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2017-07-15T14:09:07Z http://pcfullversion.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Reimage-Repair-PC-Crack-KeyGen-Full-Free-Download.png. Download: Richardson Software Razorsql 8.3.4 Macos, Found: 5 Results, Updated: 05-Aug-2021. RazorSQL 8.3.4 + crack (license key gen).. RazorSQL is an intuitive database administrators & query tool that allows you to Download.

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RazorSQL is an intuitive database administrator and query tool that allows you to work with various databases through JDBC or ODBC connections. RazorSQL allows you to connect to dozens of databases from one tool, you can easily view, navigate, create, edit, restore, execute SQL queries – from simple to complex procedures and even allow you to work with different databases.

WITH RazorSQL Full You can work with various databases and execute SQL scripts, ranging from simple statements to complex procedures. This program offers a complete solution for database administrators, allowing them to easily create, edit, execute, and delete database records such as views, updates, indexes, and execute stored procedures and functions. In addition, it also allows you to compare data from different tables, views, queries, and more.

Because it stores connection information in ‘connection profiles’, you need to make a new profile. Once it is created, it can be used to connect to whatever database you want. Once the connection is established, the left panel displays all of the identified data, thus allowing you to edit it the way you want. The main window enables you to execute as many SQL scripts as you want, while the Console section retrieves all the necessary data. Besides, if you want to import data from delimited files, Excel spreadsheets, fixed-width files windows data recovery stellar phoenix the current database, you can use the proper option from the main toolbar.

In case you want to run one SQL query at a time, you can choose the ‘Execute SQL (One Statement)’ option, otherwise, you can access the other features such as ‘Execute SQL – Fetch All Rows’ or ‘Execute SQL (All Statements)’.

RazorSQL Crack With License Key

Another important feature of RazorSQL is that you can compare data from multiple tables, views, or queries, whether they belong to the same database or they are from different ones. By accessing the ‘Compare Tool’ option from the File menu you are able to set up the connection parameters, select all the data you are interested in, then compare it. However, a downside of this option is that you are required to manually write each table’s name and since it does not come with auto-completion features, nor displays a drop-down list from where you can choose the available tables, you need to pay attention when writing their names.

By accessing the Results menu you are able to filter and sort all the query results the way you want, edit the selected cells, as well as generate INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements with ease. To sum things up, RazorSQL comes bundled with visual tools and useful features that help you to manage multiple databases, execute SQL statements, and export data to XML, HTML, and Excel spreadsheets.

RazorSQL Crack working with different databases and executing SQL scripts ranging from simple SELECT statements to complex procedures, RazorSQL proves to be an intuitive and steady solution specially designed for database administrators who need to create, alter, describe, execute and drop database objects such as tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, and functions. Irrespective of the database you choose to work with, be it Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, Apache Derby, Salesforce, SQL Azure, SQLite, MongoDB, Front base, or JavaDB, the application helps you to edit SQL scripts, gather information from multiple tables, create indexes and views.

RazorSQL Crack 2022 All Platforms Free Download

RazorSQL Full Cracked inserts mass processing data in one call. This can be useful if you have a slow or potential network connection to the database. You can choose how many instructions to group each time you call. The higher the number of instructions, the fewer network calls. If an error occurs while importing in this mode, it is difficult to determine the exact location where the error occurred, because there may be instructions in the batch. If you are worried about errors, it might be advisable to use the “Execute instructions” option at once.

The RazorSQL Activation Key allows you to connect to dozens of databases from one tool, you can easily navigate, navigate, create, edit, repair, run SQL queries ranging from simple to complex procedures and even allows you to work with different databases. With RazorSQL Full, you can work with different databases and run SQL scripts, from simple instructions to complex procedures directly. RazorSQL Keygen offers a complete solution for database administrators, enabling them to easily create, edit, execute, and dispose of database records, such as views, updates, indexes and run stored procedures and functions. In addition, this also allows you to compare data from various tables, views, queries and more.

RazorSQL 8.3.0 Crack

Key Features

  • visual tools for creating, editing, describing, altering, dropping, and viewing database objects
  • tools for importing and exporting data
  • a database browser for the viewing of database objects and structures
  • a robust programming editor with support for SQL, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, SQL PL, PHP, Java, XML, HTML, and twelve other programming languages
  • Built-in drivers, tools, and system
  • A built-in relational database engine
  • Connect to other databases and more.
  • Edit: import and export data
  • Manage all major (popular) databases
  • Reliable program editor and query tool
  • SQL Editor and Professional Database Browser
  • Supports Derby, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Comparison tool: table, data, and file
  • Multiple displays of query results
  • Supports PHP, Java, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Syntax Highlighting and Autocomplete
  • View and unzip Zip and Jar files
  • Universal tool for database queries and much more.
  • tools for creating, editing, and executing stored procedures
  • triggers and functions
  • a tool to compare table data and/or query results, and SQL history
  • adds functionality with the API plugin

What’s New?

  • New DB2 Table Conversion Support
  • New ability to enable SSL encryption
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Ingres: If pdf creator crack - Crack Key For U in a query cause an error, RazorSQL will strip them
  • Added support for Java 10 and Java 11 to the Java compiler
  • Registration Screen now provides more information about license eligibility, upgrades, and archived downloads.

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  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • No special requirements
  • How to install?

    • Disconnection from the Internet (most important)
    • Unpack and install the software (run the installer)
    • Or just unpack
    • run the portable version.
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    Digit 0109

    Change is in the air

    Dear Reader,

    I take this opportunity to convey best wishes for a very happy, prosperous and safe new year to you and your family from Team Digit. In the new year, we at Digit look forward to bringing you all the latest excitement in the area of technology, computing, gadgets and a lot more. In my last letter to you, I had asked you for feedback and suggestions to talk to us and let us know how your favourite publication could serve you even better. A lot of you responded and reached out through letters, emails, the ThinkDigit web site Aomei Backupper Crack personal calls. It became quite clear to us that you are not just readers of Digit, but rather a part of a vibrant, well-knit community of RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U enthusiasts who not only care for Digit a lot, but are also highly demanding in terms of quality. It has, therefore, been our constant endeavour to raise the standards and justify your trust which has made Digit the No. 1 Technology Magazine in India. We have been constantly investing in strengthening our editorial team. Last month Ahmed Shaikh joined us as Editor-at-large and Online Architect for Personal Technology. With Robert as Editor of Digit, Edward as Editor-in-chief for Personal Technology and now Ahmed, I can say without doubt that you are being served by the most formidable tech-editorial team in this country.

    In keeping with our endeavour to bring more value to you, we are increasing the number of dual-layer DVDs to two from this issue onwards, thus giving you even more content to enjoy every month. We are also enhancing the Fast Track content. As we were entering the new year, we were faced with an important question: should we keep raising the quality and value of what you get, even if it means adjusting the price a little, or should we maintain the price and the offering? Over the last few months, we have implemented all possible cost-reduction and austerity measures to help hold the price, while enhancing the magazine. However, this was not enough to allow us to continue our innovations and enhancements. Based on your feedback and inputs, we came to the conclusion that we could stay true to our commitment to innovate, and to our communitys expectations, only by increasing the price. Although Digit will now be available on stands for a slightly higher cover price, the subscription price will remain the same as before. I am confident that we can continue to count on your support and goodwill. In the coming months, you will see several innovations in the magazine, as well as online at ThinkDigit.com. Assuring you of our best efforts, I once again wish you a very happy 2009. asheesh.gupta@9dot9.in

    Asheesh Gupta
    Publishing Director, Digit

    It has been our constant endeavour to raise the standards and justify your trust which has made Digit the No. 1 Technology Magazine in India


    January 2009 Volume 9 Issue 1

    Sales and Marketing VP Sales and Marketing Naveen Chand Singh Product Manager Navneet Miglani Assistant Brand Manager Arpita Ganguli National Marketing Manager Vikram Duggal Marketing Communication Thomas Varghese Co-ordinator, Scheduling, MIS and Ad-sales Aatish Mohite Production and Logistics Senior GM - Operations Shivshankar Hiremath Production Executive Vilas Mhatre Logistics M P Singh, Mohd. Ansari, Shashi Shekhar Singh Circulation and Subscription Sales GM Circulation Milind Prabhughate Co-ordinator Pramod Patil Customer Service Prerana Panchal, Vrushali Londhe Customer Service: 022-40789612/13/14 Head Office: Editorial, Marketing and Customer Service Nine Dot Nine Interactive Pvt. Ltd C/o KPT House, Plot 41/13, Sector 30 Near Sanpada Railway Station, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703 Phone: 40789666 Fax: 022-40789540, 022-40789640 Cover Design Andre Rodrigues

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    Let Big Brother watch

    ALL OF US pored over the papers and were glued to the TV, as reports updated us on the sophistication of the Mumbai attacks. GPS devices, Russian re-mailer servers and Blackberry devices were used by the terrorists. It must have been infinitely easier to find someone to teach them how to use a GPS device or a Blackberry, than to fire an AK-47 even if they are, allegedly, from poor families in little villages. Thats the beauty (or the horror, in this case) of technology today absolutely anyone can learn to use it (for good or evil), with very little in terms of a formal education required. While most of us have lambasted our politicians and intelligence agencies, and played armchair Prime Minister for a few days, the real question that remains to be answered is what are we willing to lose to make sure that our country and our way of life is more secure? After events like 26/11, people are generally more accepting of security measures, and patiently wait in line to be scanned and patted down at public places. Unless youre a criminal, and are carrying drugs, guns or explosives, you have an air of acceptance about you when your privacy is being violated by these checks. Its for the greater good, you say to yourself, and move on. So why is it that you dont feel the same way about your online activities being monitored? Why is the world so paranoid about Big Brother, and the techniques he may employ to keep us in check? I, for one, couldnt care less if my mails and social networking profiles were being monitored personal IDs of course. Monitoring work communications might not be such a good idea, because most businesses survive on privacy and secrecy of intellectual properties, and leaks could ruin them. So, companies

    could always choose to secure and encrypt their work mail, and not use free email services. I expect people to brand me insane for welcoming the idea of Big Brother into my life, but I think its only logical given the times we live in. Id rather some government computer network pick out a billion innocent messages that we send, than let even a single mail from a terrorist go unnoticed. What have we really got to hide? Im sure the government or its computers will not care about how much porn you surf for unless its underage nonsense, in which case you deserve life imprisonment or worse. A government computer will not care about your affair with your secretary, or what you were up to on your last holiday either. Besides, with a billion people online world-wide, which government is really going to have time for irrelevant rubbish? Youve probably heard the phrase, The internets biggest flaw is also its biggest draw. This refers to the lack of a governing body for the net, and the freedom and anonymity it offers. Like little children in a fancy dress competition, we don different costumes online, and always wear a mask. However, terrorists, paedophiles, stalkers and other sick people do exactly the same thing. Isnt it time we started to realise that without some form of governance, chaos rules? How is it a good thing that just anybody can Google How to make a bomb or homemade bomb and get over 4.4 crore and 4.5 lakh results, respectively? How can we shout about privacy and freedom, when some innocent eight-year old is being made to act out sick fetishes on film, by some of the same people who stand next to you in this selfrighteous picket line?

    Robert Sovereign-Smith, Editor

    Id rather some government computer network pick out a billion innocent messages that we send, than let even a single mail from a terrorist best windows 7 activator unnoticed.
    YouTube videos that spread hatred, terrorists who use sat-phones, BlackBerry services, and Google Earth, paedophiles that lurk in chat rooms waiting to prey on your kids, and vengeful, lovelorn idiots making indecent profiles of their exes on networking sites; how much more idiocy do we really need to see before we welcome a change that will stop allowing the law to throw up its hands in helplessness whenever tech is involved in a crime? In this day and age, we need more preventive than reactive measures. I dont think my desire for online privacy is stronger than my desire to never again bear witness to a sorrowful candlelight vigil at the Gateway of India.



    January 2009
    Tech Talk. 12 Security Watch. 13 Hot Not. . 13 Digital World. 14 Stat Attack. . 18 Buzzword Of The Month. 18 W5H. 20 Q&A. 80 Tips & Tricks. 89 Tech Quiz. . 111 Whatever Happened To. . Google Earth Pro Crack + License Key [2021].. 112 People Who Changed Computing. 113 Bluff Your Way Through. . 114 Wild Wild Web. . 114 Blogwatch. RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U.. 116 Digit Diary. . 116 Inbox. . 118 The Last Word. . 120

    Main Story

    Business Laptops Test

    The tech that powered evil

    As we recover from the horror of the Mumbai attacks, we are now horrified by another thought: how did this gang get the technological one-up on our forces? And how must the good guys fight them?

    Suited and booted

    We test a very select bunch of the most elite business notebooks around.

    Security Challenges

    Main Story

    Threat defence
    New attack vectors threaten the business network. We take a look at the evolving security landscape and chart out a new paradigm for defence against these threats

    Digital rights management

    A necessary evil or an evil thats not necessary?

    Main Story

    Security Challenges

    Social engineering

    Bomb alert
    A well-drafted plan for bomb threats tested and evaluated with trained staff will enable your organisation to respond promptly and minimise loss

    Cover Story

    Watch out for those millions of dollars from Nigeria waiting for you.

    How secure are you?

    Beware: enticing email subjects and images could lead your system and security to peril.

    46 maal Drool
    Headphones with bling, a keypad for smileys, and more


    Who is Google?

    War on piracy ver 2.0


    No more jobs

    Undersea cables cut again


    Data retention

    Microsoft launches BizSpark

    GPS Devices Tested

    Now, getting lost is also a thing of the past.

    Chrome vs. IE8

    New lease of life for Windows XP


    60 Bazaar
    We test the latest hardware and software products available in the market

    3Gs are better than one

    Game On

    Left 4 Dead

    YouTube made me famous

    Gmail stops you from drunk mailing



    Brick and mortar

    High-end rigs, multi-GPU systems and world-record beating benchmarks need the best boards. Weve tested them.

    Need For Speed - Undercover

    NY Gov proposes iPod tax

    Linux joins the OS advertising battle

    CCTV focuses on Google and Yahoo!

    kids take traffic policing system for a ride


    Where on earth am I?
    The answer to that question lies in technology we call GPS.

    Agent 0001

    Far Cry 2
    www.thinkdigit.com www.thinkdigit.com

    China courts rule against dead womans friend and blogging site

    Digital cameras


    Contents Interactive

    Contents Interactive

    DVD Contents

    January 2009
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    I I

    Logicity - Crystal Reports Viewer MuSQL 2.51 I MYdbPAL for MySQL I MySQL 6.0 Enterprise I Scribes Report Tool I SQL Studio Query eXecutor 1.1 I SQLCreator 2.0 I Access-to-MySQL 3.1 I AdeptSQL Workshop 1.01 I Advanced Database Query 1.1 I Advanced Database Query Automaton 1.1 I Advanced SQL Recovery 1.0 I Advanced SQL To HTML Table Converter 1.1 I Advanced SQL To PDF Table Converter 1.1 I AlligatorSQL 1.15 I blueshell Data Guy 2.02.0004 I CASE Studio 2 2.22 I DAC for MySQL 2.6.3 I Database Design Studio Lite 2.21.0 I DBExplorer 2.2.2 I DBF Comparer 2.34 I DBSurveyor for SQL Server 1.0.1 I MyCon Professional MySQL GUI 2005.2.9.0 I RazorSQL 4.2.9 I SQL Weaver 2.50 for ODBC With XML 2.500h I SQLStomper 1.0 I Survey Power 6.10
    I I

    Fast Track
    I DontKillTime


    Fast Track I PHP Source Files I Fast Track Video


    TigerCad 3.001
    TigerCad is a simple technical drawing software (CAD). Ideal for garden design, mechanical engineering drawings, elecPHP TOOLS
    I PHP


    .net Framework 2.0 .net Framework 3.5 I Torrent 1.8.1 I Avast Home Edition 4.8 I Comodo Internet Security Pro 3.5.55810.432 I Foxit Reader 3.0 I Free Download Manager 2.5 build 758 I Irfan View 4.20 I Java(TM) 2 Runtime I K-Lite Mega Codec Pack FULL 4.2.5 I Opera 9.6 I Silverlight I Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.0 I VLC Player 0.9.4 I WinRAR 3.80
    I I

    trical / electronic, building and room plans, and general diagramming. Output in PDF format for the Web. Copy and paste graphics. Create standard symbols to re-use. Scale, mirror and rotate. AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 2.1.9 CadStd Lite 3.5.9 I DesignBots 1 I Diagram Designer 1.21 I DWG Search 2.3 I DwgSee Plus 1.2 I eDrawings 2008 SP01 I FreeCAD 8 I jDraft I Live DXF2BMP 1 I LiveSwif Lite 2.1 I MyCAD Viewer 1 I PCB Artist 1.2 I PowerDraw 3 I Sweet Home 3D 1.4 I WinTopo 1.61 I AutoCAD 2009
    I I

    Designer 2007 - Personal 5.0.2 I EasyPHP 2.0 beta 1 I PHP Generator for MySQL 7.10 I PHPTriad 2.2 I Source Edit 4.0 revision 3 I Php Database Wizard 0.3 I Notepad++ 4.7.5 I Firebird PHP Generator 7.10

    for PHP 1 I Easy PHP Highlighter 2 I DSV PHP Editor 2.3 I MS SQL PHP Generator 7.4 I Oracle PHP Generator 7.4 I PostgreSQL PHP Generator 7.10 I CodeLobster PHP Edition 1.4.1 I SQLite PHP Generator 8.1 I StarPhP I Smilehouse Workspace Small Business 1.10



    XAMPP 1.6.8
    XAMPP is a very easy to install Apache Distribution for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X. The package includes the Apache web server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, a FTP server and phpMyAdmin. Active Query Builder Free Edition 1.7.9 DaFT 1.0 I eva3 Universal Database Converter 1.2 I Firebird - Relational Database 1.0 I FlySpeed SQL Query 1.1 I Free SQL Compare 1.1 I Idera SQLcheck 2.0
    I I


    Adobe Flash Pro CS4 Adobe AfterEffects CS4 I Adobe Illustrator CS4 I Adobe Indesign CS4 I Adobe Lightroom CS4 I Adobe Photoshop CS4 I Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 I Adobe Acrobat Pro CS4
    I I

    Acoo Browser 1.90.966

    Acoo Browser is a powerful multitabbed Internet browser based on the Internet Explorer engine.

    From director J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Lost and Alias) and screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (TRANSFORMERS, MI: III) comes a new vision of the greatest space adventure of all time

    Dream I Man in Man I O Grande Ditador (The Great Dictator) I The Terror I Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
    I Elephant's

    Integrity Messenger 4.11

    Integrity Messenger allows you to

    Adobe Shockwave Avast Update I AVG Update I Java runtime update I Kaspersky definition Update I Norton Internet security update I Spybot updates
    I I


    Ashampoo ClipFinder Ashampoo Core Tuner I Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009 I Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 I Ashampoo Photo Commander 6 I Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2
    I I


    For any queries regarding the CD or DVD, e-mail help@thinkdigit.com with CD/DVD as the subject. If the subject is not mentioned, your mail might not reach the right person.



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    Just bought HTC P3400i.

    The first thing anyone notices in the P3400i are its looks. I was surprised that it looks pretty good when you have it in front of you. The touchscreen is responsive in most cases but the stylus is not comfortable enough for my taste. I am currently using an empty pen with a big tip and this is much better for navigation as well as writing on-screen. The user interface is a bit erratic. It isnt slow at all times but sometimes it slows down erratically. Once I learned it; the erratic-ness has gone. Still the overall speed is not anything to talk home about. It is always somewhat slow. Memory usage is high with no programs running. Very little free memory is left at startup (just 33 per cent) Camera is just okay for posting photos to blogs and for for emergency uses. Despite the 2MP sensor, quality is not much better than my age-old Nokia 6600s VGA camera. Music quality through the single speaker on the phone is fair for soft numbers, it just isnt the thing for heavy metal stuff. The treble is more emphasised through the external speaker, as is the case with many mobiles. Music quality through the provided headphones is pretty good for a PDA but the mids are overemphasised. I used Metallicas Nothing Else Matters as the test track. I hate the propietary jack. A 2.5-mm jack would have been tolerated. You can buy extensions which plug into the phones jack and give you with 3.5mm jack. The phone allows creating, viewing and editing Word and Excel files. Viewing PowerPoint files is supported but is sluggish. The Adobe PDF Reader also makes an appearance. For all practical purposes, it isnt very usable because of the slow processor. The games that come along advanced systemcare pro crack - Free Activators pretty nice, but one can install more games as it supports Java as well as Windows Mobile applications. I definitely am in love with this device. It may be because of my first experience with Windows Mobile. I have used Symbian 7.1 and Symbian 9.0 on some of my earlier smartphones. There are differences but I have adapted to them in a short duration of one day. The only major advantage the HTC Touch has over this is the WiFi but that isnt so important yet as there is a lack of WiFi hotpots to use this feature. In short, if you are thinking about buying this one, dont hesitate.

    IronMan Forever Join Date: Jun 2008 Location: Metal City Posts: 721




    Another one for production key for microsoft office 2010 Eee PC
    Eee PC the ultra-light, ultra-portable and ultra-cheap Netbook from Asus just bagged itself another award. Its now crowned Forbes Asias Product of the Year for 2008. The product was chosen for its Innovation and Market Disruption.

    Search may become pass

    Contextual browsing may become movavi video converter crack patch new avatar of search. With browsers and web sites becoming increasingly aware of what you are looking at, all your web content needs will be custom delivered to you in the future.

    Security Watch Critical security flaw in IE (again) The problem

    Microsoft recently issued a critical security warning regarding a malicious code that is making the rounds and attacking vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 7. The infection had the potential for wide-spread damage since IE 7 is the latest non-beta version of Microsoft's browser and is bundled with XP service pack 3 and also Vista. The code, infects a users' system with a Trojan horse. It may even start downloading other malicious elements into the users system. Microsoft says that the code can creep in even through legitimate websites in which the script has been inserted to run in the background. Earlier versions of IE are also vulnerable. It is being said that Microsoft Corp.'s developers missed the bug because they didn't have the right testing tools. Microsoft's testing tools including fuzzers, which are automated tools that drop data into applications, file formats or operating system components to see if and where they fail also missed the bug.


    Who is Google?
    Eugene V. Kaspersky CEO, Head of Antivirus Research, Kaspersky Lab One of the worlds leading experts in antivirus protection
    What were you thinking of doing after your degree, how did you think your career would go, had you thought of going into this kind of work or were you planning on doing something else? I have done my degree in Cryptology. I think I was planning on doing something else, I didn't enjoy myself, it was just antivirus systems, it was just my hobby. I got into it by accident. My computer was infected back in 1989 with a cascade virus, back when there was such a virus. Thats why Im here. How do you tackle human gullibility, which is one of the greatest vulnerabilities out there when it comes to internet security? There are three things you could do against cyber terrorism, cyber criminals and against all threats education, law enforcement and protection. We have a special education system for kids and students about this. We do it and we do it for free, because we take it as part of our mission to spread the news. We have presentations given by about 80 experts and this method works. Isnt it difficult to make people sit up and listen and take notice for such a thing to work? The problem is that they dont pay enough attention in social networks. They think they trust everyone in a community, and give out data, some personal information, which is enough for to see some serious repercussions. It is one of the greatest threats, probably one of the most serious because there are millions of people who are in this network.

    o theres no grammatical error there. Well, although there is, its intentional. Think about it. Since the time Google announced its open source android operating system for mobiles, people have wondered why is Google launching a product that has no apparent revenue model? The question has come to the forefront once again with the launch of T mobiles HTC G1. The phone is pretty nifty and we especially like the flip-slider opening keyboard. Android works fairly smooth too. But coming back to what Google is upto perhaps its recent announcement that the iPhone and TMobile G1 can now show Google search ads sheds a little light on the question. Is Google then going the Microsoft way? Monopoly being the name of the game. For instance, reports suggest T-Mobiles G1 works fine with many online services, but it works especially well with Googles. It delivers a lot of the basic core functions and of course, tight integration with Googles products, including Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar.

