect virtual assistant by securely storing passwords, identities, notes, contacts, and more. Created inRoboForm is a veteran in the password management industry and does just that. Its modern-looking web client, strong security features, and wide device support are great showcases of its vast experience. The software also offers some neat extras like the Security Center that warns about weak and duplicated credentials. Additionally, the platform offers high levels of customization, such as creating folders with subfolders and pinning logins for easy access. Sharing data is also advanced uninstaller pro virus - Crack Key For U option, including having trusted emergency contacts. This way, if something happens, your family or friends will have access to all your logins. Finally, RoboForm offers a handy mobile app and a straightforward browser extension that makes the login process seamless. And the best part is that you can use RoboForm completely for free.


RoboForm offers one of the most thorough password managers on the market. While you don’t have complete freedom when adding information, the app comes with all the necessary pre-built forms you could ask for. For instance, after you create an identity, RoboForm allows you to add your business information, passport, address, credit card, bank account, and vehicle data. All information syncs with RoboForm’s browser extension, which fills in your data automatically. Speaking of syncing, RoboForm syncs data automatically across all devices. When you add a password on your desktop, web client, or mobile app, the information will be roboform review everywhere right away.

The password manager web client doesn’t categorize logins automatically. But you can easily manage your passwords by creating folders and subfolders when adding a new password. In other words, RoboForm lets you store logins as you see fit. Additionally, you can pin the information to the top of your vault for easier access, and the platform showcases website logos automatically.

Web ClientLoginsIdentitiesPinned AccountsSharing Center

RoboForm Web Client

RoboForm Web Client

Adding a New Login

RoboForm Logins

RoboForm Identities

RoboForm Identities

RoboForm Pinned Accounts

RoboForm Pinned Accounts

Sharing Passwords With RoboForm

RoboForm Sharing Center

It’s incredibly easy to share information with others. You just need to right-click on the data entry, select share, type in the recipient’s email, and you’re done. Bear in mind that the person you want to share credentials with needs to have a RoboForm account. The password manager also has an emergency access feature for added safety, so users can add third parties who will then have access to your account. Hopefully, it’s an addition that you won’t ever need, but it’s reassuring to know it’s there just in case.

The Security Center is another excellent feature RoboForm comes with. It makes it simple for you to know which passwords need to be updated, as it warns you about weak and duplicated credentials. Plus, RoboForm indicates compromised passwords that appear on Have I Been Pwned. The password manager informs you if any of the platforms you use have been breached, and prompts you to log in and update your password.

Apps and Browser Extensions

The only way to make the most out of RoboForm on desktop is by using both the web client and browser extension. There’s also a Windows app, but it’s only used for legacy reasons and is no longer updated. So while it still works, it doesn’t offer the same modern and user-friendly experience as the revamped web client.

RoboForm’s browser extension supports all major browsers and offers the exact same features found on the web client. More importantly, it’s the only place to access the password generator. In other words, even if you’re adding new logins via the web client, you’ll have to use the browser extension to generate passwords. Additionally, the browser add-on automatically fills and saves all types of forms.

BrowserMobileMobile FeaturesMobile Identities

RoboForm Browser Extension

RoboForm Browser Extension

RoboForm Mobile Interface

RoboForm Mobile Interface

RoboForm Mobile Features

RoboForm Mobile Features

RoboForm Mobile Identities

RoboForm Mobile Identities

The iOS and Android apps are equally effective for quick access to your data and to handle the most important web client features, such as managing passwords, sharing information, and accessing the Security Center. They also come with a built-in browser that you can use to automatically fill and save credentials.


While creating an account is a breeze, the installation process could be improved. The main reason why it’s so complicated is that RoboForm’s executable file installs three different apps at once: the desktop software (called RoboForm Editor), RoboForm’s tray icon, and a shortcut that opens the platform’s web client. On top of that, you need to add RoboForm’s browser extension for any of these apps to work properly. This can be quite confusing, especially since the RoboForm Editor is no longer being updated. On the bright side, the software immediately evaluates the master password and requires secondary confirmation to complete the setup process via a one-time code sent to your email.

Importing Data From Competitors

Roboform Data Import

RoboForm Settings

RoboForm Settings

Aside from integrating with industry-leading browsers, RoboForm can import data from many of the major password managers on the market, including Dashlane, Sticky Password, 1Password, and LastPass. In fact, when data is fetched from competitors, the app automatically creates folders for imported passwords with a prefix to indicate where they originated from. And although browser credentials aren’t put into folders, they can still easily be found since they’re automatically placed into RoboForm’s default data categories.