    Having said that, there is also a lack of basic features like video recording. Is it a miss out, or more like an opportunity for independent app developers? Google has

    come up with a mobile application store of its own, called Android Market ala iPhone. Besides, some of Googles latest antics include asking broadband carriers to create a special fastlane exclusively for its content. This would be done by placing Google servers in the ISPs technical facilities. Another somewhat alarming warning sign is the removal of Firefox as the default browser in the

    Google code pack. In a recent US survey of the top 20 most trusted companies, Google has fallen off the list entirely from its spot at 10 on last years list. Googles fall is probably due to the big company syndrome, where people just start trusting big companies less. Perhaps Google should treat these signs as early warnings. Besides this, there is a lot of fuss being kicked up about Google Maps post the Mumbai terror attacks. An Indian lawyer filed a petition in the Mumbai High Court, arguing that Google Earth and similar services aid terrorists in plotting attacks. The petition is demanding a removal of Google Earth satellite images of India, or at the very least, blur images of sensitive places in the country, such as Indian nuclear plants and defence establishments. And its not just Indians. A group of Japanese lawyers and professors have also asked Google to stop providing detailed streetlevel images of Japanese cities. Google provides this through its Street View service, which offers

    ground-level, 360-degree views of streets in 12 Japanese cities and is also offered for some 50 cities in the United States and certain areas in Europe. As for the Android, well wait and watch. At the time of going to print, Kogan Agora Pro, the second Android phone was launched in Austrialia for $399 AU (Rs. 13,000). Unlike T-Mobiles G1, this phone comes unlocked for use on any carrier. WHAT WILL APPLE DO?

    No more Jobs

    id December news wires are abuzz with the hullabaloo of Steve Jobs quitting Macworld and Apple opting out of the event altogether, after the January installment. Mac fanboys cried themselves to sleep speculating whether Jobs health is behind the move, but the more plausible reason is that, like many companies, Apple is getting tired of trade shows. For many companies, the expense and complexity of exhibiting at huge shows,

    then having to compete with hundreds or thousands of other companies for press and industry attention, are making the shows less and less compelling. Goes to show that the trade show biz isnt exactly a growth industry these days and, with tough economic times ahead, luxuries like your precious keynote are the first to go. Apple now probably plans to go in for its own exclusive product launches. Although Mac and Apple are synonymous, it is worth mentioning here that the Macworld Expo is run by IDG World Expo. Knowing Apples penchant for control, chances are that Macworld Expo didnt offer Apple enough control. Also interesting is what these expos do to the share price of Apple Inc. A prelude to all of Apples media events is crazy rumor mongering and speculation. The result is that almost every Apple extravaganza since Macworld 2007, no matter what news comes out of it, has triggered a massive sell-off of Apple stock. Initial reports suggest that Apple stock may have dropped nearly 7 per cent on the news that Steve Jobs

    BBC allows YouTube to carry content

    Small sections of programs and promotional segments of BBC videos have been allowed to stay on YouTube in exchange for a share of the advertising revenues of the video sharing web site.

    Viacom removes content from YouTube

    Viacom and subsidaries MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central have pulled more than 100,000 clips from YouTube. The lawyers are unsure of the website is actually giving a boost to the content owned by Viacom or dealing it a blow.

    is quitting Macworld. For Mac enthusiasts what Steve Jobs departure means is that there will be no more jazzy stunts in the Keynote, which Jobs was famous for. During the launch of the iPhone he pulled out the phone from his jeans pocket and called the local Starbucks Caf for 4000 Lattes to go. But realistically speaking, Maclovers can probably rest assured Apples not going to come apart cheap the minute Jobs leaves. NO MORE RECORDS

    The solution
    Microsoft has released an emergency update patch MS08-078 which addresses the vulnerability. The patch fixes a flaw in the databinding function of all available versions of the popular browser. Users who have automatic updates turned on will receive the patch automatically while others can access it via a download from Microsofts web site.

    Data Retention
    ost 26/11, security measures and privacy issues are much talked about. So the news that search companies are cutting down on searchdata retention time, is of much relevance. Search companies keep the IP addresses of their users for a period before making them anonymous. Until they anonymise the

    I China blocks access to New York Times I Dell to launch ultra thin laptop to compete with Macbook Air

    I Snowboarder Shaun White and swimmer Michael Phelps to feature in video games I Lawyers use Facebook to serve legal papers






    Enter The Digital World

    A Round-up Of Technology News From Across The Globe

    CHINA Lenovos oPhone handsets to have OS developed by China Mobile US Apple TV sued for patent infringement by EZ4Media

    EGYPT The first Nuclear power plant in Egypt contracted to Bechtel, a US company INDIA Lok Sabha passes bill to improve the Information Technology Act

    JAPAN Panasonic and Sanyo announce a capital and business partership

    AUSTRALIA Authorities to curtail P2P and torrent access across Australia

    identities of its users, the information is used alongside other data, such as search queries, to improve relevance of search results and target advertising to the user, among other reasons. The most recent announcement came from Yahoo!, saying it would cut down data retention to three months in most cases, from the prior norm of 13 months. This was our attempt to put a stake in the ground Anne Toth, Vice President of Policy and Privacy Chief at Yahoo said on the issue, thus making its retention policy the shortest among peers. It is reserving the right to keep data for up to six months if fraud or system security are involved. Earlier this year, industry leader Google Inc halved the amount of time it stores personal data to nine months, while earlier in December Microsoft Corp had said it will cut the time to six months if its rivals did the same. The spate of

    reduction in retention times is a response to pressure from the European Commissions data protection advisory group, the Article 29 Working Party, and other data protection officials to do more to protect the privacy of users. The commission is also pushing for the sector to adopt an industry-wide standard. Currently, there is disparity in the method companies are adopting in the process of anonymisation. Microsoft said it welcomed the move, but made a distinction between the timeframe and the method of making data anonymous. Yahoo! will delete the final segment of the IP address, which it said makes it no longer unique or identifiable. Microsoft is deleting all of the Internet address, which it said will break any potential link to a particular set of search queries. With its nine-month anonymisation, Google intends to change some of

    the bits in the user IPs stored on its servers. But thats it. The plan would leave cookie data alone. Lets leave search companies and privacy issues alone for a minute and look at what risk Data retention could pose smadav crack zip download - Activators Patch National Security. Even Internet service providers can retain certain data. Back in 2006, this very issue was being debated in the US. A major concern was that the ISPs retaining data would also retain traffic information of federal, state and local governments. Classified federal systems, which generally dont use the Internet, may be the exception. What problems could arise if commercial ISPs hold detailed records of all the communications to and from government agencies? Data retention may increase the risk of the exposure of undercover police or confidential informants. And this is just one example.


    Chrome v/s IE 8
    oogle recently went away from its perpetual beta convention by finally bringing Chrome out into the real world. Googles notorious beta label on their products is a great umbrella cover for them to receive forgiveness when things go awry. Unfortunately, the same practice can be a major problem when looking to gain serious market share. OEMs wont touch you with a 10-foot pole if your product is still in beta. And once OEMs preinstall any product, its market share is exponentially upped. Consider IE 8 it is currently not bundled with any version of Windows. The only way to get it is by download, so market share is sure to drastically change

    I Ecofont, a TrueType RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U designed to save ink and toner launched I Warner Music pulls down its content from YouTube




    once Windows 7 is ready for consumers. A quick look at some numbers online reveals that in this sort of level playing field, Chrome is doing better than IE 8 in terms of market share. (Though to be fair we must consider that IE8 is still in beta.) The battle which will now ensue to become the next browser of choice will definitely be interesting. Coming to the question of whether Chrome will be adopted by the masses, it all depends on user preference. Users tend to get pretty attached to the little niche utilities that each browser has. The noticeable lack of add-on support in Chrome is one of the many items people who havent made the switch typically cited. But regardless of how ready the browser is in the nonbeta avatar, this latest move puts them in a good position to take advantage of OEMs. Having Chrome pre-installed on machines will quickly boost its usage stats. INDIA GETS 3G data charles download, and if so, would it be ridiculously low thereby defeating the whole point of 3G. For the uninitiated, 3G will allow operators to offer high-end services such as faster downloads of video clips, movie trailers and music files, video calls, interactive gaming and even streaming video. The existing telecom services in India operate on the 2G spectrum. The process for the auction of 3G licences in India kicks off in January 2009. But before we get on to the nitty-gritties, two issues must be addressed. First, of the 300 million mobile users in India, how many have 3G phones? These high-end phones cost more than Rs. 11,000 at the least. And out of all the things 3G enables you to do, how much of it will you really use? Perhaps the average Indian mobile user may want to watch a T20 match on the go rather than video call someone. In any case, 3G users will still be a small minority, at least initially. The second issue is shortage of spectrum availability in many circles at peak times. Service, is after all, as good as the calls it allows you to make, so we dont want any lagging issues there. Coming back to the licence auctioning, under existing guidelines, the successful 3G auction bidders will have to pay Rs 1,651 crore for a UASL licence that entitles them to offer all communication services. The 3G hype also brings up the longstanding battle between 3G and WiMax technologies. WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It can also be used to provide voice services and rivals 3G as both the platforms are used for similar applications. According to the Department of Telecom (DoT), the 2.1-GHz band will be used for 3G, while 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz have been earmarked for WiMax. Ericsson the biggest supporter and equipment vendor of 3G is laying claims on the 2.3 GHz spectrum band, which is meant for WiMax. BAD BOYS - WHATCHA GONNA DO? listening to copywrited content, why not try to squeeze some ads in there. Accordingly, all such content on Myspace and YouTube wasnt necessarily pulled down. Instead, the original owners could just choose to put ads on it. Now in its latest installment against piracy, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced that it will work with internet service providers to sever abusers net connections. Just to clarify, abuser here means you. Yes, you with the 20 GB MP3 collection! Under the new plan, RIAA will send notices to ISPs that identify the IP addresses of suspected file sharers. ISPs will then send warnings to their customers and then cut them off if the users fail to curb their illegal downloads. Details are still being worked out, but most reports said downloaders might lose their net connection after the third notice. The termination could last anywhere from three months to a year. But it

    War on Piracy v2.0

    3Gs are better than one

    t seems the bigwigs at RIAA are ready to try out just about anything to stem the piracy biz. First they began by suing people who downloaded music. That meant suing just about every person on planet earth right? They managed to sue 30,000 accused file sharers in the last five years. Clearly it wasnt working, so the music industry said hey wait a minute, since so many people are downloading, viewing and

    TNL recently announced the launch of 3G services in Delhi. Interestingly enough, it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by receiving a video call from Telecom Minister A Raja. We wouldve expected one of the private players to be the first one off the block, but what is important is the reaction the announcement has evoked. Message boards were actively speculating what kind of plans would be available, whether there would be a

    Cisco Claims About 90 per cent of All Email is Spam I Electronics Arts will sell Spore DRM Free



    coast at Alexandria and go on to connect to Asia, were probably damaged either by a ships anchor or a minor earthquake, officials say. So if your online gaming experience has not been up to the mark, lagging away to worlds end, then this is probably why. Initial reports suggest as much as 70 per cent of internet and telephone traffic between the continents has been affected by the outage affecting millions across the Middle East and south Asia. International telephone calls, which have also been affected, were being re-routed to work around the problem. A somewhat corny outcome of the outage is that people have been getting less spam! Inboxes which were being bombarded with hundreds of spam mail a day now get only a few. Despite widespread wireless internet and satellite connections, and contrary to popular belief, global communications still rely largely on the vast webs of fibre optic cables that cover the planet. The lines take years of planning to install. To repair them is even more of a challenge. As part of damage control for this recent incident, a 64-crew French maintenance boat arrived on site, off the coast of Sicily, following a two-day journey from southern France. An underwater robot was sent down to locate the cables, which may have been dragged several kilometers off site in the incident and lift them to the surface where they will be repaired fibre by fibre. Some trivia: 1. The crack about sharks at the beginning wasnt entirely unfounded. It seems that the very first small diameter fibre optic cables laid were indeed damaged by sharks chewing on them on the ocean floor. Scientists found that sharks were attracted by the magnetic fields formed around the cable, produced by the electrical current supplying power to the amplifiers which are placed periodically. To

    70% of all porn access on the net occurs during office hours 70% of all
    security breaches are caused by insiders In the year 2008, $865 Billion was invested in IT products and services
    seems identifying culprits isnt so easy. There is the Catch-22 of fair use and besides, many of the law suits by the RIAA resulted in grandmoms being dragged into court, based on sometimes specious evidence. To many, internet connections are essential lifelines to school, work, and other important parts of daily life that we will not mention. Considering these, many of RIAAs detractors will certainly put up a fight. Oh! by the way, the Motion Picture Association of America is eset internet security 12 crack - Crack Key For U in discussion with ISPs to adopt the same strategy.

    Only 33% of households actively protect their children from the internet

    63% of parents using

    SMS services feel this improves communication with their children

    50% of all returned

    IT products work, but cant be figured out by buyers


    Undersea cables cut again

    o its not the poor lil sharks. At the outset of 2008, a badly dropped ship anchor had damaged an undersea Internet provisioning telecom cable in the Mediterranean, disrupting Internet service throughout India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East. And this year its deja-vu all over again. The lines, which emanate from the Egyptian

    n a world gripped by the fears of a disasterous Ibio-system, Green-washing fallout of a degenarating refers to the undue exploitation of enviornmentalistm by companies. For example, if a particular product does not perform as well as its competitors, the product is simply positioned as being eco-friendly and put on the market. Vague, untrue and irrelevent product features are highlighted as being good for the enviornment. This practice is known as green-washing, which is a combination of green and white-washing.

    I India won't levy admin tax on 3G spectrum I Windows 7 scheduled for late 2009 launch I EA titles to be available nik collection 2 review - Free Activators through Steam




    reduce these problems, the cables are buried in the floor of the ocean using special under sea ploughs. However, in rocky bottoms and over undersea cliffs, the cables are still exposed. 2. Cables with 10 Gbps bandwidth were laid at a cost of $27,000 per km in 1999. Do the math. DOWN WITH OPEN SOURCE basically undercutting that advantage. Besides this, the program will also provide access to technical support and marketing visibility from Microsoft, as well as support through a select group of network partners industry associations, government agencies, university incubators and investors chartered with advancing entrepreneurialism. In India, these partnerships include The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), NEN, Proto, NASSCOM and IDG Ventures, a venture capital firm. Other VC firms supporting the initiative include Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Helion Venture Partners and Accel Partners. Virtually everything a startup needs to build a web service (many of the tools and software They first begin by pulling the plug on sales and then eventually stop support. January 31, 2009 was listed as the last day that anyone could buy XP, but Microsoft has told its system builder partners that they will be allowed to continue to sell XP after cut-off date. In what is being called the flexible inventory programme, distributors can place their last orders for Windows XP OEM licenses by January 31, 2009, and take delivery against those orders upto May 30. Until then, distributors would have to buy as many XP licenses as they could afford before the cut off date and sell them after the deadline. Apparently distributors are quite happy with the new arrangement as they dont have to hand over cash for the new licences until they have already sold them. Software companies are still softies when it comes to phasing out older products. Take the case of processor manufacturers Intel does not manufacture its Pentium II and III lines anymore. Even if you were to say hey I use my comp only as a word processor, I dont need quad core speed. Can I get a Pentium II for cheap? Well no you cant. Not from the manufacturer at least. About discontinuing support Microsoft says this on its web site, Microsoft is retiring support for these products because they are outdated and can expose customers to security risks. We recommend that customers who are still running Windows 98 or Windows Me upgrade to a newer, more secure Microsoft operating system, such as Windows XP, as soon as possible. I

    Universal Memory
    What is Universal Memory? Universal Memory approaches memory storage in a radicaly different way. Universal Memory is the term given to the next wave of storage solutions that are about to hit the world. Why do you need Universal Memory? The next generation of memory devices plan to replace the current generation by outperforming current storage solutions in two basic aspects of memory storage. The first aspect is power consumption, and the second aspect is the density of memory. This generation of low-power, high density memories will probably be able to store memory even without electricity running through them. Which companies are involved? The list is pretty long. IBM, HP, Motorola are all researching different universal memory strategies. Samsung and Toshiba are also in the race. Companies that specialise only in memory solutions like Everspin and Hynix are obviously involved. A company called Nantero has developed promising wafers with 10 billion bits of memory. How will it be done? Current research have different approaches in different labs. One approach is to use the nanoscale structures on the silicon wafers themselves. Other approaches include molecular memory and magnetic random access memory. When will we see it? Predictions vary from 2011 to 2020. Will it be any good? Portable devices stand to benefit the most. The memory promises to store all the data in any DVD ever made in a single laptop sized box.

    Microsoft Launches BizSpark

    hey say all big things begin with an idea. And when it comes to successful technology ventures, some of the biggest have their roots in India. Microsoft is now eyeing this very potential

    market with the launch of BizSpark. The program targets early stage software startups, with resources including access to Microsoft platform software and development tools with no upfront costs. As youve probably figured the program is a bid to keep the open source mafia at bay. It is no secret that startups are very cost-conscious. Given the relative lack of costeffective software solutions, they often tend to veer towards open source. Microsoft understands the price-attraction of open source, and hence, it is

    compete with open source alternatives, such as MySQL) is being offered to startups for free for three years. The idea, they say, is to create a vibrant startup ecosystem in India. STILL KICKING

    New lease of life for Windows XP

    ig technology corps often phase out their older products to make way for newer ones.

    I Martian bedrock analysis shows that life was once possible on the red planet I Rumors emerge of G2 following up on G1





    The tech that powered evil


    Digital Rights Management


    Social engineering

    Fuelling The Pursuit Of Technology Knowledge

    Cover Story

    secure are you?


    Enticing email subjects and images could lead your system and security to peril.
    Edward Henning here is no such thing as a completely secure computer, or IT network. The number of threats we face from pranksters, all the way to organised crime is growing all the time. In fact, the threats themselves are increasing in both seriousness and sophistication. Its not just a matter of viruses, trojans or worms that might come attached to an email and then infect your machine. If you are on the internet, then you are open to attacks of many different kinds, from hackers trying to gain direct access to your computer, malicious web sites tricking you into parting with money, tricks to get personal details such as credit card information or passwords, software slipped onto your PC that will do any number of things without detection the list is always growing. As computers, software and the internet become more feature-rich and complex, the number of ways in which attacks can occur also inevitably increases. Everybody needs to be vigilant, particularly where online transactions involving banking or online shopping are concerned. The original web pages that people surfed early in the 90s consisted only of text formatted with HTML together with images, tables and the like. Not much risk was involved. But things are now much more complex. You have embedded videos, JavaScript menus, PHP code and many more rich and interactive features. With this level of complexity also come programming errors and loopholes. At the best, these problems cause difficulties with the straightforward operation of a site. At the worst, they enable an attacker to take over a site, grab personal information or infiltrate hidden software onto your PC. The language used in security circles

    Related story on pg 35




    Digital Passion l Cover Story

    describes computer systems as having some kind of vulnerability that is then exploited by an attacker. However, the most important vulnerability is human gullibility and lack of understanding. Conversely, the most important form of defence is a reasonable understanding of security issues combined with care and vigilance. If you received an email from some unknown source, telling you to click on a link to See Britney Spears naked, would you click on that link? Most people nowadays know the danger involved and that clicking on such a link is likely to lead to computer infection of some kind. Unfortunately, there are still some who do not. But what if the email at least appeared to be from a known source, and one that you knew had your email address. What if it appeared to be from your own bank, and included all the right graphics, logos and everything? You may be much more likely to click on the link in order to reset your PIN or password, as suggested. What if the link led you to a web page, apparently with the correct URL, that looked exactly like your banks correct page, complete with Verisign security certificate logo (the little lock in the bottom right of the window frame). Would you then enter your existing user name and password, thereby allowing the attacker to empty your bank account, or purchase goods online and send them to Africa? Such attacks are more rare than offers of naked Britneys, but the attackers are getting this sophisticated, and making increasing efforts to make money from such attacks. They continue to do so only because previous and less sophisticated attacks have proved successful. People have clicked on the links, entered personal information, and lost money as a result. In the following pages, we will describe the most likely types of security problems that you will encounter and give you some advice on how to behave on the internet what to do and what not to do. Software can also of course help considerably, as long as you do not allow yourself to become complacent you may have the best known antivirus and anti-spyware software installed, but you still need to take care. form of con-trick, and any such trick stands a better chance of working the more believable it is. The simplistic attacks seem to be falling in number, presumably because people are increasingly aware of the problem, and so attackers are becoming more sophisticated. Perhaps the most common form of attack used in phishing is known as cross-site scripting (XSS). In this method an attacker will insert code in the embedded link not the link that you will necessarily see that will attempt to manipulate a web application, usually so that some code is inserted into the page that will be displayed in your browser. This doesnt change anything on the server, but your browser will receive an amended form of the page, and will execute the malicious code as if it had come from that server. What you see will be the correct page of, say, your bank, but it will behave and perhaps appear differently usually it will send you

    Dangers on the internet

    The method of attack we described earlier, of an email purporting to come from your bank and asking for personal information, is known as phishing. Basically, phishing is a

    This partial screenshot is of a RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U email from a UK utility company presenting a link allowing the user to pay a bill. The link is of a known and correct URL, and the actual link that would be followed which is displayed in the window frame at bottom left matches correctly the link in the text. Even though this is clearly correct, it it better practice never to use such a link, but use your bookmarked link to your utility company in order to pay such a bill. Even a small difference in the actual link might take you to a spoofed site

    to another page that will have been crafted by the attacker. In an extended form of this attack, known as persistent XSS, the manipulated URL is stored on a server in some form or another in a database, forum content, and so forth and is then accessed by unsuspecting users. In this case, you do not have to click on a manipulated URL in a phishing email, but it exists in some other source that you might stumble upon innocently. Another variant on this kind of attack is known as frame-spoofing, which can also be triggered by a manipulated URL in an email. Frames have long been considered to be insecure by security experts, and their use is slowly fading away, but there are still a great number out there. In frame spoofing first recognised by Microsoft back in the days of Windows 3.1 an attacker is able to insert their own window as a frame within the




    Digital Passion l Cover Story

    window of a legitimate website. This means that, again, the page you are viewing is the correct one, with the correct URL and with the security icon visible, if relevant. But, part of it has been RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U with malicious purpose. This can be very difficult to spot. In these types of attack, the malicious code is inserted in such a way that it runs in your browser the server of the bank or other service has not been compromised. However, there is a form of attack known as remote code execution in which the web application is itself tricked into executing the attackers code. Very often, this results from weaknesses in PHP, one of the most common scripting languages used for creating web sites. Again, the relevant scripts can be triggered from within manipulated URLs. Many programmers have simply assumed that their program will always receive valid input data at all times, and do insufficient validation of such the last year, is security certification. If you are online to an e-commerce site and are about to enter your credit card information, the window you are working in should have a little lock icon in the bottom right corner of the frame. This is the security certificate, and strictly speaking, you should click on the icon, and check that the certificate is genuine and was issued to the right organisation. This is a pain, and there must be very few people who actually bother to do this, or even know that it might be a wise thing to do. Such checks are being introduced into browsers, but this has been very slow in coming. You may think these security certificates are rock solid and reliable, but earlier this year, the commonly used OpenSSL package in Debian used to generate the keys for this kind of encrypted communication was found to have contained a bug since 2006. This resulted in the creation of weak keys. This makes the keys more predictable and the communication therefore open to attack; the communication over which your credit card or other details might be passed. Finally, although our list of security vulnerabilities is going to be far from comprehensive, we should mention keyloggers, which are a particularly pernicious form of infiltrated software. You might pick up a keylogger in much the same way as a virus, trojan or worm. Once it is inside your system, it will do nothing to give away its presence, but it will sit there noting the keystrokes that are made and sending these off across the internet to the attacker. Of course, it will be looking for the tell-tale signs of credit card or banking information and the relevant PINs and passwords. It is because of attacks such as these that some banks have started supplying virtual keyboards when you enter your password. With these, instead of using your physical keyboard to enter the password you use the keyboard on screen, pressing keys with the mouse. The keylogger is blind to this activity at least up until now! It should be clear by now that the complexity of modern computer systems carries with it a vast number of possibilities for attackers to infiltrate systems and gain access to confidential data. The increasing trend towards such concepts as cloud computing and Web 2.0, involving more private data being hosted on the internet and ever more code and transactions being passed across the internet, is only likely to make the situation worse. In the following pages we describe the steps you can take to protect yourself in that dangerous online world, and the software that can help you on the way. I

    data: URLs, form data, and so on. Many, if not all, of the websites with which we are likely to have online transactions are backed by large SQL databases. Again, problems occur when data that a user might input is not filtered and checked properly by the web site. If this data has been manipulated in some way, a skilled attacker can make use of special SQL characters (typically, the comment and end-of-command characters) and infiltrate his own commands in order to execute an attack. With this kind of total av antivirus serial key - Crack Key For U, it is the web service that is the target, rather than the user directly. However, there have been instances where attackers have been able to compromise an SQL database and access customers credit card and transaction details. Another component in online transactions that is supposed to safeguard such details, and that has attracted attention in

    This second partial screenshot is from a phishing email, pretending to come from PayPal. Notice that the actual link that would be followed in the window frame is very different from the one in the email text. This would for certain lead to a spoofed site of some kind, with a request to enter personal data. Always check the actual link when following a link in an email, and if it is for a site involving financial transactions, never click on such a link




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    Cyber crime The new age menace

    Pradeep Narayan
    I Install a personal firewall and anti-spy ware to protect your PC. I

    n the current age of the IT revolution, more and more people are getting hooked into the cyber world for their various needs. There is a distinct reliance on computers and the internet now for email, entertainment, shopping (online shopping), airline and rail tickets, banking, trading and the list goes on. While it does make our lives simpler and convenient, it also poses dangers to us in an unprecedented way by exposing their identity in the public domain. Details of our personal information, such as name, addresses, passwords and bank accounts are in the process of being attacked by various fraudsters, hackers, terrorists and criminals freely roaming the cyber world. It makes perfect sense for users to understand the online security threat they are exposed to while surfing the web. Just what are those risks and threats that we are talking about? Among dangers are hostile viruses, hackers accessing your system and stealing vital information like credit card details and committing fraud, unsecured wireless networks, spyware on your system, and identity theft. As a user, how can you enhance your online security? In the following section, we will discuss the kind of risks that you are exposed to and the ways in which you can tackle those risks. There is no fool-proof system, but it doesnt hurt to be a little careful while on the internet.

    Periodically change your online movavi video editor user guide pdf - Crack Key For U Check your credit card and bank statements regularly and report any irregularities to the relevant authorities. I

    Modify Internet Explorer or other browser security settings to limit the amount of information you are willing to accept from a web site. Microsoft recommends to set the security settings for the internet zone to medium or higher.

    The need to update your browser

    When you use the internet, you view web sites in a browser. A browser is a program that accesses and displays files and other data available on the internet and other networks. Browser programs are frequently updated to add functionality and address problems. If you are using an older version, there could be security issues (someone could hack into your computer).

    How to do it?
    Download the latest or updated browser you are using from the companys web site over the internet. It might ask for information about your computer such as what operating system it uses Vista or Windows XP. Then follow the instructions on your screen.
    I Save

    How to protect personal and work data

    it to your computer, it will be saved as an executable file. Once the download is complete, go to the file where you saved it, and double click on it. This will automatically install the new browser on your computer.

    Protect yourself with relevant software from viruses and trojan horses that may steal or modify data on your own computer. A trojan horse program is software that claims to do something genuine, but does exactly the opposite. For example, a program that claims it will speed up your computer may actually be sending personal PC information to a hacker.

    Be careful while doing online shopping

    I Shop online only with known and reputable merchants; enter their URLs yourself, and do not click on links in emails; these may very well contain hidden commands to trick you I Do not respond to any emails asking for personal information I Check web sites privacy policy before providing any personal or financial information

    I Update your PC with the latest anti-virus software and operating system patches. Make sure these updates happen automatically.




    Digital Passion l Cover Story

    I Make

    Digital Passion l Cover Story

    sure your data is encrypted. Many sites use SSL, or secure sockets layer to encrypt information. Indications that your information will be encrypted include a URL that begins with https: instead of http: and a lock icon in the bottom right corner of the window.

    I In case you doubt the legitimacy of the certifi-

    cate, refrain from entering any personal information. If the site does not require you to enter sensitive information, it probably wont display the lock icon.
    I Use a credit card instead of a debit card, because credit cards have pre-defined limits and in case your credit card details are compromised this will minimise possible losses. Use credit cards with a low credit line.

    Criminals with malicious intent could take advantage and access your computer and steal vital information or use your internet connection to commit acts of fraud or terror

    Tips to secure wireless networks

    Change the default passwords as most network devices have a pre-configured default password and these are easily found online.

    secure connection, the address displayed should begin with https.

    Spoofing attacks

    Install a firewall directly onto your wireless devices (a host-based firewall). Attackers who directly intercept your wireless network may be able to by-pass your network firewall and so this does not offer sufficient protection.

    Spoofing attacks are as common as phishing frauds. The spoofed site is usually designed to look like the genuine site, using a similar look and feel to the legitimate site. The best way to verify whether you are at a spoofed site is to verify the certificate.

    Check your statements to keep an eye on any unusual transactions


    While you browse the internet, information about your computer may be collected and stored fraudulently. To increase your level of security, adjust your privacy and security settings to block or limit cookies in your web browser. Make sure that other sites are not collecting personal information about you without your knowledge by choosing only to allow cookies for the web site you are visiting. Block or limit cookies from any third-party. If you are using a public computer, you should make sure that cookies are disabled to prevent other people from accessing or using your personal information. In such a case, if you had been using Firefox, press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Del] and use the dialogue box that pops up to clear all personal data and history. It is not so straightforward in Internet Explorer, but, depending on the version, you can do the same thing under the menu Tools > Internet Options.

    Restrict access only allow authorised users to access your network. Each piece of hardware connected to a network has a MAC (media access control) address. Restrict or allow access to your network by filtering MAC addresses. The MAC address is a unique identifier for networking hardware such as wireless network adapters. A hacker can capture details about a MAC address from your network and pretend to be that device to connect to your network. MAC filtering will still protect you from majority of the hackers. Find the MAC address for your network adapters on your devices by following these steps: 1. Go to Start > Run 2. Type command and press [Enter] 3. Type ipconfig /all in the command prompt window and press [Enter] 4. You can view the physical access address in the information displayed.
    I I Check

    Lock icon check for the lock icon in the lower-right of the browser window. This tells you that the web site uses encryption to protect sensitive personal information credit card number, ATM PINs, Social Security number, etc. The lock only appears on sites that use an SSL connection, which is typically used only on sites where you enter sensitive information. The secure site lock icon when closed means that the site uses encryption. Double-click the lock icon to display the security certificate for the site. This certificate is proof of the identity for the site. While checking the certificate, the name following Issued to: should match the site you are on. In the event of the names not matching, you are on a spoofed site and should quit.

    you can prevent active content from running in most browsers resulting in limiting some functionalities and features of some web sites. Therefore, before clicking on a link to a web site that you are not familiar with or do not trust, disable active content

    menus. These scripts are used by hackers to download or execute viruses on a users computer. However, you can prevent active content from running in most browsers resulting in limiting some functionalities and features of some web sites. Therefore, Character Creator Free Activate clicking on a link to a web site that you are Bandicam Serial Key familiar with or do not trust, disable active content.

    Safeguarding online trading

    The risks involved in online trading are high. Brokerages have information about you and this information is under attack by fraudsters. To gain access to these databases, attackers may use trojan horses or other types of malicious code.

    Tips to safeguard online trading


    You should thoroughly check the brokerages you are trading with.

    I Check through offline methods about broker-

    I Check

    privacy policies of the site you are trading with.

    I Check

    What is 128-bit SSL?

    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol designed to enable applications to transmit information back and forth securely. SSL is accepted on the world wide web for authenticated and encrypted communication between the computer and servers. Identity theft could result from both offline and online fraud. Offline frauds occur as a result of theft of your mails, credit cards, debit cards, and cheque books. You should be cautious while receiving, storing and disposing information pertaining to cheques, ATM / debit and credit cards. Identity theft can happen even to those who do not shop, communicate, or transact online.

    about the legitimacy of the web site by checking their certificates.

    the user documentation to get specific information about the MAC Filtering process if you have any more queries.

    I Check your accounts regularly for any suspicious or unusual transaction.

    Counterfeit Web sites

    Often you are guided to fraudulent web sites via email and pop-up windows in order to collect your personal information. You can detect such web sites if you type the said URL into a new browser window. If it does not take you to a legitimate web site, or you get an error message, it is a fake web site. Never click on a link in an email to a site involving financial transactions. Either enter the URL by hand, or you will likely already have your bank, eBay and other such sites bookmarked. Use those links instead.

    Encrypt the data on your network. Encrypting the data would prevent anyone who might somehow be able to access your network from viewing your data.
    I I Protect your SSID (Service Set Identifier An SSID is the name of a WLAN). The SSID on wireless clients can be set either manually, by entering the SSID into the client network settings, or automatically, by leaving the SSID unspecified or blank. A network administrator often uses a public SSID that is set on the access point and broadcast to all wireless devices in range. You can disable the automatic SSID broadcast feature to improve network security. I

    Unsecured wireless networks

    These pose a real security threat as seen from the recent misuse by terrorists to send email warnings about imminent terror attacks. Wireless networks allow criminals or hackers to intercept an unprotected connection. Wardriving involves individuals equipped with a computer, a wireless card, and a GPS device driving through areas in search of wireless networks and identifying the specific coordinates of a network location. Criminals with malicious intent could take advantage and access your computer and steal vital information or use your internet connection to commit acts of fraud or terror.

    Can others on the internet access my information?

    Only if a secure session is established and the information is encrypted during transmission, are you safe. However, some web browsers store information on your computer even after you have finished surfing. This phenomenon is called caching. Close your browser once you have finished surfing, especially secure sites to conduct financial transactions.

    Some Downloading tips


    Download programs from legitimate and trustworthy sites. Enter the program in a search engine to check whether the program has been reported for spyware issues.

    To avoid outsiders from easily accessing your network, avoid publicising your SSID. Consult user documentation to see if you can change the default SSID to make it more difficult to guess.

    Be cautious when downloading free music, movies, software, and surfing file sharing sites.

    Disable active content Secure your web page

    Normally, when browsing the web, URLs begin with the letters http. However, over a

    Read the privacy statements and licensing agreements of the software you download Never enter financial information in pop up windows. I

    Web sites use scripts that execute programs within the web browser. This active content can be used to create splash pages or drop-down







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    Digital Passion l Cover Story

    as &, @, %, where permissible. You also need to be protective of your password once you are satisfied that it is strong and have memorized it. In 2004, a survey was conducted at a London railway station in which people were asked for their password presumably in the interests of scientific enquiry in return for a chocolate Easter egg. 71 per cent cooperated. Of course, we cannot know how many lied, but even so this is a disturbing figure. It had been 90 per cent the year before, but Dragon Age: Inquisition 1.12 Crack With Keygen [Game Free Download 2021] the gift had been an obviously more attractive cheap pen. There is no reason why you should ever give your password to anybody that defeats the whole object of having a password in the first place. Some companies utility companies have been known to do this, for example ask for passwords over the telephone. Always refuse to comply. Never tell your password(s) to anybody. It is well worth taking the trouble with financial sites to memorize a couple of passwords that are specifically difficult to remember without any common phrase or letter combination. But what if you need to remember more than just a couple? Many banks nowadays are requiring two passwords one for login and one for transactions you also may well have more than one bank account, perhaps also a credit card account or two, and then there are shopping sites like eBay. It can soon become quite a list of sites that require strong passwords, and the last thing you want to do is write them down. The present writer was once asked to help a colleague with a problem concerning his laptop. This was a senior executive in a publishing company; such people often consider technical writers to be extensions of the IT department. This chaps password for his email system was written in indelible ink on the outside of his laptop. That is the worst example, but also writing passwords down any where is a bad idea; a small piece of paper kept under your mousemat, or maybe in your wallet, and so on. Never write them down. Never. One possible way of recording a multiplicity of strong passwords is in an encrypted file, produced with software such as WinRAR. With compression and archiving software such as WinRAR you have the option to password protect the file so that only somebody with the password can open it and view the contents. However, you need to use a strong password. A useful exercise to go through is to download password cracking software and try it out. This is software that is usually described as helping people who have forgotten their password. It will run through all possible combinations using the character sets and password lengths that you define. Try one of these out with a file protected by a weak password; once you have seen how quickly this can be done, you will take much more care to use strong passwords in future. One further point with this method is that when you view the file, do just that and only that, and do not extract to disk unless you need to edit it and add something new. If you do have to do that, also make sure not only that you delete the file after it has been rearchived, but that you immediately create a new file of the same name and at least the same size in the same directory this can simply consist of rubbish, and should ensure that the information in the file will be removed from the hard drive. You can immediately delete it. There are also utilities that you can download that will do this for you, when you wish to delete a sensitive file; they are probably more certain to delete all data, but the method just given should work on most occasions. And one final point, do not name your archive my_passwords.rar or anything even remotely similar! I

    Pass the word around

    lthough its demise has long been predicted and wished for by many the password is still the most common form of identity authentication in use. At first sight, the use of a password for authentication seems straightforward and secure; but in practice the RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U has many limitations and inherent problems. We are forced to continue to use them for the foreseeable future, so in this article we will have a look at some of the problems and suggest some solutions. The single most important problem, of course, is memorability. One person known to us, well call him John, can illustrate the worst way to use passwords. Until recently, he used exactly the same user name and password for any internet site that required registration. One day he wanted to look something up on a specialist knife site in the US. It required registration, and he used his usual login. Luckily for him, he very quickly discovered that orders were being placed using his eBay account for items to be dispatched to Africa. Also luckily for him, Ebay responded quickly in freezing his account and preventing any real harm from being done. What had happened appears to have been this: the knife site had some kind of automated system that would collect user names and passwords and then try them out, against eBay, Amazon, banks and other such online stores. Once it found a hit, it then started making orders probably by alerting one or more humans with the successfully stolen login information. The first rule with passwords clearly has to be to differentiate between sites that involve financial transactions and any other kind of important personal information, and all others. For example, you may well need to register to access some newspaper sites, or other general information sites. These organisations request registration in order to keep a check on the number and types of people visiting their sites in order to give a better service. It hardly matters if you use the same login and relatively simple, easy to remember, passwords with these sites. There is usually no risk of loss of personal information that might lead to theft of goods or money. However, the situation is very different with sites that involve financial transactions. These need to have strong passwords that subject will be discussed shortly and preferably a different password for each site. These

    passwords should also be changed at reasonable intervals. Make sure that you do not use the same password that you have for a transactional website for any other website news, email, and so forth. Keep them secure, and do not write them down. Ever. A strong password is one that is difficult to guess or search for automatically. The problem, of course, is that the stronger and more random a password is, the more difficult it is to remember. Simply using long words from your natural language is not good enough. You count this in different ways, but it is commonly considered that the English language consists of between one and two hundred thousand words. It does not take a modern computer very long to go through such a list. One email company had a reasonable attempt at improving on natural language passwords about 20 years ago: each password issued to users consisted of eight letters in pairs, forming four syllables. The structure was like this: gedovozu. This was relatively easy to remember and was not part of any natural language set. Such passwords are suitable for use with low risk websites, but are not really strong enough for financial sites. The strength of a password lies in its entropy, or randomness. A similar method to the one just described that produces much stronger passwords involves the use of mnemonic phrases these tend to be relatively easy to remember, and highly entropic. For example, the phrase Robert likes to have two sugars in his coffee would yield Rlth2sihc. That has nine characters, one is upper case, and one other is a numeral. This is much stronger than the more simple gedovozu. The entropy of a password depends on the number of possible combinations. If you just stick to lower case letters, a four character password has a total of 26^4 (26 to the power 4) combinations: 4,56,976. This seems like a large number, but a computerised search could zip through these in little time, and anyway, most combinations would be difficult to remember, and so would end up not being used. You increase the entropy by increasing both the number of characters in the password and the number of character sets from which they are drawn. So, a strong password should include at least eight characters, drawn from both upper and lower case letters, numerals and other characters, such







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    Theres flexibility and security and we are somewhat in between.

    Eugene Kaspersky is a leading expert in information security and the founder of Kaspersky Lab, a company producing anti-virus and other computer security products. He visited India recently, and Digits Edward Henning caught up with him at his hotel in Delhi. EH: You have described the situation with modern aeroplanes where the onboard networks can be attacked. The passengers network which can connect to the internet is also physically connected to the pilots network. How aware are the aeroplane manufacturers of this threat? And do they care? K: We got this news about this mistake in the Dreamliner, the Boeing 787, and the first person who came to my office was our lawyer. I said, Do you know of this news? and I explained that there was a certain mistake and whatever. And he said I cant believe it; this network has to be physically disconnected so our lawyer understands security more than these guys. EH: You have described how operating systems are flexible and functional and therefore as a result are not secure. If you go out in the physical world, because of the threats of terrorism thats on everybodys minds here in India right now we are now prepared as members of the public to accept greater restrictions on our freedom in order to protect ourselves. Do you think a tipping point will come where well say OK, stop Microsoft, we want really secure operating systems, we dont care if theres less functionality, we need security above and beyond everything else? K: Actually there are two sides; theres flexibility and security and we are somewhat in between and if the situation is getting more aggressive, if there are more attacks, such as terrorist attacks with airports for e.g., with more attacks they are getting less flexible and more secure. Like now to enter this product key of windows 7 youre not flexible at all. EH: And thats a good thing K: And the same is happening with operating systems. If you see that there are more cyber criminals, I think there will be not so much attention from the public. There is a cost to business, but others just dont recognise it as a serious problem. But if it comes to cyber terrorism, I think we will be forced to use more secure operating systems. But it doesnt mean that Microsoft will leave because by (using) default configurations you may make the Microsoft Windows secure, it will just not accept any other application but Microsofts. EH: Well, they have been trying to move in that direction for many years anyway. K: There are companies that share our business, they configure their desktops, their windows desktops at enterprises in a secure way. But it is not possible to install any application EH: So, what OS do you personally use? K: MS Windows XP SP3. I even use Internet Explorer, but I have a final cut pro bittorrent - Activators Patch configuration for security, so I am safe. EH: So many people are just complacent, they think it will happen to somebody else, it wont happen to them, its very difficult to make people sit up and listen and take notice, is it not? K: Now its better because now people, they see, they know that at least some friend or friend of a friend lost some money or was badly affected, so now they pay more attention. The problem is that they do not pay enough attention in the social networks. They think in a community, they trust everyone in a community, they give out some data, some personal information sometimes its enough to develop a very dedicated attack or to have some serious affects on the person. EH: But the whole idea there is to make your personal information available to as a wide an audience as possible. K: Again, there has to be some kind of balance. If everyone is friends, you can publish anything you want. If there are criminals around, you dont publish any data. So you have to find a balance. I am not registered in any social network. Well, actually, I am registered in one, but when I came to publish some personal data, I just stopped and then I never used it. I dont even have my picture on it. Just the year of birth. Its dangerous. Its very useful for people who live in cities because people just feel alone. So they need to have some community and this is the place for them. But at the same time EH: On another subject, correct me if Im wrong, cloud computing as described by many




    Digital Passion l Cover Story

    companies seem to be a huge increase in security risk. Have all my data, my processes, my applications and put it out there in the big wide world, it strikes me as crazy, what is your opinion on this? K: If there is some expensive application which you dont need regularly, just rent it. It will work. e.g., taxation software once a year. Last year there was a very curious story, a Microsoft patch upgrade which had a bug and which stopped financial taxation software in Germany. And that happened just before April 1st, the last day of taxation, and after that there is penalty. The most popular software stopped working and that was a very, very big scandal in Germany. There were many complaints about Microsoft. Some services will be online and some will be end point. EH: One service that has to be online is regular updates. Now, is that not a vulnerability in itself? K: Actually this service is not; I dont want to call it online, because you download anyway, so its stored locally. You send some data there and they report to you if its dangerous or not. So the decision maker is offline. Not offline is remote. And about the updates, if they are a risk or not, there was an incident with some anti-malware product when there was a fake update and there was a serious problem with a company which infected computers through the update. EH: The risk is always there. If you step out of your front door, you are always at risk. K: Especially if you do it regularly! K: I read that your mobile security now incorporates functionality to wipe the phone if its stolen or something like that. Now, does that not include some risk of you know if I am using my phone and suddenly it goes wrong and it gets wiped? K: There is a password which you can set yourself so you can use it as complicated a password as you like and if you use a secure password its very unlikely that someone will it will take like 1 billion SMS messages to brute-force the password. Thats impossible. EH: You mentioned in your response there the use of a password as an authentication device. Its getting increasingly difficult for people out there even to know what a strong password is and then to remember them; you know you have your bank, banks now want two passwords, one for logging in and one for

    I use MS Windows XP SP3. I even use Internet Explorer, but I have a special configuration for security, so I am safe

    transactions you make. You may have two banks, a credit card, its getting increasingly difficult for people to manage it without writing the wretched thing down, which I think is the biggest security risk you can make with a password. Do you have any particular advice on password management? K: What I do, the numbers, like pin codes, its hidden somewhere in my address book of my mobile phone. So its just some contact; its built in and its quite secure, I mean if its stolen or lost they cant recognize which contact is real and which is not and where these digits are located. Thats secure . I think thats secure. So they have to steal at the same time, mobile phone and your card. But in this case you can call bank to ask someone to help you. For the passwords, make it in such a way: if something really important has happened in my life especially if I need to create a new password; Id like to add some name of a place or name of a person which I will remember for sure; some digits like the date it happened but put in a different position. Its easy to remember, so even if the password is lost, you forgot it, just remember the place you were the moment you developed the password and in which way you use digits and other letters. Its easy to remember. EH: Unfortunately, regarding these methods, many banks are now using a virtual keyboard which only allows lower case and only allows numerals, this is introducing restriction and forcing passwords to be less entropic. K: What the malware does; it makes a snapshot of the screen. EH: So you like to have a long password, that has meaning to you? K: At least 10 to 12 letter/digits. Then also I have another way for the non-Latin alphabets; in India do you have two alphabets? Latin one and Indian. So just hear some phrase in Indian and type it on the keyboard. Probably one of the best ways to write passwords is to type a sentence which is not English, using the second alphabet, but having the keyboard switched to English. It will be a mess. It will be a very, very strange combination of letters and digits. For example, if I type my name (types on keyboard) it will be (more typing) Im just typing my name in Cyrillic, and switch the keyboard. Its easy to remember but this is a mess. And the best way to protect your credit card or to protect your computer just have a sticker with the wrong password on it. Or write a wrong number on your credit card. Let them try. I




    Digital Passion l Main Story

    tech that powered

    Related story on page

    As we recover from the horror of the Mumbai attacks, we are now horrified by another thought: how did this gang get the technological one-up on our forces? And how must the good guys fight them?

    Agent 001 ts been all over the news Mumbai attacks reveal sophisticated use of technology, Gunmen used technology as tactical tool, Mumbai terrorists more tech-savvy than the police but while the mainstream media winds up portraying these terrorists as the evil geeks you only see in movies, or saying that the technology is to blame, the reality is that these terrorists just got creative. What they really did was to combine some simple tech, and use it to deadly effect.


    however, this is considerably more complex. Firstly, it isnt the satellite that is calculating the receivers position, its the receiver itself. Secondly, GPS doesnt need a satellite, it needs at least four. There are around 32 satellites in orbit dedicated IsoBuster Pro Free Activate GPS, so finding four usually isnt a problem. Your receiver monitors the four strongest signals that it receives signals that contain information about the satellites own orbit, and the rough orbits of other satellites. It then uses the time it took for each message and calculates its distance from the satellite. Finally, using a method called geometric trilateration for which it uses the orbital information for the satellites it calculates its position on Earth. Google Earth uses photos of the Earth taken by satellites, and slaps them on a virtual sphere. The result, as youve already seen, is a virtual world that you can tour on your desktop. Want to see a top view of Everest? Its there.

    The Tech:

    GPS and Google Earth

    What they used it for:
    Navigating their way to India, planning the attack, getting around Mumbai (likely).

    Fighting it
    Its safe to expect that the Google-Earth-national-security issue will be dredged up again, and we wouldnt be surprised at a few demands to ban the software itself. There might even be a similar outcry against GPS, but that wont last long. The bottom line is that both these technologies have caused more good than harm, and it would be a crying shame to limit them in any manner. GPS is an important tool on aircraft, ships, cars, and now even cell phones. And because a GPS device doesnt send any personal information to the satellites, its impossible to tell whos using which device. The smarter plan? Master both and use them to plan counter-terrorist activities.

    How it works:
    In concept, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is pretty simple. You ask your GPS receiver where you are, the receiver asks a satellite, the satellite sends back an answer, and there you go. In reality,

    www. thinkdigit.com



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    Niagara Falls? The Pyramids? The Taj Mahal? There, there, and there. It also has GPS coordinates, so if you were to feed them into your GPS receiver, itll give you directions on how to get there from where you are.

    Digital Passion l Main Story

    tion involved, and the recipient can even reply to the e-mail, which will reach you through the remailer. And of course, because its so simple, its easy to tell where an e-mail really came from. For more secure e-mail, you need a cypherpunk remailer, to which you send an encrypted email, which the server then decrypts and sends to the recipient. Its more sophisticated than just hiding your name and IP address, and to make your e-mail even harder to trace, you can have it go through two, three or four remailers. Anyone whod want to trace your e-mail would have a formidable (though still not impossible) task ahead of them. And RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U theres the mixmaster remailer, which adds to the goodness of the cypherpunk, and even needs you to have special software installed on your computer. But Recovery Explorer Professional Free Download isnt entirely anonymous either, but was designed to make it really difficult and time consuming for anyone to trace e-mails.