Security and Privacy

RoboForm’s two-factor authentication is rather interesting. Although there is the option to pair two-factor authentication apps to your account – Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator – they cannot be used as authenticators every time the vault has to be accessed. Instead, their only purpose is to perform a one-time authentication of any device that RoboForm is installed on, a process that can also be done via email or SMS.

While these same issues with device authentication appear on the mobile app, the situation is much better. The master password can be replaced not only by a four-digit PIN code but biometric authentication, too. This works for PCs and Macs as well, providing that the machine has the necessary built-in capabilities.

Security CenterEmergency ContactsPin Code

RoboForm Security Center

RoboForm Security Center

Adding Emergency Contacts

RoboForm Emergency Contacts

RoboForm Mobile Pin Code

RoboForm Mobile Code

However, if you prefer to stick to the master password, then rest assured that RoboForm will take good care of it. As mentioned before, the master password is immediately evaluated during installation, and not even the verification email you’ll receive will have this precious information disclosed within.

RoboForm encrypts all data entered into its vault with military-grade AES encryption. Moreover, the same encryption method is used whenever you share credentials and during data syncing via RoboForm’s cloud storage, meaning that not even the company itself can see what is saved in your vault. Alternatively, if you prefer storing your information locally, you can do so by turning off the sync functionality.


RoboForm’s prices are among the best on the market. The free forever version provides everything needed to manage your credentials in a safe environment. Still, it’s a limited version of the software and you can unlock extra benefits, like auto-syncing, emergency access, cloud backup, and advanced support, for as low as $ per month. Bear in mind that this price is only for those who commit to a 5-year plan. Annual subscriptions are the shortest billing cycles you can get, costing $ per month, and all paid accounts come with a day money-back guarantee for you to try all added features for free.

  • 1 user
  • Unlimited logins
  • Offline credentials
  • 1 user
  • Unlimited logins
  • Offline credentials
  • Sync across devices
  • Cloud backup
  • Secure shared folder
  • Emergency access
  • 5 users
  • Unlimited logins
  • Offline credentials
  • Sync across devices
  • Cloud backup
  • Secure shared folder
  • Emergency access

Individual users can reduce their costs even further by including four friends and getting the Family plan – cutting each user’s price by 37%. First-time RoboForm users can also take advantage of our special coupon to get up to 42% off their plan. Finally, you can gift a license to someone or earn six months free for yourself and a friend by referring them.

There’s a solution for businesses too. Choosing this subscription unlocks role-based access permissions, reporting, and a customizable security policy. Since the price depends on the number of users you need, we recommend contacting RoboForm for a free quote.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, RoboForm is pretty versatile but support depends on whether you’re a free or paid user. While both have access to 24/7 support via RoboForm’s online support system, only the latter can contact the team via live chat and has priority over free users. Additionally, the company responds to users’ questions via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Email Inquiry to RoboForm's Staff

Customer Support via Email Ticket

RoboForm's Help Center

RoboForm&#;s Help Center

PDF Roboform review for RoboForm

RoboForm’s Help Center is a real jackpot, providing answers to all kinds of questions in a straightforward, logical way. Meanwhile, RoboForm’s YouTube page comes with tons of tutorial videos and there’s a comprehensive user manual available online that you can download as a PDF.

Bottom Line

RoboForm WebsiteRoboForm has some quality features that make it an enticing password management solution even if some things could be improved, such as the confusing desktop setup process. Still, RoboForm perfectly serves its purpose. It offers a simple, well-designed interface for both desktop and mobile. The browser extension is particularly helpful, automatically filing and saving credentials for you. It’s also easy to share credentials with others, and the emergency contact feature is always a nice extra to have.

Security-wise, RoboForm comes with everything required to protect your sensitive information. The military-grade AES encryption is impressive, and the option of using biometric authentication to unlock the app is a neat addition. But what’s really worth taking into consideration is the company’s customer-friendly pricing. Not only does the free plan offer more than the competition – the paid plans are extremely cheap, too.

Visit RoboFormUp To 42% Off

Best Alternative Password Managers

Editor's Choice
  • Fantastic security
  • Flexible platform
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple and straightforward client
  • Categorization of stored credentials
  • Biometric authentication
  • Versatile customer service
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secure authentication method
  • Data breach alarms
  • User-friendly interface

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RoboForm ( is a popular password manager providing a lot of additional options. With it, you will not have to remember all your complex passwords for different online services and applications — the app will do everything for you.