    Why its evil:

    GPS and Google Earth are powerful technologies on their own, but when combined, make for an excellent planning tool. A GPS receiver will give you directions to your destination, and Google Earth shows you what youll see when you get there. While youre on your way, GPS receivers cant show you visual landmarks, but Google Earth can. And most importantly, when youre on a little boat on its way to Mumbai, and dont really know the way, GPS will let you navigate there easily. Google Earth has long been criticised by several world leaders former President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, among others for revealing the locations of important military installations across the world. In the US, Google has been asked to obscure important locations such as the White House, and mysteriously, the residence of former vice-president Dick Cheney. The argument was that Google Earth could potentially be, well, a tool in the hands of terrorists.

    Fighting it

    your data to reach you as fast as possible, through as many routes as necessary, and your phone will take care of converting all the lohels to hellos. When you request data over your mobile network, your provider sends it to your phones on all the frequencies your phone can access, but not in order. This is called packetswitching each antenna on the network decides the best route for each packet, so each packet takes the fastest possible route to your phone.

    The Tech:

    What they used it for:
    Coordinating with each other, tracking news via GPRS

    Thankfully, this isnt hard once the authorities know the offending number, they can shut it down, tap its calls, even track the phones position. They can also see which sites the phones user is visiting, and block them if necessary. As for the news, sites could stop reporting live news especially if that news talks about the polices plans. Then again, stopping live news means that nobody knows whats going on, which means rumours, panic, and all the nastiness that comes with it. As for the e-mail issue, soon after the dispute arose, RIM allowed Indian security agencies to monitor the BlackBerry network, and in July 2008, the service was cleared by the telecom ministry.

    Why its evil:

    How it works:
    General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is another technology thats been around for ages, and is relatively simple in concept. It uses the same signal that your voice travels on when youre on a call, only with a few variations to make data transfer faster. When youre talking with someone (or exchanging voice information), all the data that comes and goes from your phone is circuitswitched all the packets of data travel in sequence, and on the same frequency. This is important, because you want people to hear you say hello and not lohel. When youre surfing the Internet, however, this isnt as important you want

    It isnt. But you know that already. Having an Internet connection on your phone is about as evil as having a computer at home. Some sites have emphasised the BlackBerry, as if it were a deadly tool in the wrong hands, but really, its just an innocent device with its name being dragged through the mud. It could just have easily been Nokias or Sony Ericssons in that boat. There have, however, been concerns regarding the BlackBerry e-mail service. In India, communication technologies are required by law to allow for lawful interception if the government suspects you of unsavoury activities, it needs to be able to monitor your phone, e-mail and other means of communication. The BlackBerry service, however, doesnt allow for such interception, which is why security agencies wanted to ban it. An e-mail service that cannot be monitored could be a great tool in the hands of terrorists, they said. Supposed security risks aside, there is no evidence that suggests that Mumbai terrorists used their BlackBerrys for e-mail.

    When you dont want Fighting it the recipient of an eRemailers are actually being fought mail to know where it against even as you read this. Unless you came from, you first have your own remailer server, you send it to a remailer, never know when one will be taken which strips the e-mail down. However, sitting back and hoping of all your informafor remailers to vanish is silly at best. tion, and then sends it Our forces need better experts, and on its way, complete more importantly, time, if they are to with dud reply-to trace e-mails through remailers. So even address. Theyre supposed to make your if the Deccan Mujahideen wasnt e-mail anonymous, but really responsible for the attacks, tractheres no such thing ing their e-mail can lead us to tomoras purely anonymous rows attackers. on the Internet theres just harder to track. And depending on how hard-to-track you want your e-mail to be, you can use one of three types of remailers. The pseudonymous remailer is the simplest it replaces your e-mail and IP addresses with its own and sends your e-mail. No complex encryp-

    Why its evil:

    All right, so this one might qualify as a little evil. People use remailers to cover their tracks, and any activity that involves track-covering cant be good.

    The Tech:

    VoIP phones

    What you used

    While those three days showed us terrorists can use simple technology for evil, we also saw people attempt use technology for good.

    What they used it for: The Tech: Twitter

    What you used it for: Telling your friends you were all right, asking people to go donate blood, telling the world whats going on How it helped: Reassured friends and family, covered news that the agencies werent reporting How it didnt: Fostered conspiracy theories, added to the confusion, possibly kept terrorists updated when news channels stopped broadcasting live news Phoning home and getting orders from their handlers

    How it works:
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony has been around since the first days of the Internet, and its simple enough too it uses your Internet connection to transmit voice between people. The problem with the Internet, however, is that its a packetswitched network, which means that packets of data dont reach their destination in the right sequence. With voice, of course, this will not do at all which is why several technologies had to be developed to ensure that voice travelled the pipes without any problems.

    The Tech:

    What they used it for:
    Telling the media that they were responsible, without being traceable.

    The Tech: Flickr

    What you used it for: Documenting the carnage How it helped: Some photos especially by Vinukumar Ranganathan surpassed what the mainstream media could get How it didnt: Apart from conveying information, pictures arent much use

    How it works:



    www. thinkdigit.com

    www. thinkdigit.com



    Digital Passion l Main Story

    Skype, for instance, uses its own proprietary technology to make sure that voice reaches you fast and clearly. VoIP for their activities, and a report in October last year highlighted that the Taliban was using Skype to keep in touch. The problem? To ensure that your voice calls arent overheard, VoIP providers build secure, proprietary technologies that make it very difficult for hackers to eavesdrop on your calls. Naturally, it also becomes difficult for the law to tap these calls.

    Why its evil:

    Several governments, including our own, already hate VoIP for robbing the telecom sector of all the money they could make on international calls. But thats hardly the point. Fighting it The real probWhile VoIP calls are difficult to trace and tap, lem with VoIP is they arent impossible. Unfortunately, these that its considcan be time-consuming processes, and in a erably more situation like Mumbai, we cant afford that secure than cell time. To make its job easier, the FBI is pushing phones. Calls for a law that will require VoIP service made from VoIP providers to build backdoors in their software, phones can only which law enforcement agencies can use to tap be traced to the calls when necessary. The same laws already point where exist for telecom providers since 1994, when they get the FBIs surveillance activities were thwarted converted from by new technologies like call forwarding and regular voice cell phones. data to Internet The only good thing that emerged from the data. Once the terrorists using VoIP phones was that the digidata enters the tal trail could potentially lead the authorities Internet, it to their handlers. If the group was more relucbounces around tant to use phones while they conducted the servers across attacks, the trail would have ended at the last the globe before terrorist alive. it reaches its destination. Worse, even if you find out which number the call was made to, determining its position can be a pain. The recipient of a call could have a New York phone number, but could still be in the room next to the caller, which is why terrorists seem to love it. For a few years now, the FBI has been issuing warnings that militants have been using

    Waking Up
    With prior terrorist attacks, finding the perpetrators was a matter of some old-fashioned police work. It was slow, but lets admit it a few days after the blasts, it was only the police who were frustrated. We just returned to our daily lives a little rattled, but our shock swiftly gave way to the stress of everyday existence. These attacks, however, were different. For three days, we sat glued to our TVs, horrified, helpless, frustrated, angry, imprisoned. After watching so many movies and shows where the good guys use sophisticated technology to overcome terrorists in minutes, we were shocked that our police force was so ill-equipped. While the terrorists knew the hotels in intimate detail, our forces didnt even have night vision goggles to navigate the dark corridors. While the terrorists kept in touch with each other and their handlers using cell phones and VoIP, our forces didnt even use walkie-talkies to coordinate their counter-attack. The snipers stationed outside the Taj couldnt open fire, because they couldnt tell whether they were looking at terrorists or hostages. Because their rifles didnt have telescopes. If youve played realistic games like Counter-strike and Rainbow Six, you probably thought that you and your clan could have done a better job with the situation. Quite likely, but youd have to consider that youd be using real guns, and theres no starting from a save point. But we digress. Now, home minister P. Chidambaram has announced a massive overhaul of our security system, though we still dont have details on what that will be. We are assuming (and hoping) that this overhaul includes updating our forces tools, and training them on all the technology theyll need to take down any terrorists. As for the technologies themselves, the debate still rages. Even if you were to believe that technology was the villain here, where do we go from here? Will we see bans on mobile phones and GPS receivers? We must face the fact that even innocuous, everyday technology can be used for malicious purposes, and focus instead on using that same technology against the terrorists. I

    Related story on page


    Open source terrorism

    The Mumbai attacks are part of a disturbing trend that experts are calling open-source warfare. Unfortunately, it doesnt mean that terrorists are releasing their plans to the public theyre using technology and the philosophies of open source software to wreak havoc. The scary thing about this scenario is that terrorist outfits neednt start with the big organisations like the Al Qaeda all it takes is a single terrorist. The open source philosophy: release often, even if the software is buggy The terrorists corruption: attack often, even if there isnt a concrete plan The open source philosophy: recruit as many developers as possible The terrorists corrpution: recruit as many warriors as possible The open source philosophy: use solutions that have worked with other projects The terrorists corrpution: find out how other outfits are bypassing security



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    Digital Passion l Main Story

    Digital Rights Management

    A necessary evil or an evil that's not necessary?
    Terry Relph-Knight igital Rights Management (DRM) refers to any scheme used to protect the copyright of digital content using a system of encryption that often includes remote monitoring and control by the copyright owners. The development of the various forms of DRM has largely been driven by the large media companies as a response, they say, to the effect of large scale copying on their revenues. Rather than rely on the passive protection of copyright law these companies have gone on the offensive with active digital rights management. DRM encompasses a range of embedded https www xmind net xmind8 pro - Free Activators and hardware measures for all digital media that attempt to physically stop unauthorised use and copying. Since DRM at least appears to be a method of enforcing copyright, any discussion of DRM must include a discussion of copyright itself. The advantages and disadvantages of DRM for the copyright owner and the consumer and the legal, ethical and ideological issues surrounding DRM are by no means clear. In this feature we explore the ins and outs of DRM as they stand today.

    The history of information protection and copyright

    It may seem that only in the digital age has the protection of data become a problem, but means have always been sought to protect valuable information. The ancient Greeks formed groups that protected their knowledge of physics and geometry by keeping it secret. Secrecy was enforced by ritual and the threat of punishment. In Europe, in the middle ages, the knowledge associated with various crafts such as gold working was treated as being of great value and was kept secret by organisations known as guilds. These trade guilds flourished between the 11th and 16th centuries, although some of them have survived in attenuated form until today. Similar guilds, known as Shreni and Benin, operated in India as long ago as 300 C.E. This simple principle of secrecy is still a part of the protection of information today and it ranges from the secret keys used in encryption to proprietary methods and information. At least until the invention of the moveable type printing press by Gutenburg in 1439, books, paintings and musical performances could be copied, but almost as much knowledge, skill and effort was required as was needed to create the originals. This difficulty in itself provided a fair degree of protection. This illustrates that very often just making something difficult enough to copy provides enough protection, at least for economic purposes. The first UK laws on copyright on books and other writings were laid down in 1710 with the Statute of Anne, apparently prompted even then by the piracy of printed books. Copyright law in India was first introduced in 1847 under the East India Companys regime. Relatively recently actions have been taken to attempt to bring copyright laws up-to-date, so they are better able to deal with the issues raised by digital technology. In 1998

    Ashwini Baviskar Photograph: Jiten Gandhi




    Digital Passion l Main Story

    America passed the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), an act that apparently criminalises the DVDFab Crack With License code Free Download 2020 of DRM protection, even when there is no infringement of copyright itself. In 2001, the European Parliament passed the European Union Copyright Directive, which addresses some of the concerns of the US DMCA, but leaves one of its principle issues, that of limiting the liability of ISPs to prosecution, to the separate Electronic Commerce Directive. The original form of the DMCA, which illustrates just how convoluted such things can become, appeared to make cryptographic research illegal. In 2006, the Indian Copyright office posted proposals to amend the Copyright Act of 1957 (last amended in 1999) on its website. One of the proposed amendments seeks to introduce the issue of Digital Rights Management (DRM) into Indian copyright law along the lines of the DMCA. All of these methods of protection are primarily passive and defensive. Digital technology has finally made it relatively easy for copyright holders to protect their property by active and offensive means. At their most extreme, these measures make it possible to automatically punish anyone who exceeds the limits of the copyright and may no longer adhere to legal, but to almost arbitrary limits, chosen at the whim of the copyright holder and further, to analyse, manipulate and control its customer base. A further difficulty for the international media companies is that copyright law varies from country to country. In some countries it is perfectly legal to make multiple copies for personal use. The term fair use, it seems, is often mis-quoted; in the US it refers to the right to quote short exerts of a copyrighted work for the purposes of commentary, criticism, news reporting, research and other similar purposes. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has actually reduced the scope of fair use. Prosecution of the owners of web sites supporting peer-to-peer networks offering access to illegal music downloads is hampered by the imprecision of current copyright law. Peer-to-peer technology itself is not illegal and the argument centres around whether simply making copyright material available, in a way that makes it easy to copy, can be deemed an illegal act. This has led in some cases to big media making highly publicised prosecutions of Google Nik Collection 3.3.0 Crack + Activator Latest Version Free they suspect of having made large numbers of illegal downloads. The arguments over copyright oscillate between two extremes: making any copies of any kind of a copyright work is an infringement of copyright, or copying of a copyright work by an individual who has paid for a copy, into different formats in order that that individual may make use of the work, is reasonable and permissible. The problem with the first position is that digital technologies routinely make copies as part of their function, for example when reading a web page, the page is copied or cached. with the content providers that iTunes downloads should not be easy to copy. Some music download sites use license validation servers which validate a users right to play tracks they have downloaded. There have been several recent 4ukey iPhone Unlocker 3.0.0 Crack+ Activation Code Free 2021 of music download sites closing down with the result that many users are left with tracks they have paid for but can no longer play because the validation servers are no longer available. DRM adds complexity and expense to products that implement it. Although adding encryption to individual protected copies costs little, after all a necessary requirement from the replicators and copyright holders, it does affect both hardware, in the form of media players and software in the form of operating systems. A considerable amount of Microsofts development effort for the Vista OS went in to implementing DRM to the big media companies satisfaction. Vista incorporates what Microsoft call a Protected Environment (PE) to protect High Definition content. This creates a corridor through the operating system called a Protected Media Path (PMP), which, in theory, cannot be broken into. Device bus communications (which are accessible to users) associated with this process, are encrypted. DRM has a negative effect on open source development, particularly on projects that are dedicated to pure open source, because all DRM involves proprietary methods and code. At present, playing protected Blu-ray content on a Linux box requires use of a device or player key, none of which have been issued for open source software players. However the keys for the X Box 360 and all of the popular Windows software players are now public knowledge and can be used by Linux players. Open source opponents of DRM are often the most rabid. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) runs Defective by Design campaigns and recently launched such an attack on Apple because the new MacBooks incorporate Apples DisplayPort connector, which includes the use of the optional DisplayPort Content Protection. Mac owners connecting an older Apple Cinema Display to view an iTunes movie will see an unauthorised display message. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of DRM to the media companies that implement it is the alienation of customers and the bad publicity it has so far caused.

    Digital Passion l Main Story

    distributed via terrestrial transmission, satellite or cable. Video is appearing on the internet, but for high quality video download or streaming to become a viable reality, a huge increase in bandwidth and capacity will be required. ISPs are already complaining that streaming services, such as the BBCs iPlayer, are causing network congestion. It has been said that, despite trumpeting the high quality of CD Audio when it was first introduced, some elements of the music business always felt nervous about providing the public with studio quality recordings that could be copied digitally with absolutely no loss in quality.

    Piracy and the big media companies

    The big media companies seem to refuse to believe that falling sales are anything to do with natural market cycles, or changes in society, or to accept that just possibly their own reactionary business practices diminishing interest in developing new artists, reliance on a few guaranteed high return headliners and re-selling old back catalogue as re-mastered on new media have caused loss of interest. Instead, they say, it has to be piracy thats bleeding the life blood out of the already moribund industry. Around eight years ago music industry analysts noticed increasingly sharp drop offs in sales, following the release of a new CD. In the nineties, second week sales would typically fall by less than 25 per cent. In 2002, second week sales were dropping by over 40 per cent. The music industry took this as a clear sign that small scale piracy people making copy CDs for their friends was responsible. This is despite the fact that the same argument that sales of vinyl LPs were suffering because people were copying them to tape had been used to raise an indiscriminate blanket tax on blank cassette tapes, back in the 1970s at a time when the music industry was experiencing rapid growth. In India it seems the cassette tape actually created a booming market for pop music. As we reported in a previous feature (February 2007 issue) on peer-to-peer technology, it has been suggested that DRM should be abandoned and a similar tax or rather levy (to be accurate, a tax is imposed by government, while an industry administered surcharge is more properly called a levy) be placed on broadband connections and recordable CDs, DVDs and BDs. As with many such taxes, or levies, this might be seen as unfair to those who do not indulge in the taxed behaviour.

    Music downloads Apple iTunes

    Apples iTunes is one of the most well known and arguably most successful, of the digital music download sites. It exists mainly to act as the service site for the various versions of Apples portable music player devices, such as the iPod and iPhone. iTunes client software is bundled with every iPod sold. Apple iTunes uses the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format for its downloadable audio files. AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2021.4.06.49 Retail Crack + License Key Free 2021 is a lossy compression format intended as the successor to MP3, that has been standardized by ISO and IEC, as part of the MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 specifications. The MPEG-2 standard contains several audio coding methods, including the MP3 coding scheme. Apple iTunes is an application designed to run on an internet-connected PC running either MS Windows or an Apple Mac OS (note there is no version for Linux, although it can be hacked). Apple uses a version of AAC that includes its proprietary DRM extensions it calls FairPlay. This puts iTunes subscribers in the peculiar position of downloading AAC files, with FairPlay DRM extensions, which will only play on their registered version of iTunes on their computer, on an iPod or on an iTunes capable phone. However it is possible to burn the AAC files to a CD-R as MP3 files. The

    What's wrong with DRM?

    If DRM was always completely transparent to the end user, was not intrusive, protected copyright in a fashion that all agreed was fair and did not add cost to media hardware, perhaps no-one would find it objectionable. Various media companies have already applied almost draconian measures A further problem with DRM is that of interoperability, that agreeing on and using a standard form of DRM is not always in the media companies interest. For example, this is true of Apple iTunes because of Apples agreements

    DRM in action
    The exact form of DRM used depends on the media format and even on the distribution method. Music distribution is moving towards compressed audio file download over the internet, although audio CDs still form a large part of sales. Movies are still mainly sold on disk, either DVD or Blu-ray, and broadcast video is







    Digital Passion l Main Story

    FairPlay DRM is lost during the process, so the MP3 files will play on any MP3 player. This means that anyone with even minimal computer skills can bypass the Alien Skin Blow Up Registration key iTunes implementation of DRM, admittedly with some possible loss in quality. Apple adopted FairPlay in order to convince its content providers, the record companies that own the mechanical copyrights to the music recordings, that the revenue stream would be protected and that iTunes would not simply expose music tracks to wholesale copying. Comments made by Steve Jobs indicate that Apple would happily drop FairPlay, or any form of DRM, if the record companies would agree. So far Apple has had to put a fair amount of effort into protecting FairPlay just to keep its content providers, the record companies, happy. Other music download companies, such as RealNetworks, have made attempts to sell music files from their sites that will play on the iPod and other Apple devices, in effect files containing cracks of the FairPlay system. Apple has taken action against this, because if it doesnt it could upset its content providers and find itself open to prosecution by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Despite all this, in April of 2007, EMI announced it would be dropping DRM for its online music sold through iTunes and Apple has quite recently started offering some files for download, albeit at a higher price, that have no DRM protection.

    Digital Passion l Main Story DRM & Audio CDs

    In 2005, the Sony Bertelsmann Music Group (Sony BMG) included a content protection plan on its music CDs that Adobe InDesign 2021 Crack+ Serial Key 2021 - Free Activators intended to stop consumers from using a computer fitted with a CD writer from copying Sony BMG music CDs. This caused something of a stink because, not only did the Sony BMG content protection involve planting rootkit code deep inside a PCs operating system, but it opened up a vulnerability that could be exploited by malware writers. Eventually, under pressure from various lawsuits, Sony BMG was forced to recall all the affected titles. In Europe in 2002, BMG had already caused an uproar by releasing copy protected titles that did not even carry a label stating that the CD incorporated copy protection. Sony BMG employed two types of content protection software: Extended Copy Protection (XCP) and MediaMax CD-3. 52 titles were released with XCP and 50 titles were released with MediaMax. When a PC running a Windows operating system attempted to play one of these titles the Sony BMG software was triggered and would display a EULA message offering the user the option to install a custom Sony BMG player. Apparently the XCP software would install what came to be known as rootkit software, even before the EULA message was displayed. Other criticisms of the Sony BMG software were that it ran as a constant background task, consuming system resources, it had no uninstall and could not be easily removed and that it caused instabilities leading to 'blue screen' crashes. Although Sony BMG did eventually release a supposed removal program, this software was ineffective and actually made things worse. These are the kind of problems that have led to all content protection and DRM getting a bad name. In August 2000, in describing how serious Sony was about the copying issue, Sony Pictures Entertainment US senior VP Steve Heckler, told attendees at the Americas Conference on Information Systems. The industry will take whatever steps it needs to protect itself and protect its revenue streams . It will not lose that revenue stream, no matter what . Sony is going to take aggressive steps to stop this. We will develop technology that transcends the individual user. We will firewall Napster at source we will block it at your cable company. We will block it at your phone company. We will block it at your ISP. We will firewall it at your PC . These strategies are being aggressively pursued because there is simply too much at stake. perhaps rather revealing Another, comment, reportedly made by Peter Lee, an executive at Disney, was If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, weve already failed. Sony BMG was not the only record label to release copy protected CDs. For example, Reprise Records, a Time Warner company, issued copy protected CDs. their products to work and that they accept no responsibility for any negative consequences that may result from its use.

    In conclusion
    Its an accepted fact that rarity increases the worth of almost anything. If something is easily copied it is often regarded as being of low value. Also it seems that the ease with which something may be copied is directly related to the respect with which copyright is treated. Because digital assets, in particularly at the moment music tracks, are easy to copy, it has lead to music in general being devalued. Amazingly, many younger people seem to believe that music recordings should be free. What they do not seem to realise is that musicians, like everyone else, have to make a living. The eventual result of placing no value, or even a very low value, on music, or any other art form that can be recorded and copied, is that soon few will bother to make it. There will be no more, or at least very little, new music. So despite their inconveniences, there is kaspersky total security 2020 license key - Free Activators argument for effective forms of DRM and the inconveniences of the current forms of DRM may well be short term. For example, at the moment PC owners, depending on the age of their machines, may need to update more components than just an optical drive to be able to play Blu-ray disks, purely because of High Definition Content Protection. As this technology finds its way onto the market and into new PCs this problem will go away. I

    Blu-ray, Advanced Access Content System (AACS) and HDCP

    In theory and to the casual user, HDCP's combination of protected hardware links with encryption handshakes makes it impossible to copy. However the system can be attacked in two ways, either using a stripper box to extract the raw decoded signal, or by physically accessing the encoded data and decrypting it in software. A stripper box consists of some HDMI connectors wired to a circuit containing an HDCP decoder chip, something like the Silicon Image Saola Animate 3.0.1 Crack + Keygen Key 2021 - Free Activators Fury chip. The problem with this method is that the particular box used can be remotely disabled by the key revocation tables issued on new media by the content providers. Decryption of the signal is not as difficult as it might have been because the economic burden of building really strong encryption into the hardware was felt by the hardware manufacturers to be too high. Blu-ray disks and players use Advanced Access Content System (AACS) encryption; however as of August 2008 all current AACS decryption keys are available on the internet. BD+ and BD-ROM Mark are other encryption schemes that may be applied to Blu-ray and are tougher to crack than AACS.

    DVDs and CSS

    The DRM system used for DVDs is called the Content Scrambling System (CSS). Phpstorm 2018.1 license server - Crack Key For U around 1996, it uses a relatively weak, proprietary 40-bit stream cipher algorithm. The weakness of the cipher is due, in part, to the US government regulations in place at the time the scheme was drafted, which prohibited the export of cryptographic systems using keys greater than 40 bits in length. A further structural weakness in the CSS encryption algorithm reduced the effective key length to only 16 bits, making it very easy to break. In fact this cipher was broken fairly early on and many programs are available for download that will strip out the encryption and produce a disk image for burning a copy. All DVD players or drives include a CSS decryption module and the lead-in areas of all protected commercial DVD disks contain some encryption keys. These keys are stripped inside the drive during playback so a byte-for-byte copy made of the data stream output from a drive playing a commercial protected disk will not play back because the encryption keys aren't reproduced. All the CSS DRM is capable of doing is to provide weak protection against people copying commercial movies.

    Applications software
    It's perhaps overlooked, but most commercial applications software has increasingly restrictive DRM based on a challenge and response scheme. Installation requires entering a serial number that ships with the product. This generates a further code which must be exchanged with the software vendor, either over the internet, or by phone, for a final unlock key. The installations are usually locked in to the PC the software is installed on and the maximum number of installs without further permission from the manufacturer is often limited. This system allows the software vendor to gather certain information about its customers. Software End User Licence Agreements (EULAs) often state that you, as the end user, don't even own the physical software copy and documentation, but have only purchased a licence to use the software within the very narrow limits of the EULA, which the manufacturer and copyright owner may decide to revoke at any time. The final insult is that most software manufacturers include a clause in the EULA which says that they do not guarantee

    http://www.drm.info/FSFE supported anti-DRM website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_copying_le vy - Wikipedia entry about cassette levy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_man agement - Wikipedia DRM entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDCP - Wikipedia HDCP entry http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/2006021 4-6177.html - Ars Technica article on HDCP http://freedomforip.org/2008/10/01/historyof-copyright-in-india - article on copyright law in India http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_C oding - Wikipedia AAC entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content-scrambling_system - Wikipedia CSS entry http://copyright.gov.in/View%20Comments.pdf - Indian Copyright Office information http://copyright.gov.in/Logon.aspx - Indian Copyright Office information







    Digital Passion l Main Story

    Digital Passion l Main Story

    password to the web site, but you are not really in the web site. Instead of www.yourbank.com, OfficeSuite Activaton Code - Crack Key For U will be directed to www.your-bank.com. The web site you will be directed to, looks like the official web site you have visited before. Citibank is one of the biggest targets of such attacks. Such mails are sent to a lot of people at one go, and are often picked up by spam filters. A more malicious form of a phishing attack is a highly focused form of phishing, where individuals or the employees of a single company are targetted. Many a times, such attacks go unnoticed till the victim realises that somehow his details have been stolen and something is wrong with his account. Another form of critical activity puts the onus on the user to mess up. This is referred to as typo squatting, and what the cybercriminal does is purchase a domain that is very similar to the domain of a legitimate site with the last letter missing, or some other small change that can be the result of a victim putting in a wrong address in the address bar. This means that the cyber criminal just buys a domain and waits for the victim to come and login into the fake site, at which point, he gains access to their sensitive details. Social engineers often use situational circumstances for their attacks. Post the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, cyber criminals have been asking for donations through e-mails. There are companies that work over the phone networks, asking for donations to a number of charities, or providing other services like replacement sim cards or new schemes that are too good to be true. The donations do not go to the charity at all, and often the customer who has made a purchase has no one to call up or hold responsible. Once the payment is made, the new sim card or scheme never shows up. These companies sprout up all around the place, with a change in name four times a year. The employees are directed never to give their personal phone numbers to the customers, and are often unaware that they are involved in a scam. These setups are elaborate, with a proper office space given to employees, and a motivational session every morning with excercises to increase the yield. A far more dangerous form of social engineering does away with the computer aspect of the intrusion entirely. The attack is directly on the people and the company. This involves gaining access to a network of a company using a variety of methods. Two common approaches are dumpster driving and shoulder surfing. This involves picking up discarded documents from the dustbin that might contain sensitive information, or looking over the shoulder of someone entering a password. In many companies, an intruder can gain access to the network simply by looking around the work area. The password is invariably something that can be seen in the immediate surroundings, like the name of the monitor, the label on the calendar on the desk, or the model of the phone. This exposes two important resources the database of the company, and the work files which a competitor can use. However, this is not as simple as that, there are
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    Social engineering
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    ecurity systems tend to Mocha Pro 2019 V6.0.1.128 Serial Number - Crack Key For U compromised by attacks on their weakest points. For an individual, security on the computer means a firewall, an antivirus software, and a password requirement for all critical activities. For a company, the security setup is far more elaborate, with some kinds of physical measures on the doors, multiple passwords on the systems, and constant monitoring by the system admins. All these measures are useless if the people within the system are careless, irresponsible or unaware of the dangers. Therefore, the most common attacks are targeted at the people. Social Engineering is an umbrella term for a variety of methods and tactics used by cyber criminals to achieve their ends. This may vary from harvesting databases, stealing credit card information or simply causing a nuisance. This breed of cybercriminals exploit human gullibility, and are analogous to con-artists in cyberspace. Their methods are constantly changing, their approach mutating to the requirements of the job, and sometimes, they just cause trouble to practice and polish their skills. The most common scam is contrary to common social engineering methods. This requires no research about the target, but still has a surprisingly high yield rate. Have you ever won a lottery that you never

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    testpass" "select * from department" csv "/Users/user/Desktop/export.txt" NO NO NO "DEFAULT" "DEFAULT"


    • Upgraded internal database from HSQLDB 1.8 to HSQLDB 2.3
    • Database conversion: When converting from a database with default upper case to a database with default lower case or vice versa, no longer wrap generated column names in quotes if they are not in the default case

    Bug Fixes

    • PostgreSQL function names not displaying in the database browser for certain PostgreSQL databases
    • DynamoDB: Errors occur if attributes are not present near the beginning of the table, but do have values later in the table
    • Query scheduler does not work with Salesforce
    • Generate SQL from query results with table name with a space not generating correct SQL
    • Salesforce - unable to query Case table due to SQL syntax error
    • Database Conversion: Boolean types getting converted to Oracle failing on insert



    • Mac 64-bit: Made changes to try to prevent RazorSQL from crashing and Window display issues caused by Karabiner keyboard customization software

    Bug Fixes

    • Export tool throws an error when exporting HSQLDB blob columns
    • Query results does not show HSQLDB blob columns in hex format


    Bug Fixes



    • Added ability to load binary data from a file via an insert statement with the razorsql_load_binary syntax insert into test_table values (1, razorsql_load_binary('C:\test.png'));
    • File System Browser search now prints out files results were found in
    • File System Browser search should search sub-directories
    • Added ability to delete inserts
    • Added ability to delete macros


    • Describe Table Window should be resizable

    Bug Fixes

    • Home / End keys do not work in dialog text areas
    • SQLite: binary data editor sometimes throws errors
    • Drop database window has incorrect title
    • FTP Transfer window not showing file sizes correctly for very large files
    • Sybase: exec statements not always displaying results for all result sets returned by procedure
    • DynamoDB: querying binary columns throws error
    • Unable to create a connection using the RazorSQL JDBC Bridge with the "Other" database type
    • SimpleDB: when itemName is a column in the column list, the itemName column is not being populated
    • Sizing issues on Command Line Call Generator window



    • Added PostgreSQL materialized view support
    • Added support for creating projects and interacting with projects via a tab on the file system browser
    • Enhanced materialized view options on the database browser for Oracle
    • Added an option to print line numbers when printing via the web browser option


    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB: All columns not always displaying in select * queries
    • PostgreSQL Database browser not differentiating among overloaded functions



    • Salesforce: Added copy to local database option for Salesforce tables
    • Added Copy File Path option to File System Browser


    • Import Tool: Create table from import - table names converted to default case for the database
    • Limit size of table references window in query builder to prevent window from going off screen
    • If there is an @ sign in table - wrap in quotes

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Conversion: Oracle to H2 and H2 to Oracle conversion files missing
    • Import Tool: Create table from SQL inserts - generated column names sometimes have spaces



    • DynamoDB: Added ability to force a query or scan operation using the select_query or select_scan syntax instead of just select select_query * from employee where id = 1
    • DynamoDB: Added ability to specify an index to use for a query operation using a query hint select_query /*index_name*/ * from table_name where. . .
    • DynamoDB: Enhanced logic to determine when to execute a query request and when to execute a scan request when query or scan is not indicated in select query
    • DynamoDB: added support for in clauses in SQL statements
    • DynamoDB: Import Tool: Added a checkbox for skipping columns / attributes in generated inserts when the value is null / empty
    • Added ability to set connection properties when using the MS SQL Server JDBC driver from Microsoft


    • DynamoDB: support beginning comments in queries
    • DynamoDB: A non-descriptive error is thrown when referencing an attribute in an SQL statement that does not exist in the table
    • If SQL Server jtds connection fails for SSL reasons, and MS SQL Server driver is installed, try connecting with the SQL Server driver
    • Changed the formatting of the query error text to handle line wrapping better
    • Faster scroll speed on Explain Plan window

    Bug Fixes

    • If result columns are moved and put back in the same place - results editor throws error preventing changes due to columns being re-arranged
    • PostgreSQL: editing views taking a long time in certain situations
    • Query Builder: add table button window appearing behind the query builder on Mac
    • Query results edit table button not always appearing for supported queries when the queries have comments in them



    • Filter Query Results Tool: Added options for matching any column in a row with equals, contains, or in operations
    • Import Tool - If column names included on first line of delimited file or excel spreadsheet, try to populate column number field based on order of column names
    • Command Line Export Tool: Added multi-value insert syntax option for supported databases
    • Command Line Backup Table Tool: Added multi-value insert syntax option
    • Command Line Backup Table Tool: Added included identity column insert option
    • Command Line Backup Schema Tool: Added multi-value insert syntax option
    • Command Line Backup Schema Tool: Added included identity column insert option


    • Changed process for getting PostgreSQL type information to improve performance
    • No longer display keep-alive errors for SQLite

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Browser: Informix tables and views not always getting sorted in the correct order
    • DyanmoDB: Generate DDL tool not generating column types when tables have both hash and range keys
    • DynamoDB inserts against tables with more than one global secondary index throwing errors
    • DynamoDB describe table not showing all global secondary indexes



    • Added H2 database conversion support to and from HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MS Access
    • Added MonetDB support


    • When closing RazorSQL with unsaved files, added a cancel option to the Yes/No save dialog
    • New session window no longer required mouse to navigate
    • Changed memory settings on Mac OS X 64-bit version

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB select count(*) queries with where clauses - where clauses getting ignored
    • Percent of original size field not showing correct values in zip file viewer



    • DynamoDB: Add global secondary indexes and local secondary indexes to the describe tool
    • DynamoDB: Add global secondary indexes and local secondary indexes color indicator to the database browser
    • DynamoDB: Upgraded to latest AWS libraries
    • Increased launching performance of edit table tool
    • Increased launching performance of alter table tool


    • Execute Procedure Tool: For Oracle, now supports REF CURSOR as an IN OUT parameter if no value is set for the REF CURSOR as an IN param

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB - does not support tables with dashes in the name
    • DynamoDB: tables with global secondary indexes not showing key information
    • DynamoDB: describe tool not showing information for tables with global secondary indexes
    • DynamoDB: Tables with no rows not showing columns in the database browser
    • DyanmoDB: Unpopulated index columns not showing as columns in database browser
    • Read only version does not allow to change databases



    • Added MariaDB support
    • Added the Oracle 12c JDBC drivers

    Bug Fixes

    • Dynamodb - Export with generate DDL not working for tables with periods in the name



    • Added close all query results option to right-click menu of query results tab
    • SQLite: Enabled foreign key support by default for new connections
    • SSH Client: Added ability to enter separate passphrase for private key file
    • SSH Tunnel Tool: Added ability to specify a pass phrase for a private key file
    • Added a MariaDB driver option to the MySQL connection type options
    • Ship with MariaDB drivers

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Conversion: converting boolean true or false values to SQLite not getting generated with proper syntax
    • DynamoDB: Tables with dots in the name not supported for certain operations
    • Next Tab and Previous Tab options not working correctly on Mac
    • If query results column names are rearranged, and column names and results are copied to the clipboard, the column names are not in the correct order



    • Added support for the Cassandra windows 7 with product key an Edit -> Delete Lines Containing option
    • Salesforce: Added the ability to connect to a Salesforce sandbox environment
    • Function Navigator / Function Selector: Now shows both procedures and functions in Oracle PL/SQL packages
    • Query Scheduler: Added option to set start time in seconds from current time
    • Query Scheduler: Added option to set the title of the query scheduler window
    • Query Scheduler: Added option to determine whether to overwrite or append to the output file if it already exists
    • Query Scheduler: Added option to load query text from a file
    • Query Scheduler: Added option to load query text from the SQL favorites list
    • Query Scheduler: Added file name, interval, executions, and query to status field of query scheduler window


    • Continue should be the default button on the Add Connection Wizard screen
    • Added additional error notifications for the Export tool
    • If a maximum rows value is set in the preferences, that value will get set on the JDBC driver's statement object for each query

    Bug Fixes

    • Salesforce: Using TableName.ColumnName syntax in queries returns null values
    • Salesforce: Relationship queries using join tables via dot notation columns (example: Contact.Account.Name) returning null values for columns from the joined tables
    • Salesforce queries not always returning rows above initial salesforce request limits
    • Mac 64-bit: Various focus issues where windows / dialogs are not getting focus when appearing


    Bug Fixes

    • Connection to Salesforce not working since previous release
    • SQL Server / Sybase: Calculated results in select clauses can return 0.0 instead of null



    • Added Retina Display support for Mac 64-bit version
    • Query Results - added row count display for query results for queries executed without using the fetch all rows option if all rows have been retrieved from the query


    • Database Browser - added logic to always trim spaces from tables for databases where table are retrieved from the driver as opposed to executing system queries
    • FTP Connection Window - mouse click no longer needed to connect
    • Changed default font on Mac 64-bit versions to enable bold in default Monaco font

    Bug Fixes

    • Execute SQL Fetch All Rows option displays extra blank row in the query results after the last row



    • Added auto download and install option for the MS SQL Server driver for SQL Server and SQL Azure
    • Added razorsql_portable.exe to the Windows version for launching a self-contained version of RazorSQL that does not store data outside of its directory structure


    • Upgraded JRE to version 1.7.0_45 on Windows and Linux versions
    • Upgraded DejuVu Sans Mono fonts to the latest versions
    • Made MS SQL Driver the default driver for SQL Azure

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Server and Sybase - Large numbers being rounded when returned in scientfic notation from the driver



    • Added a fetch all rows button to the query results toolbar and a fetch all rows option to the results menu for fetching any remaining rows not yet retrieved from a database query
    • Added a Connections -> Change Current Database / Schema menu option


    • Typing enter in query results search field now executes search
    • The escape key was not closing certain dialog windows
    • Certain numbers being converted to scientific notation in MS SQL Server and Sybase are now displayed in decimal
    • Focus in query results menu item no longer sets selection to first cell in results if a cell is already selected
    • Next Word, Previous Word, Select Next Word, Select Previous Word, Delete Word, and Backspace Word menu items / shortcuts no longer considers underscore as word separators

    Bug Fixes

    • Informix Generate DDL - create table DDL for int8 columns are getting generated with sizes



    • Upgraded SQLite JDBC driver version - added support for wal databases

    Bug Fixes

    • For certain multi-monitor display configurations, the max window size of RazorSQL is getting set to the primary display maximum resolution
    • SQL -> Execute SQL Output to File option throwing error
    • Derby Network databases - Auto download - both the derby.jar and derbyclient.jar files need included in the driver location field



    • Added XML and HTML as format options in the command line export tool
    • Added Add Query to SQL Favorites option to right-click menu on query results tab

    Bug Fixes

    • Errors connecting to Salesforce not giving detailed error information



    • Added support for Salesforce
    • Added support for HSQLDB 2.3
    • Added menu item to query results tab for Copy Results to Clipboard (No Column Names)
    • DB2 LUW: Added ability to specify connection properties when creating a connection
    • Teradata: Added ability to specify connection properties when creating a connection


    • Editor: Select to Begin of Line, Select to Begin of Paragraph, and Select to Begin of Document options not setting cursor position to the beginning of the selection
    • Upgraded SSH library - new encryption algorithms supported
    • DynamoDB - Backup, export, and generate insert tools no longer include column names and null values in insert statements for columns that have no value in the table
    • Changed behavior of SQL editor when executing queries and the last statement in the editor is missing the statement delimiter

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB: Not all tables are being returned in database navigator for databases with large numbers tables



    • Added Show Distinct Values in Column option to the Column Name header of the query results table
    • Added Generate In Clause for Selected Cells option to right-click menu of query results cells and query results tab
    • Database conversion menu now enabled for all database types - non-supported databases can now be converted to either HSQLDB or the Local Database
    • Improved performance of Connect / Add Connection window load time


    • When clicking on a query results tab, the status component text is updated to display the query time for the query executed on that tab
    • Added column selection mode indicator to editor status panel

    Bug Fixes

    • Derby: Edit table tool not working when trying to edit query results and using lowercase table names in the select
    • The Insert Text At Column dialog does not allow you to insert only spaces



    • Enhanced parameterized query parser to work better with non-select statements such as inserts, updates, and deletes and enhanced parser to work better with operators and special characters
    • Mac OS X 64-bit: Updated included JRE to latest build that contains fixes for certain freezing issues
    • Changed how RazorSQL exits so that it gives open connections a longer time to close before exiting

    Bug Fixes

    • Export Tool: SQL Server: date format not working for date column when using the jTDS driver
    • Export Tool: When a custom date format is requested, date columns in formats other than the default are not getting converted
    • Export Tool: Export as Text - inserting a blank line in results in certain situations



    • SimpleDB - More detailed error messages when incorrect select SQL syntax is used
    • Mac 64-bit version: Change configuration for graphics hardware acceleration

    Bug Fixes

    • Execute Procedure Tool: Does not support datetime types for SQL Server and Sybase
    • DDL Generator - Alter Table syntax - foreign keys that reference multi-column primary keys are not getting combined into one alter table statement
    • Clicking on certain menus causing currently selected tab to change in certain situations



    • Added installation of Desktop shortcut to Linux distributions that support it

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB: Connections always pointing to default US-East region
    • Mac OS X 64-bit - Upgraded runtime environment that includes fixes for crashing issues on certain machines


    Bug Fixes

    • Fix for MongoDB SQL parsing but introduced in version 6.1.1
    • Fix for MongoDB database data search bug introduced in version 6.1.1



    • SQL Azure: Added support for editing triggers and viewing trigger contents


    • PostgreSQL Database Browser: Automatically expand schemas when expanding the database node

    Bug Fixes

    • Mac 64-bit version - Certain keyboard shortcuts using Shift such as next character, previous character, next line, previous line, next paragraph, and previous paragraph are executing twice for each keyboard event instead of once



    • Added SQL Create Table statement support for DynamoDB
    • Added support to generate Create Table statement DDL to DynamoDB database browser and DynamoDB backup and export tools
    • Added support for Derby 10.10


    • For SQL Server and Sybase schemas node automatically expands when database is expanded in database browser
    • Allow using time formatting options on Oracle dates in the query results

    Bug Fixes

    • With dual monitors, Executing window and Find dialog window sometimes not showing on the correct monitor
    • View Menu custom keyboard shortcuts not always working in certain situations
    • When executing a long running query, and switch to another tab, and the first query finishes, the currently selected tab gets updated with the query results
    • Windows 7 and newer taskbar pinning of RazorSQL not using Windows standard behavior
    • In certain situations, the entire view definition is not being returned when generating SQL Server View DDL
    • Keyboard focus actions do not cinema 4d r20 crack - Crack Key For U on the add connection / connect window when the window is launched from an already connected tab
    • DynamoDB - SQL statements not handling columns with spaces correctly
    • DB2 for Mainframes database data search throwing error on SQL generated by the data search tool
    • Fixed certain crashing scenarios on Mac 64-bit only version for Lion and Mt. Lion



    • Added support for Amazon DynamoDB
    • Added ability to change look and feel to different color themes
    • PostgreSQL: Added the ability to view output from functions such as RAISE NOTICE statements
    • Database Navigator: Increased speed of initial load for MS Access
    • Added a preference for whether to strip comments from queries
    • Added a View -> Reset Display Sizes to Default option
    • Added an option to reset all preferences to defaults (Edit - Reset Preferences)


    • Changed behavior of when a new tab is created and when the current tab is loaded when opening files
    • Query Builder: if percent symbols not entered by the user for LIKE and NOT LIKE operators, value is automatically wrapped in percent symbols by RazorSQL
    • Increased frequency of how often SQL history is written to disk
    • SQL Server: Stop filtering db_owner schema from database browser
    • Updated PostgreSQL JDBC driver that ships with RazorSQL
    • Updated Jsch SFTP library to the latest version
    • Max Rows per Query for SimpleDB and DynamoDB is now a required field when adding a connection profile



    • PostgreSQL Backup and Export Table tools - Now generate create sequence statements prior to the create table statements if a column references a sequence
    • PostgreSQL Backup and Export tools - added option for whether to include serial columns in generated insert statements
    • Added ability to view print output for Sybase SQL Anywhere and Sybase IQ
    • Auto-detect certain statement separators for the Import from SQL file and Execute SQL script processes


    • Made database name a required field when creating new PostgreSQL connections


    • PostgreSQL Export / Backup Tools - Not generating DDL for serial columns correctly
    • Edit Table Tool - When text has line breaks, text is getting formatted incorrectly in popup window
    • Using keyboard shortcut with Shift on Mac causes action to occur twice in some instances



    • MS SQL Server - Added a backup database tool
    • Added a Execute All Statements - Fetch All Rows option
    • Added Informix PAM authentication support
    • Added a preference for whether to display the Executing window during query execution
    • Added an executable to launch RazorSQL in read-only mode on Windows
    • Added options for launching RazorSQL with graphics acceleration turned off for Windows and Mac.