The service is a great solution for everyone — it has attractive prices and a bunch of great features. It will reliably keep all your passwords secure. The developer team did a lot of work to improve the software. Now, it’s much more convenient, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. They also highly improved the quality of their technical support — it is better than that of its most competitors. Now, it’s time to dive into the service review. We’ll start with the list of supported features.

Roboform review verdict

RoboForm is a great password manager with attractive and affordable prices, a great set of features, and the ability to be used on multiple devices. Moreover, you don’t have to necessarily pay for it as the basic features are available for free. If you are a common user, it will be a great solution for your needs.

Visit RoboForm

RoboForm pros and cons


  • Great automatic filling in all the apps.
  • Attractive prices.
  • Supports all the popular platforms and devices.
  • A wonderful set of features.
  • Local storage without having to send the data to the RoboForm servers.
  • Synchronization between multiple devices.
  • Emergency contacts.


  • The web interface is accessible only in read-only mode.
  • Some features are located un-intuitively and in a confusing manner.
  • Not the best functionality when roboform review to other competitors.


1. Features of Roboform

RoboForm provides all the basic features to become a good password manager. Apart from passwords, it also stores notes, contact information, browser bookmarks, personal documents, and IDs, as well as credit card information. In other words, it stores anything that can be considered sensitive data. Of course, some competitors can provide more features but this is absolutely enough for 99% of average users. The synchronization of browser bookmarks is quite a unique feature for this kind of apps. All modern browsers synchronize themselves.

However, in some cases, a third-party solution can be more convenient, especially if you&#;re going to buy a premium subscription and use it on several devices. Why is it better? Not everyone uses the same browser both on desktop and mobile. In that case, it&#;s impossible to synchronize the bookmarks. RoboForm will solve the issue effectively. Another great option is the emergency contacts. If something goes wrong with your account, they will be notified. In addition, they will be able to access your account in a set time frame. Furthermore, the service provides a bunch of other features. Let&#;s take a closer look at them.

  • Log in with one click. Forget about manual typing in passwords on websites and in apps. Log in to your accounts with a single click. The automatic fill feature will insert the necessary data in seconds.
  • Automatic password capturing while browsing. You do not have to save the passwords manually — RoboForm will do it automatically. Just click on the save button — and nothing more is required.
  • Access from any device and platform. RoboForm supports all the popular platforms both on desktop and mobile.
  • Synchronization between devices. With a premium subscription, you can sync all your passwords and upload data between all the devices you use. It’s really a great option if you need your passwords everywhere.
  • Access without an Internet connection. On desktop and mobile apps, you are able to save the database locally. This allows saving the passwords and accessing them without an Internet connection. Remember that this option is not available for Business customers.
  • Easy and convenient organization. You are able to Categorize all the data by folders. If you need to use some passwords more often, add them to the favorites list for easy access.
  • Powerful search. If you need to find a password or any other data, use the search feature. This will save you a lot of time and effort and help find everything with a few clicks.
  • Easy and intuitive setup and installation. You will not have to read long guidelines — everything is fast and clear.
  • Extensions for all major browsers. If using a separate application is not convenient for you, just install the browser extension. You are able to use RoboForm in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Import and export. You can transfer the database from or to other password managers and browsers.
  • Strong password generator. You don&#;t know how to create a reliable unique password? Use the password generation feature to create them in one click. There will never be two similar ones.
  • Security center. This feature will help to analyze the password strength or detect any security issues. Use it regularly to avoid bad consequences.
  • Powerful encryption. With reliable and strong encryption, the RoboForm data are considered unbreakable and completely protected from brute force and other types of attacks. All data are decrypted on the device and are never stored on the servers.
  • Two-factor authentication to make unauthorized access to the accounts impossible. RoboForm supports Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.
  • Share the folder or a separate password. You are able to share the passwords or the folder containing them with any person. The sensitive data will not be exposed or intercepted as it is absolutely secure.
  • Emergency access. There is a number of reasons you may require emergency access to your account. You can create a list of trusted contacts.
  • Family plan. Control the expenses in one place — no more separate accounts and overpricing.
  • Round-the-day technical support. Customers with a paid subscription get permanent customer support and online chat within limited hours. Furthermore, the reach knowledge database will provide answers to almost any question.

Although the service does not provide any unique features, the list of them is quite impressive. On the other hand, it is good that the platform is not highly complicated. All the options are useful and convenient for most customers and typical for any password manager.