    • Remember the Match Case setting on Find / Replace in Files


    • MySQL Database Browser: Users without show databases permission not getting a categorized list of databases
    • Installation missing the SQL Server ASP bridge file
    • Edit Table tool - when columns with null values are part of the table key for updates or deletes, SQL syntax getting generated as = null instead of is null



    • Added Copy Table to Another Database option in the DB Tools menu and on the database browser context menu
    • Added a Run on Local Server option in the Tools -> HTML menu


    • PostgreSQL Binary Data Editor not launching for tables in the public schema



    • Added create schema tools for H2, HSQLDB, Derby, and PostgreSQL
    • Command Line Tool: Added an option to specify an import file start row on the import command
    • Command Line Tool: Added a fetch size override parameter to the export command
    • Added a schema selection dropdown to the main toolbar for H2 database connections


    • Updated included PostgreSQL JDBC driver to the latest version
    • For SQL Server and Sybase, multiple result sets can now be automatically displayed without using the "Fetch All Rows" execution option if the first result set returned contains fewer than the "fetch size" number of rows
    • Updated graphics runtime environment for Windows, Mac, and Linux versions


    • Try to export more than 65536 rows in XLS format, hangs
    • Using very large fonts in the navigator causes letters to get cut off
    • HSQLDB: Explain plan not working for newer versions of HSQLDB
    • Fix for potential stability issues for certain Mac OS X 64-bit machines
    Источник: https://razorsql.com/updates.html

    RazorSQL Updates / Change Log

    The latest version of AMTEmu 0.9.2 For Windows is 9.4.9

    9.4.9 Change Log (Released 11/11/2021)

    9.4.8 Change Log (Released 10/04/2021)

    9.4.7 Change Log (Released 09/16/2021)

    9.4.6 Change Log (Released 08/16/2021)

    9.4.5 Change Log (Released 07/19/2021)

    9.4.4 Change Log (Released 06/15/2021)

    9.4.3 Change Log (Released 06/01/2021)

    9.4.2 Change Log (Released 05/11/2021)

    9.4.1 Change Log (Released 04/28/2021)

    9.4.0 Change Log (Released 04/25/2021)

    9.3.4 Change Log (Released 04/13/2021)

    9.3.3 Change Log (Released 03/23/2021)

    9.3.2 Change Log (Released 03/01/2021)

    9.3.1 Change Log (Released 02/08/2021)

    9.3.0 Change Log (Released 01/12/2021)

    9.2.7 Change Log (Released 12/11/2020)

    9.2.6 Change Log (Released 12/09/2020)

    9.2.5 Change Log (Released 11/23/2020)

    9.2.4 Change Log (Released 11/14/2020)

    9.2.3 Change Log (Released 11/10/2020)

    9.2.2 Change Log (Released 10/14/2020)

    9.2.1 Change Log (Released 10/07/2020)

    9.2.0 Change Log (Released 09/16/2020)

    9.1.6 Change Log (Released 08/24/2020)

    9.1.5 Change Log (Released 07/28/2020)

    9.1.4 Change Log (Released 07/14/2020)

    9.1.3 Change Log (Released 06/17/2020)

    9.1.2 Change Log (Released 05/26/2020)

    9.1.1 Change Log (Released 05/04/2020)

    9.1.0 Change Log (Released 04/14/2020)

    9.0.9 Change Log (Released 03/17/2020)

    9.0.8 Change Log (Released 03/05/2020)

    9.0.7 Change Log (Released 02/24/2020)

    9.0.6 Change Log (Released 02/18/2020)

    9.0.5 Change Log (Released 02/10/2020)

    9.0.4 Change Log (Released 02/04/2020)

    9.0.3 Change Log (Released 01/08/2020)

    9.0.2 Change Log (Released 01/02/2020)

    9.0.1 Change Log (Released 12/18/2019)

    9.0.0 Change Log (Released 12/11/2019)

    8.5.5 Change Log (Released 11/19/2019)

    8.5.4 Change Log (Released 11/12/2019)

    8.5.3 Change Log (Released 11/07/2019)

    8.5.2 Change Log (Released 10/24/2019)

    8.5.1 Change Log (Released 10/18/2019)

    8.5.0 Change Log (Released 10/09/2019)

    8.4.7 Change Log (Released 09/26/2019)

    8.4.6 Change Log (Released 09/24/2019)

    8.4.5 Change Log (Released 09/11/2019)

    8.4.4 Change Log (Released 08/25/2019)

    8.4.3 Change Log (Released 08/01/2019)

    8.4.2 Change Log (Released 07/18/2019)

    8.4.1 Change Log (Released 07/09/2019)

    8.4.0 Change Log (Released 06/27/2019)

    8.3.6 Change Log (Released 06/06/2019)

    8.3.5 Change Log (Released 05/28/2019)

    8.3.4 Change Log (Released 05/13/2019)

    8.3.3 Change Log (Released 05/01/2019)

    8.3.2 Change Log (Released 04/24/2019)

    8.3.1 Change Log (Released 04/10/2019)

    8.3.0 Change Log (Released 03/28/2019)

    8.2.5 Change Log (Released 03/05/2019)

    8.2.4 Change Log (Released 02/06/2019)

    8.2.3 Change Log (Released 01/17/2019)

    8.2.2 Change Log (Released 12/19/2018)

    8.2.1 Change Log (Released 12/03/2018)

    8.2.0 Change Log (Released 11/13/2018)

    8.1.1 Change Log (Released 10/18/2018)

    8.1.0 Change Log (Released 10/10/2018)

    8.0.9 Change Log (Released 09/24/2018)

    8.0.8 Change Log (Released 09/14/2018)

    8.0.7 Change Log (Released 09/11/2018)

    8.0.6 Change Log (Released 09/05/2018)

    8.0.5 Change Log (Released 08/17/2018)

    8.0.4 Change Log (Released 08/08/2018)

    8.0.3 Change Log (Released 07/31/2018)

    8.0.2 Change Log (Released 07/19/2018)

    8.0.1 Change Log (Released 06/25/2018)

    8.0.0 Change Log (Released 05/15/2018)

    7.4.10 Change Log (Released 03/08/2018)

    7.4.9 Change Log (Released 03/08/2018)

    7.4.8 Change Log (Released 03/05/2018)

    7.4.7 Change Log (Released 02/28/2018)

    7.4.6 Change Log (Released 02/12/2018)

    7.4.5 Change Log (Released 01/31/2018)

    7.4.4 Change Log (Released 01/12/2018)

    7.4.3 Change Log (Released 12/28/2017)

    7.4.2 Change Log (Released 12/15/2017)

    7.4.1 Change Log (Released 12/12/2017)

    7.4.0 Change Log (Released 12/06/2017)

    7.3.15 Change Log (Released 11/28/2017)

    7.3.14 Change Log (Released 11/16/2017)

    7.3.13 Change Log (Released 11/01/2017)

    7.3.12 Change Log (Released 10/22/2017)

    7.3.11 Change Log (Released 10/20/2017)

    7.3.10 Change Log (Released 10/17/2017)

    7.3.9 Change Log (Released 10/11/2017)

    7.3.8 Change Log (Released 09/28/2017)

    7.3.7 Change Log (Released 09/21/2017)

    7.3.6 Change Log (Released 09/12/2017)

    7.3.5 Change Log (Released 09/05/2017)

    7.3.4 Change Log (Released 08/30/2017)

    7.3.3 Change Log (Released 08/15/2017)

    7.3.2 Change Log (Released 08/01/2017)

    7.3.1 Change Log (Released 07/18/2017)

    7.3.0 Change Log (Released 06/13/2017)

    7.2.6 Change Log (Released 05/08/2017)

    7.2.5 Change Log (Released 04/10/2017)

    7.2.4 Change Log (Released 03/22/2017)

    7.2.3 Change Log (Released 02/07/2017)

    7.2.2 Change Log (Released 01/18/2017)

    7.2.1 Change Log (Released 01/04/2017)

    7.2.0 Change Log (Released 12/15/2016)

    7.1.4 Change Log (Released 12/2/2016)

    7.1.3 Change Log (Released 11/23/2016)

    7.1.2 Change Log (Released 11/20/2016)

    7.1.1 Change Log (Released 11/01/2016)

    7.1.0 Change Log (Released 10/25/2016)

    7.0.9 Change Log (Released 10/10/2016)

    7.0.8 Change Log Movavi Video Converter Premium 21.4 Crack + Activation Key [Latest] Free 10/05/2016)

    7.0.7 Change Log (Released 09/29/2016)

    7.0.6 Change Log (Released 09/21/2016)

    7.0.5 Change Log (Released 09/01/2016)

    7.0.4 Change Log (Released 08/24/2016)

    7.0.3 Change Log (Released 08/02/2016)

    7.0.2 Change Log (Released 07/27/2016)

    7.0.1 Change Log (Released 06/16/2016)

    7.0 Change Log (Released 06/08/2016)

    6.4.8 Change Log (Released 04/06/2016)

    6.4.7 Change Log (Released 03/11/2016)

    6.4.6 Change Log (Released 03/01/2016)

    6.4.5 Change Log (Released 02/19/2016)

    6.4.4 Change Log (Released 02/04/2016)

    6.4.3 Change Log (Released 01/26/2016)

    6.4.2 Change Log (Released 01/14/2016)

    6.4.1 Change Log (Released 12/15/2015)

    6.4.0 Change Log (Released 11/23/2015)

    6.3.29 Change Log (Released 10/22/2015)

    6.3.28 Change Log (Released 09/30/2015)

    6.3.27 Change Log (Released 09/14/2015)

    6.3.26 Change Log (Released 07/30/2015)

    6.3.25 Change Log (Released 07/21/2015)

    6.3.24 Change Log (Released 05/28/2015)

    6.3.23 Change Log (Released 05/11/2015)

    6.3.22 Change Log (Released 04/27/2015)

    6.3.21 Change Log (Released 04/13/2015)

    6.3.20 Change Log (Released 04/01/2015)

    6.3.19 Change Log (Released 03/18/2015)

    6.3.18 Change Log (Released 03/04/2015)

    6.3.17 Change Log (Released 02/10/2015)

    6.3.16 Change Log (Released 12/16/2014)

    6.3.15 Change Log (Released 12/02/2014)

    6.3.14 Change Log (Released 11/03/2014)

    6.3.13 Change Log (Released 10/20/2014)

    6.3.12 Change Log (Released 09/23/2014)

    6.3.11 Change Log (Released 08/27/2014)

    6.3.10 Change Log (Released 08/20/2014)

    6.3.9 Change Log (Released 07/29/2014)

    6.3.8 Change Log (Released 07/02/2014)

    6.3.7 Change Log (Released 06/10/2014)

    6.3.6 Change Log (Released 05/22/2014)

    6.3.5 Change Log (Released 04/29/2014)

    6.3.4 Change Log (Released 04/01/2014)

    6.3.3 Change Log (Released 02/25/2014)

    6.3.2 Change Log (Released 02/10/2014)

    6.3.1 Change Log (Released 02/05/2014)

    6.3.0 Change Log (Released 01/15/2014)

    6.2.6 Change Log (Released 12/09/2013)

    6.2.5 Change Log (Released 12/05/2013)

    6.2.4 Change Log (Released 11/20/2013)

    6.2.3 Change Log (Released 10/23/2013)

    6.2.2 Change Log (Released 09/25/2013)

    6.2.1 Change Log (Released 09/12/2013)

    6.2.0 Change Log (Released 09/11/2013)

    6.1.7 Change Log (Released 08/05/2013)

    6.1.6 Change Log (Released 07/23/2013)

    6.1.5 Change Log (Released 07/17/2013)

    6.1.4 Change Log (Released 07/05/2013)

    6.1.3 Change Log (Released 07/03/2013)

    6.1.2 Change Log (Released 07/02/2013)

    6.1.1 Change Log (Released 07/01/2013)

    6.1.0 Change Log (Released 06/03/2013)

    6.0.7 Change Log (Released 04/04/2013)

    6.0.6 Change Log (Released 03/21/2013)

    6.0.5 Change Log (Released 03/01/2013)

    6.0.4 Change Log (Released 02/23/2013)

    6.0.3 Change Log (Released 01/30/2013)

    6.0.2 Change Log (Released 01/16/2013)

    6.0.1 Change Log (Released 12/04/2012)

    6.0.0 Change Log (Released 10/09/2012)

    5.6.4 Change Log (Released 07/15/2012)

    Older Updates



    • Athena: Added the following connection properties for authenticating with Azure AD: AwsCredentialsProviderClass, tenant_id, client_secret, client_id
    • Athena: Added the following connection properties for authenticating with ADFS: AwsCredentialsProviderClass, idp_host, idp_port, preferred_role, ssl_insecure


    • Command Line Import: Delimited file import is now supported for JDBC drivers that do not support batch operations
    • Added support for drivers that have multi release jar files such as SAP Hana
    • Upgraded Athena driver to version 2.0.25



    • Added a Tools -> Base64 Encoder tool
    • Added a Tools -> Base64 Decoder tool


    • MS SQL Server: When connecting with the jTDS driver, new connections now set the ssl property to "request" by default
    • Upgraded included SQL Server jTDS driver to version 1.3
    • Cassandra: Apache Thrift Driver: Hex values are now displayed for blob types

    Bug Fixes

    • Mac: US International keyboards: quote, double quote, and back quote typing behavior is not correct



    • Command Line Processor: Added a -testConnection command that has two arguments: -testConnection "Connection Profile Name"
    • Removed id as a postgresql reserved word
    • Command Line Process: More error information is now displayed on the console in the event of an error
    • DB2: JTOpen Driver: Added the ability to set connection properties
    • Vertica: Added the ability to set connection properties

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Conversion and Query Generation: SQL not always getting generated correctly when the preference wrap generated database objects is set to always



    • Added a Results -> Re-execute Query Every X Seconds menu item and added the menu item to the right-click menu of the query results tab
    • Oracle: Added Enabled DBMS Output and Disable DBMS Output options to the Connections RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U Salesforce API to version 52
    • Upgraded Firebird Jaybird JDBC driver to version 4.0.3



    • Added the ability to set connection properties such as query timeout on BigQuery connections
    • MySQL: Export and Backup tools now escape backslashes in data
    • Athena: New Connections: If the endpoint override property is specified, the AWSRegion should not be set



    • Upgraded SQLite driver to version 3.34

    Bug Fixes

    • SQLite connections do not work on Apple Silicon machines



    • Added the ability to connect directly to Firebird database files (versions 2.0 - 3.0) without a running Firebird server on Windows machines
    • Added the ability to create new Firebird ODS 11.2 (2.5) database files via the Create Database Tool and when adding new Firebird connections
    • Oracle Database Browser: Enabled calling DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL on indexes under tables
    • Oracle Database Browser: Enabled calling DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL on constraints under tables

    Bug Fixes

    • Cassandra timeuuid column should not have single quotes in generated SQL



    • Filter Navigator: Top Level Objects. Added a drop-down for Include Selected and Exclude Selected to determine whether to include top level objects in the navigator or exclude them from the navigator
    • Added a Connections - View Status Log menu option. View Status Log can now be assigned a keyboard shortcut

    Bug Fixes

    • DB2 to MySQL conversion. DB2 graphic columns getting converted with a G prefix in generated insert statements in certain situations



    • Added configurable connection property support for Interbase

    Bug Fixes

    • ODBC connections throw errors on certain machines due to a missing library



    • Added support for the Intersystems IRIS database
    • Added ability to set connection properties for Informix
    • Added sslConnection as an Informix connection property
    • Query Results: Added a preference in the query results tab for beeping when a query that takes longer than a certain number of seconds completes

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Formatter: Ignore commas in parens does not handle nested parens correctly



    • PostgreSQL: Added additional ssl related connection properties


    • select into queries now display the number of rows returned in the file in the updated rows section of the status window
    • If query results columns are re-arranged, edit table tool is disabled
    • DynamoDB Edit Table Tool from Query Results: Non select * queries get re-written as select * queries when lauching the edit table tool

    Bug Fixes

    • ExecuteAll - execution can hang in certain situations



    • Salesforce: Added support for date functions in the select clause
    • Salesforce: Added support for case sensitive aliases
    • Users can now enter 0 for the connection level maximum rows value. This will not limit the number of rows returned. Note that this may cause performance problems for some databases

    Bug Fixes

    • Input focus leaves text area sometimes when query returns no results



    • Database Browser: Case is now ignored when sorting tables
    • MongoDB SSL Connections: Now defaults to TLS version 1.2
    • Cassandra SSL Connections: Now defaults to TLS version 1.2
    • Database Conversion: If the new table field contains a period, the new table name is no longer wrapped in quotes in the generated SQL
    • MongoDB: Updated SQL reserved word list

    Bug Fixes

    • Sybase / SAP IQ: Alter Table Tool does not generate DDL for rename table or rename column
    • H2 Database Conversion: Auto increment columns cause invalid DEFAULT clause in generated DDL



    • Added a New Tab (Share This Connection) menu option to the right-click menu of the SQL Editor tab
    • Added a Results -> Export Query Results menu option
    • Command line call generator: Added example output for using the commandFile syntax to execute multiple commands per call


    • Athena: Added the ability to set connection properties on the Simba Athena JDBC driver
    • Upgraded DB2 JDBC driver to version 4.28.11
    • Upgraded PostgreSQL JDBC driver to version 42.2.18

    Bug Fixes

    • Cassandra: If using the fetch all rows toolbar button or keyboard shortcut, a not supported error is displayed after all rows are returned
    • Cassandra: Exporting or Backing up a table with a timestamp column throws an error
    • Cassandra Export Multiple Tables: If no keyspace is selected, an error is thrown on the start of the export



    • Query Builder: Added the ability to select the same column multiple times in the query
    • RazorSQL Command Line Process: Added the ability to execute multiple commands per call using the -commandFile "command file path" option. The command file should contain one RazorSQL command line process command per line
    • SQL Editor Tab right-click menu: Added a New Tab -> Share Connection menu item
    • H2 Database Object Search: Added the ability to search for triggers
    • HSQLDB Database Object Search: Added the ability to search for triggers
    • H2 Database Browser: Added support for triggers
    • HSQDLB Database Browser: Added support for triggers


    • BigQuery Database Browser: If project id entered in the connection does not come back from the driver meta data call, include it in the browser list anyway
    • Updated H2 driver to version 1.4.199
    • H2, HSQLDB, Derby, and SQLite Embedded: When closing a connection, some resources from the connection may not have been eligible for garbage collection

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Editor: Single quotes inside of multi-line comments were not getting ignored when determining statement delimiter positioning


    Bug Fixes

    • When pasting data into the editor an extra line break may be inserted at the end



    • Snowflake Generate DDL: Columns of type variant should not have a size
    • Editor: When pasting data, editor tries to convert data to plain text
    • macOS: Changed bundled JRE to version

    Bug Fixes

    • macOS: RazorSQL may crash if switching keyboard input



    • Cassandra: Added a timestampFormat connection property. For new connections this defaults to utc. For connections created previously, this defaults to the old behavior of local_date. utc displays timestamps in utc format. Other options are local and local_date. local displays timestamps using the timezone of the local machine as the format. local_date displays timestamps in date format using the timezone of the local machine.


    • Added the following system property options. If opening new dialog windows on macOS Big Sur is causing issues, do the following:
      Help - Set System Property
      Put D_OWNER in the Name
      Put NULLWINDOWAT in the Value
      If still issues, put NULLWINDOW in the Value
    • Upgraded MongoDB driver to 3.12.7



    • macOS version: Upgraded included JRE to 11.0.9

    Bug Fixes

    • macOS version: Possible RazorSQL crash when connecting or disconnecting external displays
    • HSQLDB to SQL Server Table Conversion: Converting tables in the HSQLDB PUBLIC schema throws an error



    • Added a File -> Open File (Current Tab) menu option (control / command + shift + o) for replacing the current editor contents with contents from a file
    • File System Browser: Add a Open File (Current Tab) option
    • Toolbar open file icon: Added the ability to open the file in the current tab



    • DynamoDB: Added support for inserting / updating data to columns with a list data type. NOTE: Data must be in a valid JSON format
    • DynamoDB: Added support for the SQL drop table statement

    Bug Fixes

    • Salesforce: Values not displaying for queries with aggregrate functions that use aliases for the column name / aggregrate function name



    • Export Tool: Export Delimited Files: Option to set escape character to something other than double quote
    • Export Tool: Export Delimited Files: Added option to wrap everything in escape character
    • Cassandra 3x DDL Generation: Added support for generating with clustering order by clauses to generated table DDL


    • Database Conversion: SQL Server to H2 conversion: newid() in default column values is now converted to random_uuid()

    Bug Fixes

    • Cassandra 3x DDL Generation: primary key columns may not be in the correct order in primary key clause of create table statement
    • DynamoDB and SimpleDB Import Tool: An error occurs when including column names in the generated import SQL
    • File Selection: When selecting a file from the file system for certain operations, the user is not prompted for whether to overwrite the file when the user selects an existing file



    • Added support for Amazon AWS Keyspaces
    • Cassandra: Added the ability to set the consistency level on the connection when creating a new Cassandra connection. The consistency can be set by clicking the Configure button next to the Conn. Properties field.
    • Added an Edit -> Move to First Visible Line (control / command + page up) menu option for moving the cursor to the first visible line in the editor
    • Added an Edit -> Move to Last Visible Line (control / command + page down) menu option for moving the cursor to the last visible line in the editor
    • Query Results Tab Right-click Menu: Added a Copy Selected Column Names and Results to Clipboard option
    • Results: Added an Arrange Columns in Alphabetical Order option to the Results menu and Results tab right-click menu
    • Results: Added a Goto Column option to the Results menu and Results tab right-click menu


    • Cassandra: Database Browser now reloads automatically when creating a new table
    • Mac: macOS Big Sur: Display changes to better support Big Sur
    • Selected text is no longer moved when using tab or shift+tab if control/command key is pressed

    Bug Fixes

    • Execute All: Execute All no longer stops executing if query type can't be determined. Unknown query type is now used in this case



    • Cassandra blob columns now display values in hexadecimal format
    • The tab key is now allowed as part of a custom keyboard shortcut
    • Added a system property for turning off the update check. Set UPDATE_CHECK to FALSE in Help -> Set System Property
    • Mac: Changed type of dialog used for certain save operations to prevent freezing issues on certain machines

    Bug Fixes

    • Procedure Excecution: Method can't be called twice error displays in certain circumstances
    • Generate SQL Select and Generate SQL In Clause: If columns in results table are rearranged by dragging, SQL generation uses incorrect column names



    • Import Tool: Added ability to change the delimiter / line break escape character to something other than double quote
    • Import Tool: Added option to forego delimiter / line break escaping
    • Added an execute SQL button on generate SQL popup window
    • DynamoDB Database Browser: Changed Row Count option to the following
      Row Count (Estimate): This method gets the row count from the DynamoDB table meta data. This count is updated by DynamoDB every 6 hours
      Row Count (Full Scan): This method scans the whole table to get the row count. This method uses more resources to get the count


    • Execute Procedures: Errors that occur in a procedure are displayed even if the procedure was able to return results prior to the error. Previously the error was not reported
    • Local Database / HSQLDB: create table tool defaults creating tables as cached (on-disk) tables instead of in-memory. Memory tables can be created by selecting the Memory option in the Table Type drop-down

    Bug Fixes

    • Import Tool: Create New Table from Data: size and scale drop-downs may be uneditable when they should not be



    • Import Tool: Delimited Files: Added support for the following date formats for Date columns in addition to yyyy-MM-dd: MM/dd/yyyy (06/22/2020) M/d/yyyy (6/2/2020) MM/dd/yy (06/02/20) d-MMM-yy (2-Jun-20)
    • Import Tool: Added support for generating insert statements that have multiple rows of values per one statement to reduce overhead for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Derby, DB2, and Athena


    • Import Tool: Blank rows in spreadsheets and delimited files are now skipped
    • Import Tool: XLSX Files: Importing cells with formulas is now supported
    • Import Tool: Enhanced the process for guessing column types and sizes when creating a table during the import process
    • Import Tool: If first row of file being imported looks to be column names, the start row of the file will be set to row 2 instead of row 1
    • Athena Export Tool: Added support for generating SQL statements in multiple rows per one insert statement syntax
    • Oracle: For new installs, default to showing all schemas instead of non-empty schemas. Empty schemas can be hidden by the Edit -> Preferences -> Database Browser -> Oracle: Hide Empty Schemas in Database Browser checkbox
    • Oracle Editor: Added more line number detail to Oracle query errors



    • Import Tool: Importing from a saved profile no longer pre-populates the delimited file end row. The last row of the file is assumed by default
    • SQLite: Added a Change File button for quickly changing the SQLite database file on an existing SQLite connection profile
    • Oracle Database Browser: Changed default query to get all schemas

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Browser: Folders are duplicated sometimes, especially when using the enter / return key to make the connection from the Connection Wizard window
    • Windows 4k Monitors: Icons on the database browser are too small



    • Database Object Search and Database Data Search can now be assigned keyboard shortcuts

    Bug Fixes

    • Firebird: Binary Data Editor: Queries against tables in the SQL editor where the table name does not match the case of the table name as stored in the database do not allow the binary data editor to launch
    • DB2 Call Procedure Tool throws error in certain situations
    • Athena Database Browser: Table name is not pre-populated when selecting the drop table option
    • Oracle SQL Editor: describe table statements are not bringing up the describe tool
    • Edit Table Tool: Database name / schema name not always getting wrapped in ticks or quotes when special characters are contained in the name
    • macOs Catalina: Command line interface throwing an error on some machines



    • Added a Tools -> URL Vsdc free video editor download tool
    • Added a Tools -> URL Decoder tool
    • Database Object Search: View Contents on a column name now scrolls to and selects the first row in that column in the query results
    • Amazon Athena: Added the ability to generate DDL for views


    • Amazon Athena Database Browser: Object types are now set to Tables and Views. Tables are listed in Tables section and Views are listed in Views section
    • Amazon Athena: Generate Table DDL now uses output from the show create table command

    Bug Fixes

    • Athena Database Browser: View Contents -> Limit Results options not working
    • Mac: Two browser tabs display when clicking connection help off of WizardAdd



    • Query Results: Added the ability to sum, average, find mininum, and find maximum for selected cells only in addition to all cells
    • Firebird: Create Database Tool and Add Connection Tool: Added the ability to create Firebird version 4 / ODS version 13 database files
    • File System Browser and Project Browser: Added right-click menu option for Open File Share Connection
    • File System Browsser and Project Browser: If there are active database connections, double-clicking a file prompts for whether to open the file and share a current connection
    • Added support for Yellowbrick


    • BigQuery Database Browser: Only datasets under a particular project are shown in the project's tree
    • BigQuery Database Browser: SQL generation now includes the project id in the generated SQL
    • Toolbar: Show File System Browser button is now shown on the toolbar by default
    • Linux: Web browser display: If x-www-browser is available, this command is used to open web browsers on Linux systems

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Editor: Tab names can be incorrect if switching tabs in the middle of adding a new connection tab
    • SimpleDB: Inserting or Updating records that have SQL keywords with tick marks does not remove tick marks from keywords prior to sending to SimpleDB



    • PostgreSQL: Added information to error messages about statement line number and approximate editor line number of errors


    • JavaScript Validator: Leading line feeds in text can cause an issue with the validator
    • Snowflake to Local Database Conversion: Number data type conversion is now supported
    • Salesforce: The All Rows syntax in queries is no longer case sensitive
    • Database Object Search: Added a View Contents right-click option for column name search results
    • Upgraded Cassandara datastax driver to version 3.8.0
    • Upgraded BigQuery driver to version This fixes an issue with numeric columns not being able to be queried

    Bug Fixes

    • Mac: Popup windows may not close property in certain situations
    • Font selector can't display the names of certain fonts