2. Paid and free plan

RoboForm provides two categories of plans for its customers: personal and business. It is obvious that the personal plan is for those who use the service privately, and the business one is for companies. They are almost identical, but the business plan has some specific features aimed at and useful for business. In turn, the personal plan is divided into individual and family.

03 RoboForm Review - family plan

The individual plan has the Free and paid Everywhere options. In any case, you get a free month when you sign up for a free account with all the benefits of the Everywhere plan.

02 RoboForm Review - free vs paid

How much does it cost? The price depends on the subscription period:

  • 1 year — $
  • 3 years — $ instead of $
  • 5 years — $ instead of $

As you can see, the longer the subscription period is, the cheaper it is. Anyways, even if you are not ready to get a 5-year subscription, less than $24 a year is not a lot at all and the price is affordable to most people.


3. Registration

To test the service, we will not buy a premium subscription. The free version is quite self-sufficient and provides all the basic features to understand how the software works. So, let’s start. On the homepage, click on the Get RoboForm Free button and download the installation file for your desktop PC. In our case, this is Windows

04 RoboForm Review - get free

Next, run the installation file and install the application on your computer. The installation wizard will offer several languages to choose from. So, you will be able to select one of several dozen languages if your native one is not English.

05 RoboForm Review - install app

Then, select the browsers where you would like to integrate the service. The software will automatically detect all installed browsers. In addition, you may choose whether you want to automatically fill the data in Windows apps.

06 RoboForm Review - browser integration

After that, the installer will offer you to create a new account or log in using an existing one. As we do not have any, we’re going to create a new account.

07 RoboForm Review - create account

Type in your email address and create the master password. The app will immediately show how strong this is.

08 RoboForm Review - enter email and password

Now the app is ready to work. It will work in the background. You will also get a welcome email message.

09 RoboForm Review - account created

The registration procedure is very similar on any supported platform. Now, it&#;s time to take a closer look at what platforms are supported.


4. Install RoboForm on iPhone, Android & Desktop

You are able to use RoboForm on all the popular platforms and devices. It includes separate applications for Windows and macOS for desktop and Android and iOS for mobile. Furthermore, there are extensions for Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, as well as for Apple Safari. The browser extensions are not limited to Windows and Mac OS — you are also able to use them on Linux and Chrome OS. In addition, with a premium subscription, you will be able to access all your passwords online.

Desktop app

For both Windows and Mac, RoboForm provides standalone applications along with browser extensions that complement each other. You can access it via the context menu or open the app window. Through the context menu in the taskbar or the Pixelmator Pro 2.0.1 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 bar, all the basic features are available with a few clicks. Also, the application supports built-in or external fingerprint readers.

10 RoboForm Review - windows app context menu

The op interface is a light, clear, and quite user-friendly. The passwords and other data are available in the left column, while the data itself is displayed in the right part of the window. In most cases, you will easily find what you are looking for very quickly.

11 RoboForm Review - windows app main screen

However, even with such an attractive interface, there are some roboform review. For example, some features cannot be accessed intuitively: some of them are very hidden while others are not available at all. How so, you will ask. Nobody knows for sure. One of the strangest things is that you will not find the password generator in the desktop app. We assumed it would have been a basic, core feature of any password manager especially since they announced the ability to use it with all desktop apps, not only in the browser. Nevertheless, this option is still available only in the browser extension.

12 RoboForm Review - windows app menu

The Settings tab provides full app configuration. You can make fine-tuning quickly and conveniently, changing practically anything within your account and app.

13 RoboForm Review - window app settings

The Security Center will analyze the strength of all your passwords. Furthermore, it will help to avoid data leaks and prevent some bad consequences by making good suggestions to improve the security of the account and device.

14 RoboForm Review - security center


Mobile roboform review has separate apps for Android and iOS. It doesn&#;t support other mobile operating systems as they are considered outdated. The apps are available in roboform review respective app stores, the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. They are lightweight and do not take a lot of device resources. Having installed the one suitable for your mobile device, create an account or log in with an existing one.

15 RoboForm Review - android login

If your device has biometrical logins like face ID or fingerprint scanner, the app will support them all. Moreover, it will ask you to create roboform review PIN code consisting of 4 digits. This way, your app will be absolutely protected from unauthorized access.