    • Query Results: Added the following options to the right-click menu of each results column and to the results menu: Average Values in Column, Count Values in Column, Count Distinct Values in Column, Max Value in Column, Min Value in Column, Sum Values in Column
    • DynamoDB: Added the abilty to query against nested maps up to 5 layers deep using SQL syntax Example query: select * from test_nested_map where outermap.innermap.innermap2.height = 60; outermap, innermap, and innermap2 are all maps in this example
    • DynamoDB: Added the ability to use syntax similar to the AWS command line for table scans. See RazorSQL DynamoDB SQL Support for details
    • Compare Tool: Improved performance
    • Added new DynamoDB scan expression and SQL syntax templates

    Bug Fixes

    • Salesforce: Queries with column lists and NOT like clauses throwing parser errors



    • Keep Alive: For databases / drivers that only support one open result set at a time, Keep Alive will no longer run if there is an open result set
    • PostgreSQL SQL Editor: Updated PostgreSQL keywords
    • Connection Wizard: RazorSQL hosted driver downloads now come from a secure AWS S3 server
    • SQL Server Database Browser: use queries to switch the database are no longer run when executing a View Contents query from the table node *BUG: SimpleDB: Edit Table Tool, Query Builder, and Results SQL Generation:

    Bug Fixes

    • SimpleDB: Edit Table Tool, Query Builder, and Results SQL Generation: Generated SQL should not allow updates to itemName() columns. This is not supported by SimpleDB
    • Linux Version: Edit Table Tool: Right-click menu not displaying
    • Generate DDL: SQL Server ODBC Driver: Identity information not displaying



    • Connection Wizard: Connection Profile Tree: Added the following options to the right-click / context menu: Connect, Add Profile, Copy Profile, Delete Profile
    • Edit Table Tool: Added the following options to the cell right-click / context menu: Add Row, Copy Row, Delete Row, Preview SQL, Execute SQL


    • Derby Embedded databases are shut down on disconnect instead of on RazorSQL exit

    Bug Fixes

    • Auto Commit on / off values not showing up on connection profile screen



    • Query Results: Editing Cells: If column has a value and then value is removed, set the column value to null instead of empty
    • Generate DDL: If default value for a column is set to null, do not wrap null in quotes in DDL
    • Adding SQL Server Connections: MS SQL Server JDBC driver: instance name in host or database name is now supported. RazorSQL will extract the instance name and put it into the instanceName connection property
    • Export: ODBC connections: Handle no data found errors without stopping export

    Bug Fixes

    • Query Results: Editing Cells: If column is null, and column is clicked on but no value is entered in the column, update statement is still generated
    • Create Table Tool: Data type combo box size not correct when adding columns



    • Copy Table to Another Database: Added an Inserts Only (No DDL) option
    • Added preference to turn off displaying column type and length next to column name for the Database Browser


    • Oracle: 12c JDBC driver updated from version 12.1 to version 12.2

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Browser: Generate DDL for a trigger under a table not working



    • Performance improvements for MySQL database conversion
    • Performance improvements for loading large XLSX files
    • MySQL: When using the MySQL Connector/J driver, the useCursorFetch property is set to true by default
    • Windows Installer: Added the option to install for all users or current user only

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB: Error when launching edit table tool from query results in certain situations



    • Import Tool: Copies of Excel files are created and opened for reading to prevent out of memory situations from corrupting original Excel file
    • Import Tool: Improved performance when importing from XLSX files
    • Upgraded Apache Zemana AntiMalware 3.2.28 Crack With License Key Premium 2021 Excel library to version 4.1.1

    Bug Fixes

    • Import Tool: Import from XLSX. Error thrown in certain situations when trying to read xlsx files
    • Import: Errors occurred during import message displaying behind the import dialog on Mac



    • PostgreSQL: Added support for procedures
    • Amazon Redshift: Added support for procedures
    • Amazon Redshift: Added support for connecting via AWS credentials files


    • PostgreSQL Create User: Added support for the create role option
    • Database Conversion: SQL Server to Oracle and vice-versa. Converter converts default values of GETDATE() to SYSDATE and vice-versa
    • RazorSQL log file size capped at 1 GB
    • Added a preference for max SQL History database size in megabytes

    Bug Fixes

    • Redshift: Database Object Search returning all non-views in certain situations when tables option is selected
    • PostgreSQL DB Tools -> View Function Contents. Drop-down showing function name concatenated with the function specific name
    • PostgreSQL DB Tools -> Edit Function / Procedure. Drop-down showing function / procedure names concatenated with the specific name



    • Added support for Couchbase
    • Navigator / Database Browser Filter: Allow comma separated values in the contains and not contains fields
    • Added a Connections -> New Tab (New Connection) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
    • Added a Connections -> New Tab (Copy Editor) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
    • Added a Connections -> Same Tab (Switch Connection) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
    • Added New Session (New Connection) and New Session (Copy Editor) options to the new button popup
    • Added support for Derby 10.15 for supported operating systems. NOTE: Linux 32-bit and legacy Mac OS X versions do not support Derby 10.15
    • Copy Table to Another Database: Added a Generate Alter Table checkbox. If checked foreign keys are attempted to be assigned via alter table statements


    • Linux 64-bit: Updated Java Runtime Environment to version 11
    • macOS (Catalina and Mojave version): Updated Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.5
    • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit: Updated Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.5
    • Editor Auto Save. If user closes an unsaved file and auto save is on, still prompt if the user wants to save the file
    • Export Numeric Formatting Changes:
      If exporting query results (SQL, Delimited File, XML, HTML, Text): Formatting used is based on query results preference values for Locale options (primary) and decimal separator (if locale option not set)
      If exporting query results (XLS, XLSX): No formatting is used. Locale specific preferences within Excel determine how the cells are formatted
      If exporting from table(s): Numeric formatting is based on Number Format locale selected on the export window with the default being no specific formatting
    • SQL -> Recent Queries menu options: Order is now based on order the statement was executed not just the timestamp when the statement was executed
    • DynamoDB: Scan Requests with where clauses: For tables that have more rows than the "Max Results Per Query" value set on the RazorSQL connection profile, RazorSQL will uTorrent Keygen - Crack Key For U continue to scan the table until either more rows than the Max Results Per Query value are returned, or there are no more rows to scan
    • MySQL and MariaDB connections, autoReconnect property is now set to true by default
    • Keep Alive: Default keep alive interval changed from 4 minutes to 2 minutes
    • Keep Alive Preference: Added an option for 0.5 (30 seconds) helicon focus pro 7.6 3 crack the keep alive interval

    Bug Fixes

    • MongoDB: macOS notarized version: Not allowing connections over TLS / SSL connections that use SNI such as MongoDB Atlas free tier servers
    • Mac repeat hold key preference is not on the correct line in preferences
    • Query Results: Create Table from Results on Current Connection throws an error in certain situations
    • SQL History: When running large numbers of statements through the editor such as thousands of inserts, SQL History process can get backed up and cause delays when trying to exit RazorSQL
    • Fedora Linux: Very slow startup time / hangs on startup can occur
    • Database Conversion Multiple Tables: When converting to MySQL, if the table name is a reserved word, the table name is getting wrapped in double quotes instead of tick marks in the generated SQL
    • DynamoDB: Generate SQL operations from query results: Where clause not always populated



    • Added the following Preference: Editor: Auto Convert Files to UTF-8 if Unencodable Chars. If the editor contents contain characters that are not encodable by the default encoding, the contents are saved in UTF-8 format if this preference is selected


    • Mac: Adjusted font sizes for higher resolution displays
    • UI: Better support for displaying unicode data in labels and drop-downs
    • Import Tool: Encoding set automatically on files encoded with UTF-8

    Bug Fixes

    • Athena: Version 1 Athena driver no longer returning table names in database browser



    • Added support for HSQLDB 2.5


    • Athena: New Connections now default to using the Athena Simba JDBC driver instead of the old version 1 driver. Older connections using the old version 1 driver may no longer show table names in the database browser. The connections should be created again using the new driver
    • General: Fonts: Default fonts changed to better match system defaults and better support display of unicode characters
    • SQL Editor: Editor font graphics settings changed to better match system defaults



    • DynamoDB: Added support for querying for is null and is not null on map attributes
    • Query Results: Added font auto detection that tries to select an appropriate font if the current font can't display characters in the results


    • DynamoDB Database Browser: Expanding a table to show columns now lists key columns first and then remaining columns in alphabetical order
    • DynamoDB: Running a select * query now puts the key columns first and the rest of the columns are ordered alphabetically
    • DynamoDB: If specifying a column list in a select query against a table, the columns displayed in the results are in the same order as the column list in the select statement
    • Mac Catalina / Mojave version: Changed default max memory settings based on total memory available.
    • MySQL Connection Properties: Added the characterEncoding property as an option when using the MySQL JDBC driver

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB: is null and is not null syntax in select statements only checking for existence of attribute on the table and not whether it has been set to a NULL attribute value
    • SimpleDB: Drop Domains generating tick marks around domains with special characters



    • Edit -> Copy History and Edit -> Paste History: Duplicate entries no longer shown
    • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Unique indexes are included in conversion

    Bug Fixes

    • PostgreSQL Backup Table: Index DDL does not always include the statement separator
    • Javascript Validator: macOS Catalina: Javascript Validator not working on macOS Catalina
    • HSQLDB: Import from XLSX: Date Values include timestamp on generated inserts
    • Query Results: Add Row: For tables with 0 rows, 2 rows blank rows are appearing in the edit table tool instead of one



    • Backup Table: Added certain index DDL to the backup single table output

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB Export Query Results - invalid cursor state in certain situations
    • Mac Catalina: Import Tool: Unable to import XLSX files
    • Mac Catalina: Crash when bringing up Finder window with preview enabled for certain file types



    • Query Results: Added an Add Row button to the toolbar, and Add Rows options to the Results menu, and right-click menus
    • Query Results: Added a Delete Row button to the toolbar and Delete Row options to the Results menu and right-click menus
    • Added an Edit -> Copy History menu that displays recent text that has been copied to the clipboard from the editor
    • Added an Edit -> Paste History menu that displays recent text that has been pasted to the clipboard from the editor
    • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: After selecting a table name after typing insert into, an option for generating an insert statement with the table column names and value place holders for the selected table displays
    • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: After avast premier 2018 license file download - Crack Key For U a table name after typing update, an option for generating the set column name clause of the update statement is presented
    • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: After selecting a table name after typing delete or delete from an option for generating the column name clause of the delete statement is presented


    • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: If table name is selected after the keyword delete, "from" is automatically inserted between the delete and the table name
    • Upgraded DB2 JTOpen JDBC driver to the latest version
    • Increased the max number of files in the recent files menu option

    Bug Fixes

    • Call Procedure Tool: If the procedure called returns a result set, the call procedure tool was executing the procedure twice in certain situations



    • Query Results: Selecting the Compare Query Results option from a query results tab populates both queries in the compare tool if there is more than one query results tab

    Bug Fixes

    • Preferences that should not require restarting RazorSQL to take effect are requiring restart
    • Auto Updater not working for Windows machines
    • HBase connection help information is missing



    • Added support for the following HBase drivers: Apache Phoenix JDBC Driver, CData HBase JDBC Driver
    • Preferences: Added a preference for changing the query results selection color


    • Preferences: Added more categories to make preferences easier to find



    • AWS Athena: Added the ability to specify an AWS properties file for authentication
    • Oracle Execute Function Tool: Added the ability to call functions with OUT parameters that also return a result
    • Oracle Database Browser: Added the ability to call DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL for Oracle synonyms



    • MongoDB: Added support for connecting to MongoDB via a connection string
    • AWS Athena: Added support for passing in a session token in addition to an access key and secret key for authentication
    • Cassandra: Added the ability to select SSL encryption when setting up the connection profile on the add connection profile screen


    • If auto save preference is set to true, tabs with file associated to them no longer prompt for save on exit. Files are saved automatically

    Bug Fixes

    • Query Scheduler: Column Aliases ignored for MySQL when printing the column names to the output
    • MongoDB: Connection Profile screen. Changing the value of the Use SSL Encryption checkbox does not get saved
    • Oracle Import Tool: apostrophes / single quotes in text not getting escaped in certain situations



    • Editor: Added Auto Save functionality for automatically saving editor tabs that have associated files every n seconds. Auto save settings can be configured in the Edit -> Preferences -> Backups / Auto Save preferences tab
    • Added functionality to periodically backup RazorSQL user data such as connection profiles, preferences, favorites, etc. Backup user data settings can be configured in the Edit -> Preferences -> Backup / Auto Save preferences tab
    • Export Utility: Added the ability to set date and timestamp formats when exporting multiple tables
    • Added an Edit -> Restore User Data from Backup option to the Edit menu for restoring user data (preferences, connection profiles, built-in database, etc.) from a previously created backup file (Edit -> Backup User Data)


    • FTPS Client: Connections to servers with expired certificates is now possible

    Bug Fixes

    • Salesforce: Certain queries against the Order table are not parsing correctly





    • Oracle Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures, functions, and packages
    • MS SQL Server Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures and functions
    • DB2 LUW Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for tables, views, and procedures


    • Updated to jsch SSH library to version 0.1.55
    • DB2: Edit Procedure and Edit Function: Includes information about using create or replace syntax to preserve permissions



    • Added auto update capabilities to the Windows and Mac versions


    • Added version 19.3 of the Oracle JDBC driver
    • Updated Firebird JDBC driver to the latest version
    • Editor: First time save of a file, file name is populated based on file type

    Bug Fixes

    • XML Validator: Schemas with maxOccurs values of more than 5000 throwing validation errors



    • Import Tool: When importing from XLSX files, if cell format is not set to scientific notation, values get converted from scientific notation to regular numbers
    • Query Results to the Same Tab: Queries that don't return results no longer take up space in the query results section
    • Query Results to the Same Tab: Better setting of columns widths after the first result set

    Bug Fixes

    • ODBC Connections: If query results number formatting preference is changed, numeric columns do not display data



    • Added Remove Line Breaks, Duplicate Line, and Text to HTML converter options to the Edit - Text menu


    • Upgraded SQLite JDBC driver to version
    • Upgraded hive uber jar to the latest version

    Bug Fixes

    • DynamoDB: Tables with lists that contain number, string, or binary sets, or tables with lists of lists that contain those sets throwing errors in the database browser and when trying to query
    • Mac Notarized Version: SQLite connections using SQLiteJDBC throw an unsatisfiedlinkerror
    • Mac Notarized Version: Connections to SQL Server / SQL Azure not working when using the Microsoft SQL Server driver
    • Oracle RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U Table Tool: First column size and scale are not editable until switching the data type
    • DB2 Generate Alter Table DDL / Describe Tool: Generated foreign key references may not be correct if the same constraint name is used across multiple tables
    • MySQL Alter Table DDL: Generated foreign key table may be empty



    • Salesforce Database Browser: Added option to view limited results from tables
    • SimpleDB Database Browser: Added option to view limited results from domains
    • Query Results: Execute SQL (Multiple Results Output to Same Tab): Resizing the query results now also resizes each result set inside the query results tab
    • Execute SQL (Multiple Results Output to Same Tab): For scripts or procedures that return multiple result sets, all results are shown in the same tab


    • Execute SQL (Multiple Results Output to Same Tab): No longer requires multiple queries to be executed

    Bug Fixes

    • Sybase / SAP IQ: When using the SQL Anywhere driver, if query returns multiple result sets, only the first one is displayed
    • Add Connection Wizard: MySQL driver connection properties are displaying when the MariaDB driver is selected
    • Toolbar Customizer: Execute Multiple Results to the Same Tab button is not displaying in toolbar customizer in the preferences



    • PostgreSQL: Added support for json and jsonb types
    • PostgreSQL Database Conversion: Added support for json and jsonb types

    Bug Fixes

    • H2 to MS Access Conversion: H2 bigint data types were not converting to the correct type



    • Table(s) Conversion Process: Added an option for only generating SQL insert statements and not generating create and alter table DDL
    • Command Line Table Conversion: Added an option for only generating SQL insert statements and not generating create and alter table DDL


    • File System Browser: Compress Files: symbolic links no longer followed to add files from sym links
    • Oracle: certain unprintable chars filtered from query results display
    • H2: If selected database file ends in .h2.db. h2.db is stripped from file name in generated JDBC URL

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Server Alter View: Extra line breaks getting inserted into view definitions in certain cases



    • Import Tool: Added an option for whether or not to fully qualify table names in generated insert statements for delimited, Excel, and fixed width imports
    • Database Browser: Added support for View Contents - Limit Results for SQLite, HSQLDB, and H2
    • Added an Edit -> Backup User Data menu option for backing up all user specific RazorSQL data such as preferences, connections, etc. to a zip file
    • Query Results: Added a locale specific number formatting option on the Edit -> Preferences -> Query Results screen


    • Associate File: If file is already open on an unconnected and unmodified tab, connect that tab instead of creating a new tab
    • Launch Edit Table Tool from query results: If the query is a select * query and all the results are retrieved, use the already retrieved results for editing instead of re-executing a new query
    • Edit Table Tool: Max rows to retrieve per table now use the connection profile specific max rows setting instead of the global max rows setting from the preferences
    • Edit Table Tool: Query to populate uses a limit clause for certain databases to prevent retrieval of extra rows and improve performance

    Bug Fixes

    • Connection Wizard: If profile is deleted, copied, or renamed, profile tree does not update immediately



    • Connection Wizard: Added a tree view for existing connection profiles for faster selection
    • Connection Wizard: Added the ability to categorize connections inside sub-folders
    • Added a columnEncryptionSetting configurable property for the MS SQL Server JDBC driver
    • DynamoDB: Added the ability to scan for values inside of Map columns. See https://razorsql.com/docs/dynamodb_sql_support.html for syntax details
    • Connection Process: Added the ability to associate a file to a connection profile. Whenever the connection profile is connected, the file will load in the SQL editor.


    • Salesforce: Updated API version to 45
    • Execute procedure tool - if procedure returns a result set, results are now displayed in the query results tab of the main window
    • Oracle: If DBMS Output is turned on, and query / statement does not return results but does return output, output is displayed in the query results section
    • Added ability to call SQL Server / Sybase functions that return a table via the Call Procedure Tool
    • Import Tool: Create Table from Import: If data values are decimal, will pre-populate decimal type with estimated precision and scale set on the create table window

    Bug Fixes

    • MySQL and MariaDB: Column aliases not always appearing as column names in query results for queries that use aliases for the column names
    • Initial screen size may be larger than current screen for corel draw x3 keygen rar download - Crack Key For U monitor machines having monitors with different resolutions



    • DynamoDB: Added support for parallel scans with a comment hint syntax. For example, select /*parallel:5:100*/ * from table where id < 10000 5 is the number of parallel threads 100 is the max results returned per thread
    • Salesforce: Describe Table Tool: Added a Reference Table column to the Columns tab
    • Salesforce: Query Builder: Added the ability to add more than one table to select queries
    • Query Results: Create Table from Results: Added option to create table from results on another connection of the same database type


    • Edit Table Tool: Changed so that the table containing the table data always expands to the full size of the window and has a smaller minimum size
    • Auto Reconnect: If database is disconnected, and auto reconnection process works, set the selected database on the connection to the database at the time the connectio was lost instead of the DriverMax 10.1 Download - Crack Key For U set on the connection profile
    • Salesforce: Added support for toLabel function in queries
    • PostgreSQL: Changed display of int2, int4, and int8 columns to smallint, integer, and bigint
    • The following files are now handled as zip files when opening: .odb. odf, and .odt



    • Added a Recent Queries (All Connection) option to the SQL menu
    • Added a Recent Queries (This Corel paintshop pro 2019 serial number - Crack Key For U option to the SQL menu
    • Firebird: Added a DB Tools -> Create -> Create Database tool
    • Firebird: Added the ability to create a new database when setting up a new Firebird connection


    • Added a preference to enable turning off storage of SQL history



    • Microsoft Access: Added the ability to create a new MS Access database using the Create New Database option when adding a new MS Access connection


    • MongoDB: Decimal values bigger than a certain value are no longer returned in scientific notation

    Bug Fixes

    • Last record missing from edit table tool if user filters query results and then launches Edit Table Tool on query results
    • Right-click menu not working on editor tabs



    • Added a Connections -> Favorites menu. Connections can be set as a favorite either when creating intially or when connecting by checking the Add to Favorites box


    • Mac Editor: For keyboards with HOME and END keys, Shift + Home and Shift + End now select to begin or end of line
    • Edit Table Tool: If multiple monitors, edit table tool is centered on screen of current monitor

    Bug Fixes

    • DB2 to Oracle Database Conversion: Precision of decimal columns not always getting set to correct number
    • When saving an export data profile for a query, line breaks in the query getting lost



    • Query Results: Edit Query: Control or Command + U now executes the query in the text area
    • MySQL DDL Generator: Added support for generating on delete cascade and on update cascade clauses to alter table statements
    • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Added support for on delete cascade and on update cascade clauses in alter table statements
    • Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts -> User Input / Messaging Font option now changes all messaging fonts and user input fonts
    • Added a prefernence to the Preferences -> Query Results tab called Horizontal Scroll Sensitivity to allow adjusting the horizontal scroll sensitivity of the query results


    • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Primary key clause is generated in create table DDL for auto increment / identity columns
    • Main SQL Editor and pop-up editors: Focus can be transferred away from editors using control + tab
    • Query Results: Edit Query: Control tab can be used to switch from sql area to buttons without using mouse
    • MySQL Database Conversion: bit(1) columns now convert to bit(1) on HSQLDB
    • Database Conversion: When converting single tables, alter table statements are now generated in comments at the end of the conversion script

    Bug Fixes

    • MySQL: When sql mode is in strict ANSI compliance, table keys not displaying
    • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Identity columns not getting generated correctly in DDL
    • Edit Table Tool: If multiple monitors with varying resolutions, Edit Table Tool window may be too wide or too tall for the current screen
    • Interbase: Boolean type missing from create table type drop-down



    • Describe Tool: Added a view definition tab for views
    • PostgreSQL Database Browser: Added user-defined types under the Types node
    • PostgreSQL Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
    • PostgreSQL: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server: Alter View: Now generates grant statements
    • Oracle Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
    • Oracle: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
    • MySQL Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
    • MySQL: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
    • MS SQL Server Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
    • MS SQL Server: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
    • Firebird: DDL Generator: Added support for generating identities
    • HSQLDB: DDL Generator: Added support for generating identities
    • SQL Server and Sybase: If a procedure is executed that does not return results, but returns output, display the output in the query results
    • Salesforce: Added support for updating and inserting boolean values for CheckBoxes, etc.
    • Linux: Added a new shell script launcher to Linux for nonreparenting window managers


    • PostgreSQL: Updated JDBC driver
    • Linux: increased resolution of desktop / application menu icons
    • Export Tool: Redesigned export tool file selection flow
    • MonetDB Database Browser: Changed to use system queries to get tables, views, and functions instead of using driver calls
    • Changing the SQL editor font causes other text areas such as the preview pane on the import tool to use the changed editor font instead of the default font

    Bug Fixes

    • PostgreSQL 10: If a schema is empty, tables may still be displayed in database browser
    • Editor right-click menu not displaying
    • Export Tool: Loading from Saved Profile: Wrap quotes box selection always set to true



    • Ingres: If comments in a query cause an error, RazorSQL will strip them
    • Added support for Java 10 and Java 11 to the Java compiler
    • Registration Screen now provides more information about license eligibility, upgrades, and archived downloads
    • Minor changes to Windows installers to improve performance



    • Added the ability to display results from multiple queries in the same tab via the Control / Command + 8 shortcut or the upward facing green arrow on the toolbar.
    • Mac: Added a dark mode look and feel option via the View -> Dark Mode menu option
    • Cassandra: Datastax Driver: Added ability to set connect timeout and read timeout connection properties


    • Import Tool: More detailed error information when an error occurs and the one statement at a time option is checked
    • Cassandra: Datastax Driver: Set the connection timeout based on the value in the preferences
    • Query Results: If no column name or alias returned for query, column name given generic title

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Formatter: Ignore commas in parens not working correctly
    • DynamoDB count query not working



    • Import Tool: Added option to convert empty values to a null value instead of empty string
    • Added the ability to import SSL certificates via the Help -> Import SSL Certificate menu item


    • Import Tool: SQL Server: If values for bit columns are true or false, converted to 1 or 0
    • Ingres: Columns in database browser and describe tool now display in order of ordinal position
    • Query Results: Reduced horizontal scroll sensitivity
    • Query Results: When in edit mode, typing the escape key turns off edit mode
    • Export Tool: JSON Format: ampersand, single quote, greater than, and less than signs no longer use XML escape syntax

    Bug Fixes

    • PostgreSQL Database Browser: For newer versions of PostgreSQL, expanding the Triggers node under Tables in the database browser does not show the triggers for the table
    • PostgreSQL: insert and delete statements with returning clause throwing an error
    • Command Line Export: JSON Format: Null values not supported
    • Favorites: Opening a file from favorites menu not working