RoboForm Review-android-pin-codeRoboForm Review-android-fingerprint

The interface is quite attractive, but it can seem a bit outdated for some users. Similar to the desktop app, some features are not quite intuitive to access. However, the developers are working hard on improving the design and accessibility. The Settings tab gives access to all the configurations, both for the app and the account. Unlike the desktop app, the mobile apps have the password generation feature.

RoboForm Review-android-settingsRoboForm Review-android-password-generation


Browser extensions

There are extensions available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers based on them. They can be installed separately or automatically with the main desktop app. The extensions give you access to all your saved logins and basic features like password generation or password audit. It&#;s notable that the extension does not have its own settings — it opens the settings menu of the installed desktop app.

20 RoboForm Review chrome home screen21 RoboForm Review extension menu22 RoboForm Review chrome logins

Online access

If you are a premium subscription user, you are able to access all your passwords and basic account settings on the website.

23 RoboForm Review online

Please remember that you are not able to add a new login or password manually. All the data are accessible in read-only mode.


5. Is RoboForm safe and secure?

It is one thing to store and sync your passwords and a completely different one to do it securely. This app uses AESbit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA, iterations. As a key stretching algorithm, the company uses PBKDF2. RoboForm is a zero-knowledge company. The applications encrypt your data locally and only then transfer it to the remote servers. Thus, no one else would be able to read the logins, bank card numbers, and any other sensitive information you store. So, try not to forget the master password, as no one will be able to help you if you lose the access information for your account. Another great option is storing the database on your device locally, without sending it to the RoboForm servers. In some cases, it is an even better option than storing it online.

6. Technical support

RoboForm made a lot of work to improve the quality of their technical support. Now it is much easier to access than some time ago. If you have any questions or issues, you can get help by reading the rich knowledge database, as well as by contacting the support team via email or online chat. We tried to contact them via email. We logged in on the website using our email and password. Then, we clicked on the Support button at the top. We saw the following page:

24 RoboForm Review support pageroboform review, we selected the Online Support System to contact the technical team by email. In order to be able to contact them, we had to verify our email. We received a verification message, entered the digital code, and clicked Submit.

25 RoboForm Review email verification-2

Next, we had to select a topic. In the web form, we entered the subject and the message itself, and then we clicked Submit.

26 RoboForm Review select topic-2

27 RoboForm Review fill in the form-2

We asked the following question:

With the free plan, I cannot sync my logins between devices. Does it mean I can use my account only on one device, or I can use it on several devices like my smartphone and laptop but without being able to sync the logins between them?

After we submitted the request, we got the following message:

28 RoboForm Review your tickets-3

In a bit more than one hour, we received a reply in our email. They told us that it is impossible to use several devices with only one account on the free version. The answer was quite understandable, and we did not have any additional questions.

8. RoboForm vs LastPass

RoboForm is not the only password manager on the market, there are a lot of competitors. Some of them are more popular and developed, while others are less. LastPass is one of the most popular and the best password managers available at the moment. While they both have a similar set of features and limited free access, many users ask which one of them is better. Let&#;s glimpse on these two password managers.

LastPass vs RoboForm &#; Similarities

  • Both managers have built-in password generators to create strong, unique passwords for any website or app.
  • Both apps are protected by a master
  • Both provide one side encryption.
  • Both support two-factor
  • Both platforms have business and family plans.

RoboForm vs. LastPass &#; Differences

  • LastPass is considered to be more secure than RoboForm.
  • You are able to manually add the password in the LastPass app.
  • The RoboForm features are accessed in a less intuitive manner than the ones in LastPass.
  • LastPass is significantly more expensive.

Price when reviewed

Although it’s easy to mistake RoboForm for a basic online form filler, it would still be a mistake. As password-management systems go, they don’t come any more complete, powerful, flexible and easy to use than this. Full login control enters user/pass details automatically, can create secure passwords for you, and encrypts your password databases using AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES algorithms.

AI RoboForm Pro review

You can download a free version, but this is severely crippled and limited to just ten passcards, two identities and three custom fields within either identity. But for your £20 licence you get incredible flexibility. A second licence will cost only £8. You also get free toolbars that work well with IE or Firefox and, if you want to take your passwords with you, there’s a Pass2Go version that lives on your USB drive, costs £28 (ex VAT) and works on as many computers as you like.


Password Manager Review: RoboForm

There isn't much to complain about so far as setting up RoboForm is concerned: Installation is smooth, the first steps are intuitive, and the program is easy to get a feel for without babying more experienced users. On top of that, imports were very reliable.

As is the case with plenty of password managers, RoboForm's user interface is also spread across multiple components, namely, its desktop version and browser extension. There's also a web dashboard that is somewhat sleeker than the desktop client.

RoboForm Editor

Similar to almost all of its competitors, RoboForm utilizes a three-column layout, lending the service's interface a good structure. To the left, you'll find the general categories, folders in the middle, and individual data sets on the right.

Folder management is very similar to Windows Explorer, and as such, intuitive and very easy to get a hang of. You can create sub-folders in each category and move individual entries around by dragging and dropping them, making it possible to easily manage your sensitive information to your exact specifications.

The folder structure you create for logins is also applied to other sub-folders such as those for bookmarks, contacts, and IDs. This consistency makes navigation between categories easy, however, it isn't possible to adjust individual categories.


RoboForm Review: 11 Things You Must Know About This Excellent Password Manager

Ernest Hamilton, Tech Times

Remembering one password seems easy, ActivePresenter Pro Crack 8.5.0 & Registration Key [Latest] 2021 How about a hundred different passwords that a hacker could never guess? Far too many of us have resorted to picking (easily guessable) variations of the same one, or just writing them down.

Neither of these antiquated options is a great solution. Enter RoboForm password manager: the modern and simple answer to the problem of too many passwords. It's the perfect solution for small business owners and security conscious individuals alike. Don't write down passwords. Store them with RoboForm and make logging in faster and more secure.

Here are the top 11 things that make RoboForm the best free password manager.

1. It has an excellent free version. Unlike some other password managers that either offers just a free trial or limit the amount of passwords. RoboForm allows you to store unlimited data for free.

2. Its premium features come at a very affordable price. For just $/month, a RoboForm Everywhere subscription adds secure backup, syncing across all devices, and priority support. They offer discounts on multi-year purchases as well as a Family option, which gives 5 Everywhere accounts for just $/month.

3. Its security is top-notch. RoboForm uses AES bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA with decryption of all data occurring locally, at the device level only. This is important because that means that the company has no way to access users' passwords. The key to unlocking the data is the Master Password which only the user knows. Since it's the only password you'll need to know, make sure you don't forget it. Users can add an additional layer of security to their account with Two Factor Authentication via TOTP-based authentication apps including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.

4. Cross-platform convenience you can actually count on. RoboForm is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android with support for all their respective browsers, including Edge and Internet Explorer. That means users can access their data anytime, from anywhere. The desktop and mobile apps even provide offline access to RoboForm data while the RoboForm Everywhere secure cloud keeps passwords backed up and in sync across all browsers and devices.

5. It's a huge timesaver. RoboForm logs into websites with a single click (or tap). Users can either take advantage of on page AutoFill or log in from the browser extension.

6. Password generation couldn't be easier. RoboForm's password generator makes it a cinch for users to generate random, strong, and unique passwords. Passwords can conveniently be generated right from the user's browser with the click of a button. The Generator is easily accessible on mobile, too.

7. Sharing data is safe and easy. Everyone had to share a password at one point or another. RoboForm's secure sharing feature eliminates insecure (and cumbersome) sharing methods such as sticky notes, email, and spreadsheets. Whether sharing a single password or a folder of them, users can share data with confidence, knowing their information is protected. When sharing a folder, users can even select the folder access level they wish to grant the recipient.

8. It's great at keeping data organized. Unlike some other password managers, RoboForm lets users store and categorize all of their passwords in easy-to-manage folders and sub-folders. Users can also pin their favorite Logins for quick access.

9. It's more than just for passwords. Safenotes allow users to save anything from software license keys to Wi-Fi passwords, ensuring they are safe from prying eyes. RoboForm is also the only major password manager that organizes user's bookmarks for quick and easy access across browsers and devices.

Its form filling is the best in its class. Even The trickiest web forms are no match for RoboForm. Its Identity feature lets users store multiple instances of addresses, bank accounts, and other data types under each form fill Identity. It's perfect for filling out long web forms that request personal, family, coworker, or client info.

Top notch support. RoboForm has the most support options of any password manager: (fast!) 24/7 email, chat during business hours EST, and even phone callbacks.

Download RoboForm Free

Buy RoboForm Everywhere

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RoboForm password manager specs

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS apps; Linux, Chrome OS via browser extensions
Free-version limitations: Single device; no 2FA
2FA: Yes
Browser plugins: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari
Form filling: Yes
Mobile PIN unlock: Yes
Biometric login: Face ID, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, Windows Hello, Pixel Face Unlock, most Android fingerprint readers

RoboForm is one of the oldest password managers out there, and after 20 years remains a solid competitor in the market. 