    • Opening a file that may be certain types of database files prompts for whether to open or connect
    • Import Tool: Fixed width importer: Performance changes

    Bug Fixes

    • Syntax Highlighting: Not able to change colors for the SQL syntax highlighting set



    • File System Browser and FTP / SFTP Browser: Added ability to sort by file type
    • Added print editor contents using web browser and print editor contents with line numbers using web browser options to the File -> Print menu
    • Added print query results using web browser and print query results with line numbers using web browser options to the File -> Print menu
    • Added the ability to open the same file in multiple tabs via the Edit -> Preferences -> Editor / GUI -> Allow Same File in Multiple Tabs preference


    • File -> Open: If a SQLite database is detected, prompts for whether to connect to the database or edit the database file in the editor
    • Upgraded DB2 driver to version 3.72. Now supports TLS version 1.2
    • Upgraded SQLite driver to version 3.23

    Bug Fixes

    • Cassandra: Non-select statements with comments prior to the statement throwing errors
    • SQLite: Certain images / binary data / blobs are not getting displayed in hex value in query results causing potential hanging issues
    • MongoDB: When authentication is enabled, can't connect with role that doesn't have listDatabases / listCollections.
    • Salesforce: If a parent field referenced in the query has a null value and a child field referenced in the query has the same name as another field in the query, the value is getting set incorrectly



    • MySQL: Automatic handling of timezone errors for new MySQL driver
    • Mac: Editor: Decreased mouse drag sensitivity to allow double and triple clicks to highlight words
    • Updated local help documentation



    • Export Tool: Added ability for user to input a custom query for export
    • MySQL Create User Tool: Added support for MySQL 8 create user syntax


    • Import Tool: XLSX Importer: Changed time zone behavior to not do timezone conversion on date fields

    Bug Fixes

    • Mac: Connection help links on the add connection profile screen require a double-click instead of a single-click



    • Redshift Database Browser: Added support for showing external tables via Redshift Spectrum
    • Salesforce: Added support for USING clauses in select queries


    • Increased the default query timeout from 300 seconds to 900 seconds
    • RazorSQL Plugins: Plugins now only load from the plugin directory under the user's home directory



    • Added support for the Snowflake database
    • Import Tool / Execute SQL Script: Added better support for importing / executing MySQL dump file formats
    • Import Tool / Execute SQL Script: Allow for embedded semi-colons in text when statement separator is semi-colon


    • Salesforce: Updated Salesforce API calls to version 43.0
    • SQL Editor: Added None as a syntax highlighting type



    • DynamoDB Export: Added ability to export tables / queries with very large result sets
    • Added preference for switching the caret to a block instead of a line
    • Added preference to turn on / off the blinking caret


    • DynamoDB: Increased max error retry value and network timeout settings

    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Formatter: Not supporting keywords inside double quotes correctly
    • Import: Column information for table can get duplicated in certain situations
    • Tables with the same name but different case get duplicate columns on describe table for certain databases


    Bug Fixes

    • SQL Server / SQL Azure: Indexes that are not in the default schema are not displaying in the database browser
    • Import Tool: Unable to retrieve column names for tables or schemas not in the default case of the database
    • kdb+: Edit Table Tool: Not generating insert, update, or delete statements correctly for numeric columns
    • If connecting to Athena before DynamoDB, the DynamoDB connection fails. To fix, re-create Athena connection
    • If connecting to Redshift using the Redshift driver before connecting to Dynamodb, an error occurs. To fix, re-create Redshift connection.
    • Call Procedure Tool: When wrap objects in generated sql preference is set to always, easeus data recovery wizard technician procedure tool does not work in certain situations
    • SQL Server Database Conversion: parens are getting generated in default value clause in create table statement for databases that do not support parens in default value clauses



    • BigQuery: Added support for Google BigQuery databases
    • KDB+: Added support for the kdb+ database
    • MongoDB: Added support for connecting using SSL encryption
    • Redshift: Added support for entering AWS IAM credentials when connecting using the Redshift driver
    • Redshift: Added support for new Amazon Redshift drivers
    • Cassandra: Added a Create Keyspace / Create Schema tool
    • Cassandra: Included additional drivers in install
    • Firebird: Added ability to convert Firebird tables to the following database types: Access, DB2, H2, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server
    • Added ability to adjust max rows per query setting to toolbar
    • Added an auto-backup process for connection profiles


    • Updated graphics runtime environments for Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • Upgraded MongoDB drivers to version 3.6
    • Upgraded MariaDB JDBC driver to version 2.2.3
    • Upgraded UCanAccess driver to version 4.0.4
    • Upgraded Redshift jdbc driver that gets installed via the auto-install process
    • Database Conversion: Empty but not null binary values are converted to null in database conversion inserts
    • Objects with a colon in the name now get automatically wrapped in generated SQL

    Bug Fixes

    • Salesforce: Max number of rows returned not matching up with max results setting in certain situations
    • Ingres Generate DDL: column names not being returned in index DDL
    • Ingres Execute Procedure Tool: If procedure has not nullable OUT params, Vector Magic Crack 1.20 + Product Key Full Free Download params not getting populated in call response
    • PostgreSQL / Redshift: If view definition is not in information_schema, need to query pg_catalog to get view definition
    • MySQL via Amazon RDS: MariaDB driver. After running a query that produces a syntax error, subsequent queries fail
    • MS SQL Server: Importing unicode characters into nvarchar or nchar fields not prepending generated inserts with N' syntax
    • Salesforce: Max Results Per Query value getting ignored
    • MS Access Database Conversion: Date conversion from some databases getting length specific in create table statement for date fields
    • Firebird: Compound foreign keys not getting generated property in Generate DDL tool
    • Database Conversion: Conversion to Oracle timestamps including a size in the create table statements
    • Windows: Trying to delete a file via the File -> Open dialog causes RazorSQL to hang



    • Cassandra: Added support for the DataStax driver. Thrift protocol no longer needs to be enabled to connect
    • Cassandra Database Navigator: Added support for views for Cassandra version 3 and newer
    • Cassandra Database Navigator: Added option for running limit queries
    • FTP Client: Improved speed of FTP download and upload processes


    • SQL Server and Sybase: When using GO as a statement separator, it is no longer case sensitive
    • Database Navigator: Cassandra: Show all keyspaces not just the ones that have tables

    Bug Fixes



    • H2 Connections: H2 driver can now be auto-installed
    • Derby Network Connections: Added option to create the database on connect if it does not yet exist


    • Query results binary data: Convert to hex now happens by default in query results unless convert to hex preference is manually unchecked
    • Drop Table and Truncate Table tools - Drop/Truncate statements are automatically regenerated when new table is selected

    Bug Fixes

    • Ingres: Ingres procedure columns not recognized as inout or out in certain situations



    • Firebird: Added support for connecting to Firebird 3 databases without making wirecript configuration changes
    • Firebird: Added support for the binary data editor and image viewer for blob subtype 0 / blob subtype binary columns
    • Added support for Derby 10.14


    • Upgraded Firebird JDBC driver

    Bug Fixes

    • Ingres: Procedure names not correct in certain situations
    • Row limit not supported with old versions of MySQL connector/j driver. RazorSQL now does not attempt to set row limits for old MySQL driver versions



    • Salesforce: Added row count option to Salesforce database navigator right-click / context menu
    • Salesforce: Added support for streaming Salesforce results to allow support for larger exports
    • DynamoDB and SimpleDB: Added support for AWS STS temporary credential session tokens for authentication
    • DynamoDB and SimpleDB: Added support for using AWS credentials files for authentication
    • SAP / Sybase ASE: Added ability to set NEWPASSWORD property on connections to change expired passwords


    • AWS Secret Key needs to be masked when adding a new connection profile
    • Athena JDBC driver download updated to latest version
    • MySQL: Updated reserved word list to support reserved words added in MySQL version 8

    Bug Fixes

    • Oracle Packages with overloaded functions and / or procedures not supported correctly
    • Command Line Process: Connection via SSH tunnel not supported



    • Query Scheduler: Added ability to add date time onto generated file name
    • Sybase IQ / SAP IQ: Added support for autoincrement / identity columns to the generate ddl tool
    • Database Conversion: Added support for including default values in generated create table statements for MySQL, HSQLDB, Oracle, H2, and SQL Server


    • Sybase IQ / SAP IQ: Generate DDL generates create index statements that have many spaces after the index name
    • SQL Favorites Menu: Added sub-menus for instances when there are too many favorites defined to fit on the screen
    • Added several missing keywords to sql syntax files

    Bug Fixes

    • If going from a multiple monitor setup to a single monitor setup, certain windows like the Find dialog may display offscreen
    • Mac: Dragging and dropping table and column names to the editor does not work after 7.4.5 release
    • SQL History: If multiple versions of RazorSQL are open, sql history may get overwritten
    • GenerateDDL and Database Conversion: If a table has multiple foreign keys referencing the same column on another table, generate ddl was combining the alter table statements for the foreign keys into one statement



    • Added ability to drag and drop files to editor for opening
    • Added ability to create and open file sets (File -> Open File Set) menu option for opening a set of files with one operation
    • Added ability to use the show create commands for procedures, functions, and triggers to the database navigator
    • Database Navigator: Enabled Generate DDL option in addition to the Edit option for functions, procedures, triggers, packages, and package bodies for supported databases

    Bug Fixes

    • MS SQL Server: Generate View DDL / definition from a database other than the currently selected database or a schema other than dbo is limiting the view definition to the first 8000 characters
    • Query results column width not wide enough in certain situations when the last row displayed is the widest value
    • MS Access: Generate DDL should not display a length for GUID columns
    • Switching editor tabs while queries are executing can cause the query results to be displayed in the wrong tab



    • Added Close Tab context menu option to query results tabs


    • SQLite: RazorSQL SQLite Driver changed to legacy status. Recommended to use SQLite JDBC Driver
    • SQL Server procedure editor - if file contains carriage return / line feed line break format, or if editor preference for line breaks is set to carriage return / line feed, the carriage returns are kept in the procedure text when sent to the database
    • FrontBase: Drop table syntax now includes restrict keyword at the end

    Bug Fixes

    • FrontBase: With certain drivers, dropping an object will cause database navigator to not reload correctly
    • SQLite: Generate DDL does not generate View DDL for views with spaces or special characters in the name
    • SQLite: Alter option for Views in context menu of database browser not generating drop and create view statements
    • Auto-commit setting not retained when opening a new tab that shares the existing connection
    • High Resolution Monitors: Windows 7 manager v5 1.9 key icon on tabs right-edge not completely straight
    • Mac: High Resolution Monitors: Close icons not working on tabs



    • Added Redshift to database conversion tools


    • Direct3d graphics now enabled by default on Windows

    Bug Fixes

    • Multiple monitors with vertical orientation or 3 plus monitors with mix of vertical and horizontal orientation, windows not always displaying on the correct monitor



    • Salesforce and DynamoDB Connection Setup: If there is a proxy server configured on the machine, RazorSQL will prompt for automatically connecting through the proxy server


    • Upgraded to version 1.11.248 of Amazon AWS JDK for DynamoDB connections
    • Added a work-around to enable connecting to Salesforce, SimpleDB, or DynamoDB over https thru a non-https proxy server
    • UI changes to make sure default buttons were set on windows that did not have a default button
    • Cleaned up local help documentation. Fixed missing / broken links for certain database specific help pages.

    Bug Fixes

    • Downloading a driver file through a proxy server may cause subsequent connection attempts to time out
    • SQL Server: Explain plan does not work when using server side cursors (selectMethod=cursor) with MS SQL JDBC driver
    • SimpleDB and DynamoDB: Configure Proxy button does not show Proxy configuration window on the add connection window



    • RazorSQL now uses system proxy server settings for the driver auto-install / auto-download process to prevent download timeouts for users behind proxy servers
    • MonetDB: changed the way the set current schema call works to support old and new MonetDB drivers
    • MonetDB: changed the way the call to get columns for a table works to support old and new MonetDB drivers
    • Uncomment Tool: If multiple lines in the editor are selected, will remove comments from individual lines if they start and end with multi-line comment indicators



    • Added support for VoltDB
    • Added support for Druid
    • Added additional supported features for Apache Hive
    • Added support for Oracle XMLType to backup, conversion, data editing, and SQL and DDL generation
    • Salesforce: Added support for min, max, sum, and avg aggregate functions
    • Added a database selection drop-down to the toolbar for Apache Hive


    • Upgraded MonetDB JDBC driver that gets downloaded via the auto install process
    • Hive: Table names no longer returned as part of the column name in query results
    • Mac: Multiple files can now be selected when manually adding JDBC driver jar files



    • Added some preliminary support for Apache Hive


    • File System Browser path field font gets aligned with the File System Browser tree font if the tree font is changed

    Bug Fixes

    • Quote and Double-Quote keys not usuable on US International Keyboard layout



    • Query Results filter rows and find all rows options no longer include empty rows in the results table
    • MonetDB: Unnecessary SQL warnings no longer displayed
    • High Resolution Display Changes: Added higher resolution desktop and taskbar icons, additional window sizing adjustments for better display

    Bug Fixes

    • Salesforce queries with escaped single quotes throw an error when the query ends with a semi-colon



    • Added a drop schema tool for the following databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redshift, DB2, MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, Derby, HSQLDB, and H2

    Bug Fixes

    • Add/Remove column buttons not working correctly on the Create Table Tool
    • Linux: Systems running Wayland may crash when displaying context menus
    • DynamoDB: When running a local and remote DynamoDB connection, table information cache is getting shared across the local and remote connection
    • Commit and Rollback toolbar icons not getting enabled or disabled correctly when auto-commit status is changed on the toolbar and multiple connections tabs are navigated to and from



    • MonetDB: Added schema drop-down on toolbar for changing the current schema
    • Increased the maximum number of files displayed in the recent files, recent directories, and file system browser goto directory menus
    • Added a Document End Line Break option to the Edit menu for taking the cursor to the end of the editor and inserting a line break to put the cursor at the front of the newly created last line


    • DB2: Large double numbers no longer show in scientific notation

    Bug Fixes

    • MonetDB: Database name getting concatenated in front of schema name in generated queries
    • MonetDB: Mixed case / all upper-case tables not getting wrapped in quotes in generated queries



    • Windows: Added special RazorSQL launches for the following: Completely turning off hardware acceleration, running with direct3d graphics pipeline on, running with opengl graphics pipeline on

    Bug Fixes

    • Mac: Copy Table Tool: Window freezing after executing the generated SQL script from within the copy table window



    • Linux: Added a Dark Mode look and feel option to the View -> Change Look and Feel menu


    • Added a default max Avast Cleanup Premium Key 21.1.9801 Crack + Activation Code Free 2021 value for Netezza and Greenplum
    • Upgraded Firebird JDBC driver to Jaybird version 3.0.2
    • Icons are no longer scaled to a larger size for high-resolution screens that do not have a operating system scaling value set
    • When connecting to a *.database.windows.net host for SQL Server or Azure, a database name is required
    • Database Conversion, Copy to Local Database: Alter statements are now generated / executed after insert statements



    • Windows: Added Dark Mode look and feel theme to the View -> Change Look and Feel menu
    • Added Pipe as an option for import delimiter in the command line import process and as a selectable character in import and export tool drop-downs
    • Find in Files: For finds occuring over a network drive, added logic to retry file access if network drive access is temporarily unavailable during find operation
    • Copy Table Tool: Added qualify table names option
    • Alter Table Tool: Added options to add NOT NULL constraints to change column type options for Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server


    • Changed commit, rollback, and view table icons
    • Database Navigator: Generate DDL: fully qualify table name in references call when generating alter table statement
    • Database Navigator: Copy Table: fully qualify table name in references call when generating alter table statement

    Bug Fixes

    • Database Navigator: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Sybase ASE: Duplicate indexes displaying for indexes with more than one column in the index definition
    • Database Navigator: Generate DDL: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Sybase ASE: Generate DDL option generates duplicate create index statements for indexes with multiple columns in the index definition



    • Windows: Added Windows Default Look and Feel option to the View -> Change Look and Feel menu. This option sets the look and feel to match the Windows default look and feel for the version of Windows being used
    • Added preference for whether to halt processing of result sets when an error occurs retrieving results. Default is set to true
    • Linux: The OpenGL graphics pipeline can be enabled using the View -> Enabled Advanced Graphics menu option. This is not recommended for most systems.


    • Windows: Direct3d graphics pipeline is now disabled by default. To enable, select the View -> Enable Advanced Graphics menu option
    • Range comment option adds a space at the after the beginning comment characters and before the ending comment characters. Using the Uncomment option does not remove the extra spaces

    Bug Fixes

    • When manual text size scaling was set via the View menu, Menu font was not correct system font on Windows and Linux
    • Multiple Monitors: FTP Browser window always showing on main monitor



    • Oracle Package Body function navigator sorts functions and procedures in alphabetical order by the name
    • Windows: Upgraded to latest version of editor font to support additional unicode characters

    Bug Fixes

    • PostgreSQL: Generate DDL with Functions option selected is not returning the function definitions
    • PostgreSQL: Backup Schema option not generating function contents
    • Font changes not staying in effect on high-resolution monitors



    • Mac: Changed default key hold behavior to repeating keys

    Bug Fixes

    • Mac: Command keys and sometimes keyboard input stops working in certain situations



    • Amazon Athena: Improved performance of query builder load
    • Add Connection Screen: Added option to set max rows to display to all database and connection types
    • Add Connection Screen: Set a default, overridable max rows to display of 25000 for certain database types
    • Connection Screen: If max rows to display is not set, default to 25000 for MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora MySQL, and Redshift
    • The connection level max rows to display limit is not applied to export, backup, or other file based processes
    • In the Preferences, If the Query Results -> Max Rows to Retrieve Per Query value is set, this applies to all select queries including exports and backups. If the connection level max rows to display is set, that value takes precedence over the preference level value, but does not apply to exports or backups
    • Updated MariaDB driver to latest version to prevent Aurora MySQL connection timeouts in certain situations



    • DynamoDB: Added support for inserting / updating map data in json format
    • Enhancements for 4k resolution


    • Mac FTP / SFTP: Delete dialog can be hidden behind another dialog



    • Added support for SQL Azure Active Directory user / password authentication
    • Added support for SQL Azure Active Directory single sign-on for Windows users
    • Added support for HSQLDB / HyperSQL version 2.4


    • Reduce amount RazorSQL 8.3.0 Download - Crack Key For U logging for Salesforce and DynamoDB to prevent large log files


    • RazorSQL SQLite driver not recognizing primary keys correctly when columns are defined with tick marks surrounding the name



    • Added ability to enter a custom Salesforce.com URL via the environment drop-down when creating a connection
    • Added a mysqli_bridge.php page to the bridges folder under the installation directory that supports MySQL Bridge connections for PHP 7
    • Added a preference to the Query Results preference tab for replacing editor contents with the query used to generate the query results tab when switching query results tabs



    • Added support for filtering schemas in the database navigator for PostgreSQL
    • Upgraded to latest ucanaccess driver


    • DynamoDB: ListTables permission is no longer required for a successful connection
    • Vertica: Escape tables that have underscores for table meta data calls to improve performance

    Bug Fixes

    • Multiple tabs sharing same connection - database is changed in the dropdown in one needs to also be changed in all the other tabs
    • PostgreSQL: update returning statement does not work
    • FTP Browser: Overwrite prompt hidden behind other dialog on certain systems



    • Added JSON as an option to the Export tool
    • Added JSON option to the command line export tool
    • Added table conversion to the command line tool
    • Added a delete all rows option to the Edit Table tool
    • Added tooltip text to the file names in the FTP browser


    • Database name is now required for SQL Azure connections
    • Edits in new window font on Edit Table Tool now matches the edit table tool / query results font
    • Trying to enter column selection mode in a file with potentially misaligned tabs gives warning with an option to create a new editor tab with tabs converted to spaces
    • Upgraded MariaDB driver to version 2.0.1

    Bug Fixes

    • Dragging from 4k display to non-4k display causes window to turn black.
    • FTP Browser: File name width not getting calculated correctly leading to long file names getting cut off
    • Describe tool not working for tables with certain column types
    • MySQL keep alive query not getting set correctly when creating new connections
    • DynamoDB tables with more than one dot in the name throwing sql parsing error from database navigator operations
    • Connections -> View Print Output menu option not enabled for PostgreSQL
    • PostgreSQL raise / print information displaying duplicate messages in certain situations



    • Automatic application of Windows scaling percentage for text and icons when text and icon size are set to the defaults of Auto-Detect
    • Enhancements to make fonts, icons, etc. look better on 4k displays

    Bug Fixes

    • If default syntax type is set in preferences to something other than SQL, not always getting applied properly when opening new tabs



    • Improved memory efficiency of the compare process

    Bug Fixes

    • XLSX files with empty lines at the end causing errors with the import tool
    • XLSX import - varchar column values getting .0 appended when values are numeric
    • View menu user-defined keyboard shortcuts getting lost when opening new tabs



    • Added support for the XLSX format for the command line export process
    • Added Azure Data Warehouse connection option for SQL Azure
    • Added support for mouse-based horizontal scrolling on Mac
    • Better support for SQL keywords in Salesforce queries


    • Upgraded HSQLDB driver to 2.3.4
    • Upgraded SQLite driver to 3.16
    • Upgraded sqlite3 command line program to 3.16

    Bug Fixes

    • Icons and Text not getting scaled enough for Windows scaling above 150%
    • SQL Formatter window OK button requires mouse to execute - can't be executed with keyboard
    • Add Connection Wizard: When no existing database connection profile exist, the database type list is not getting the window focus
    • Fonts on preferences window not correct for scaling or when text size expanded
    • Query results search all option is not setting the view of the results table back to the first row



    • Added a View -> Font -> Reset Fonts to Default menu option and adding a reset fonts to default option in the preferences
    • Mac 64-bit: Included executable program within RazorSQL.app so command line programs can be run without any additional installs required


    • Changed default editor font size from 11 to 12
    • Xactly ODBC Driver: If query returns no rows, don't show error
    • Xactly: Drop-downs: Configure for schema support only - remove catalog/database options
    • Xactly: Don't perform operations on stale results or connections to prevent crashing

    Bug Fixes

    • FTP client. Right-clicking on Mac with control plus click deselects the currently highlighted item
    • Mac 64-bit: Next tab and Previous tab shortcuts moving over two tabs instead of one
    • If screen resolution is made larger while RazorSQL is running, unable to resize window past original screen size
    • FTP Client: The progress bar on windows is not wide enough
    • MS SQL Server: Generate DDL is putting sizes on hierarchy_id columns
    • Query Results: Copy Results to Clipboard (No Column Names) option is including the column names in the copied text



    • Better support for windows display scaling
    • Added support for literal and binary strings over the maximum supported length by the database to be inserted via the Import tool - Import from a File of SQL Statements option if RazorSQL was used to generated the SQL file.


    • For newer versions of Cassandra, all defined keyspaces are displayed in the database navigator even if they do not have tables
    • Changed default icon and text size to auto detect
    • Mac 64-bit: Allow to run on less battery intensive graphics card for machines with two cards

    Bug Fixes

    • Command Line Call Generator: Execute Option: Not generating command correctly when password override is left blank
    • Some code builders not working (HTML, C, etc.)



    • Added a quick connect box to the toolbar


    • Changed Xactly keep alive settings to prevent a crashing issue
    • Changed the way decimal values are retrieved for Xactly

    Bug Fixes

    • HSQLDB / HyperSQL: Generate DDL and Alter view not working with newer versions of HSQLDB



    • Added support for Amazon Athena
    • Added support for Amazon Aurora MySQL compatible version
    • Added support for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL compatible version
    • Added support for Derby 10.13 to the auto-install driver process
    • Added several default, configurable connection properties for the MariaDB driver
    • For databases that RazorSQL has auto-download configured for drivers, added option for re-installing drivers after they were already downloaded / installed
    • Added windows 10 key free - Crack Key For U Tools -> International Editor option for more easily ApowerEdit Pro Free Download languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean


    • Changed default driver for MySQL to the MariaDB driver
    • Upgraded to version 1.5.5 of the MariaDB driver
    • SQL Server jtds driver: default to useNTMLV2 when not otherwise set and using domain security

    Bug Fixes

    • Cassandra: Selecting against smallint and tinyint columns is not working
    • Create function syntax for Amazon Redshift is not correct
    • Mac: Find/Replace command window not allowing editing when keyboard input is set to certain languages other than English.
    • Mac: Certain keyboard shortcuts executing twice when keyboard input is set to certain languages other than English



    • Changed threading behavior for SQL Server ODBC connections
    • Changed threading behavior for CacheDB ODBC connections

    Bug Fixes

    • Configure connection properties option does not support values with ~ or

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