RoboForm has raised its yearly subscription price since I last reviewed the service, to $24/year from $20/year, but other password managers have too, and RoboForm remains one of the cheaper paid options among the best password managers.

The standalone desktop app remains a poor experience on RoboForm, but the website interface, mobile apps and browser extensions have gone through a significant redesign that gives the service a much more modern feel. Roboform still remains among the best at form-filling. 

    RoboForm Password Manager subscription options:
  • RoboForm Password Manager for $ per year

Overall, RoboForm's paid plan is no-nonsense and effective and will manage your passwords and personal information without much flash or fuss. It doesn't offer much more than the Bitwarden free tier, and you can get newer features with the Keeper paid plan, but RoboForm is a dependable option that shouldn't disappoint you.

Roboform: Costs and what's covered

RoboForm offers a free tier and a paid subscription called RoboForm Everywhere. The latter is one of the cheaper paid offerings among password managers at $ per year for a single user. You can bring down that cost by 10% with a three-year plan ($) or by 16% with a five-year plan ($).

A family of up to five users can be covered for $ a year. Again, you can save 10% with a three-year plan ($) or 16% with a five-year plan ($). At the time of this writing, Tom's Guide readers got a 30% discount off the one-year individual and family plans.

RoboForm has a reasonably good free tier, with the ability to save unlimited passwords, generate strong passwords, autofill web forms, audit your passwords and be alerted of compromised ones, send passwords securely, receive emergency access to another RoboForm user's account, log in to desktop applications and manage bookmarks. 

The biggest advantage of paid accounts is the ability to sync your passwords and other items across all of your devices, which is crucial for most users.

Additional perks for paying users include cloud backup, a secured shared folder, two-factor authentication (2FA) support, the ability to grant emergency access to another RoboForm user, web access to your data and priority 24/7 support.

RoboForm still offers a local-only storage option, a valuable option for users who don't wish to, or are not allowed to, store their data in the cloud. Enabling it simply requires turning off automatic roboform review. Just be aware that the mobile apps lack the ability to turn off automatic syncing.

Support for Windows goes all the way back to Vista. The Windows universal installer will add browser extensions to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Windows applications. 

There's also a standalone extension for the Chromium-based version of Edge that has "limited functionality", although RoboForm rolled out updated versions of the browser extensions in March

Mac users must be running macOS High Sierra or later, and the Mac installer includes browser extensions for Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

RoboForm offers similarly extensive support on mobile, going all the way back to iOS 12 and Android devices running Android 5 Lollipop. Linux users have standalone extensions available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Chrome OS is supported via the Google Chrome browser extension. 

For this review, I used RoboForm on a MacBook Pro 15 running Windows 10 and macOS Mojave, an iPhone 7 Plus, and a Google Pixel 3. Google Chrome was my primary browser across all platforms but testing on macOS and iOS was also done with Safari.

RoboForm: Setup

To get started, just navigate to the RoboForm downloads page. It will recognize the device that you are browsing from and recommend the correct version. The universal installer for macOS and Windows will also install the full-featured browser extensions for all supported browsers. 

Now you need to create your account, which requires just an email address and a master password. RoboForm requires that the master password be at least All Adobe CC Keygen - Crack Key For U characters long with a minimum of 4 non-numeric characters. As with most password managers, there is no way to recover this master password if you lose it.

If you were already using some other method of password management, either in your browser or with another stand-alone password manager, you should import your data.

RoboForm supports imports from 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, NIS, Xmarks, KeePass, Keeper, Enpass, Password Boss, Zoho Vault, True Key and Sticky Password, as well as generic CSV files. It will also import from any browser that supports the RoboForm extension on that platform.

Finally, you can install RoboForm on the rest of your devices and your data will immediately sync between them as soon as you enter your RoboForm master password. 

RoboForm on the desktop

RoboForm gives you four different ways to access your account on the desktop: the standalone app, the browser extension, the menu bar and the website. The functionality is largely the same among the four, which is an improvement; the last time I reviewed Roboform, the website was a read-only experience.

The standalone desktop app has the worst user interface and user experience of the four. There is nothing to it visually, with just the eight sections of the app displayed in the left column. If you click on a section, you get two additional columns with the relevant data to the right. The Security Center is the lone exception, as it has a slightly more modern tabbed interface. 

The standalone app is both sparse and often confusing, as there are few explanations for even the relatively limited features of the app. The ability to unlock the RoboForm desktop app using Touch ID on a Mac is nice, but until RoboForm modernizes the interface, you will be best served by ignoring the standalone app whenever possible and interacting with the service through any of the other three options.

The website interface is quite well done, with a modern interface at the top level that is far easier to use than the desktop app. All the important sections of the app are accessible here. While things get a little less pretty when you drill down — pop-up menus for adding new items look dated — everything worked as expected.

One thing you cannot do in the web app, or in the standalone app for that matter, is generate a new password. That must be done via the menu bar or extension. The password generator works very well and offers extensive options to tweak the characteristics of the password, so I just don't understand why RoboForm fails to make it available everywhere.

Identities is where you add personal information used to auto-fill form fields. It includes fields that show RoboForm's age, such as "AOL Name" and "Pager," but the form-filling itself works well.

The Contacts section in RoboForm seems out of place, and it's so rudimentary that I can't imagine anyone using it. The Safenotes makes more sense, as many people would want some encrypted text, but turning this section into safe storage for any kind of file would vastly increase its utility.

Emergency Access lets you designate a friend or family member, using their email address, as someone who will be given access to your account in the event that you cannot access the account. You choose how long the Emergency Access contact needs to wait before getting access, and you can deny their access should you regain yours during that waiting period.

While the use case for Emergency Access is if you are either incapacitated or dead, it is also a potential lifesaver should you forget your master password. Like the password generator, Emergency Access is oddly obscured in the RoboForm interface, with the menu bar being the only way to access it. 

Security Center is the final section. It audits the security level of your passwords and singles out any reused passwords. In Mayit began importing lists of compromised passwords from Have I Been Pwned, a non-profit online tracker of passwords and email addresses exposed in data breaches.

Next to every compromised password, RoboForm provides a link to the website in question so that you can quickly log in and change the password. 

RoboForm calculates password strength using the open-source tool Zxcvbn, which detracts points for dictionary entries, common names and common passwords. This is different from the quotas for lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits and symbols (LUDS) that most password-strength estimators rely on. RoboForm claims Zxcvbn offers a more accurate depiction of how hard it would be to crack a given password.

RoboForm mobile apps

RoboForm has massively overhauled its mobile apps since the last time I reviewed them, and the apps now have a clean, modern look. Virtually everything from the desktop interface has made its way to mobile, and form-filling is now supported on both iOS and Android, making for a much more complete experience.

The apps, which are nearly identical between iOS and Android, display the four main sections across the bottom of the screen with Start, ID, Browser and Tools.

By default, you launch into the pinned section of the Start screen. You can pin any item in your vault here by just long-pressing it and tapping "pin." The other three sections in Start are Logins, Safenotes and All.

Everything is displayed in a grid view, with logos for websites when available. You can switch to a list view that puts logos on the left and text to the right. Tapping on a login will log you into that site immediately. 

The next section is ID, which contains all the content you would find in Identities on the desktop. It displays full-width rectangular grids with distinct graphics for the data types. If you have multiple identities set up, you can switch between them by tapping the name at the top of this screen, and you can set up a new identity here as well.

RoboForm's mobile browser is perfectly adequate. It displays a little red dot over the Form Fill button in the bottom right if you have relevant stored information available for the page you are viewing. But there's no reason to use it unless you're using an older version of iOS or Android that doesn't support form-filling in all browsers.

The final section is Tools, which contains the Password Generator, Sharing Center, Security Center and Emergency Access. Everything is well laid out and the icons are nicely done. 

RoboForm: Security

Like most password managers, RoboForm uses AES encryption to secure your data on its servers. Your data is never decrypted unless it's by your master password on your own devices.

RoboForm has expanded its support for two-factor authentication. While you still can't use dedicated hardware, like a YubiKey, RoboForm now supports TOTP-based mobile authenticator apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator. You can opt to receive a one-time password via email or SMS, but those are considerably easier than authenticator apps for a hacker to attack.

RoboForm review: Bottom line

RoboForm may not be able to go toe-to-toe with the top password managers on features, but it is among the most affordable password-manager options and is certainly the strongest in the sub-$25 a year range. 

Particularly in light of the redesigned website and vastly improved mobile apps, I think RoboForm is a viable choice for budget-conscious buyers that aren't particularly swayed by the higher-end features offered by the likes of LastPass, Keeper or Dashlane.

Updated to add overhauled extensions and Have I Been Pwned list of compromised passwords. This review was originally posted July 23,

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