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Download RoboForm - Securely store and manage login information and bookmarks in a secure environment and access all the passwords directly. freerjutinsiのブログの[ カテゴリ未分類 ]カテゴリ全5記事中1ページ目(1-10件)の記事一覧ページ RoboForm Crack With Activation Code Download 2021. Additionally, it lets you switch from 1 internet browser to another without altering password manager settings. RoboForm Crack 10.0 + Torrent .

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Roboform 8.9 1 crack -

A Fresh New Look

We've updated our look. Not only is RoboForm easier on the eyes, we've reorganized and streamlined our menu files, updated our icons, and improved our process flow. All the design enhancements were done to make RoboForm easier and more enjoyable to use. See more details below.

RoboForm is Everywhere

We've expanded into new browsers like Google Chrome, Safari for Windows. We've made RoboForm available on most mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod Touch, Google's Android, Blackberry , Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian. And of course you can still use RoboForm2Go on all USB flash drives.

Keep Your Passwords In Sync

With the introduction of RoboForm Everywhere, you can now keep your Logins, Identities, Bookmarks and other information seamlessly in sync between all of your computers and devices.

Improved Password Capture

We've made it easier for you to view, capture and store your passwords as you login to websites. Our new "Information Bar" will suggest a Login name based on the site name, but you can easily customize the name and storage location. If for some reason you don't want RoboForm to save passwords for a particular site, just choose "Don't Save/Never for the Site" and RoboForm will no longer offer to save your login information.

Online and Offline Options

For the traditionalists we still offer single RoboForm Pro licenses per computer. For those of you who are looking for more flexibility we added a RoboForm Everywhere license that allows you to put RoboForm on as many computers and devices as you like, then link them to a RoboForm Online account to keep all your passwords and other RoboForm data in sync.

New Multiple Login Feature

Do you find yourself logging into the same 3.5 websites each morning. We've created a Mega Passcard feature making it even easier for you. Now you can login to several websites with just one click. Simply combine a few of your Logins into one Mega Login and login to all those site simultaneously.

Improved Bookmarks

RoboForm is more than just a password manager. In addition to making it easier for you to login to your favorite websites, we made it easier to visit your favorite websites with our improved Bookmark features. You can import your existing bookmarks from all your browsers, drag.and.drop them to organize them, and best of all you can keep them in sync between all your computers and mobile devices.

It All Works Faster

Although it's not very sexy to talk about, we've completely reworked the RoboForm architecture making RoboForm faster and more flexible so that we can implement future changes quicker. You may not be able to see it...but it's in there!

Better Organized Menus

We've made our more popular features easier to find and moved our less popular features to sub menus making RoboForm even more user friendly than before.

Most Popular Logins

In addition to Recently Used, we now display your Most Popular Logins.

Site Icons

Your Logins have never looked better. We added site icons next to the list of Logins making it easier for you to identify and login to your favorite sites.

Better Language Support

RoboForm is available in 30 languages. We now fully support Unicode which improves overall language support, including the ability to do multi.lingual RoboForm searches.

What it does:

  • AutoSave passwords in browser
  • AutoFill passwords to login form
  • Click Login button for you
  • Fill personal info into online forms
  • Save offline passwords & notes
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords
  • Encrypt passwords and personal data using 3.DES
  • All personal info is stored on your computer only
  • Put passwords on USB disk for extra security
  • Sync your passwords and safenotes to a Palm and Pocket PC
  • Backup & Restore, Print your passwords
  • More features: drill down for more
  • It is well.behaved: NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE
  • Works under Windows as an add.on to IE.based browsers
  • Works with Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox under Windows


  • Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically.
  • Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click.
  • Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security.
  • Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess.
  • Fights Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites.
  • Defeats Keyloggers by not using keyboard to type passwords.
  • Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.
  • Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync.
  • Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet.
  • Portable: Pass2Go RF runs from USB key, no install needed.
  • PDA.friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm.
  • Neutral: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.

What's New:

  • macOS version updated to 9.2.1
  • Added link for Chrome version (
  • Export: always ask RoboForm Master Password when user exports RoboForm data.
  • Edge: Fixed Auto Save for BasicAuth in Edge 94+.
  • Sync: Synchronization works faster, especially for large files.
  • Changed appearance of Sharing Settings dialog.
  • Fixed import from Keeper, LastPass and Dashlane.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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Securely store and manage login information and bookmarks in a secure environment and access all the passwords directly from your browser


What's new in RoboForm

  • Export: always ask RoboForm Master Password when user exports RoboForm data.
  • Edge: Fixed Auto Save for BasicAuth in Edge 94+.
  • Sync: Synchronization works faster, especially for large files.
  • Changed appearance of Sharing Settings dialog.
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RoboForm is a powerful application that allows you to store and to manage login information, bookmarks and more useful items in a secure location. The application integrates as a toolbar in the most popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Save website login infoand bookmarks

The most used function of the program is to store website login information. You can add a new item by navigating to a website and entering the username and the password. The browser's toolbar detects the password field and prompts you to save the password and to store it in the database.

You can also use the program to store bookmarks and to access them from the toolbar. The program allows you to navigate to a bookmark by selecting it from the toolbar.

When you save login information you can open the website and enter the password with just one click. It allows you to bypass the login process and to quickly access the website.

Manage fill forms

To allow the program to fill forms you need to create an identity that includes a wide variety of information from names or the cell number to bank account number or SSN. Nearly all pieces of information you might need to fill an Internet form can be stored in the program. If there is something that the developer missed, you can create your own custom fields.

Save passwords from Outlook or Windows Live Mail

The program can also save passwords from other applications such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail. If it runs the program detects the password fields and prompts you to save the information. Later you can open the application and enter the login information with just one click.

Store data about your contacts in an encrypted database

RoboForm includes a Contacts database that can be used to store important information that you want to protect from other users. This is a plus since not all the applications that deal with this type of details have the option to protect them with a password.

Importing feature

If you have a lot of passwords stored in the Internet browsers, the program includes the option to migrate the information. You can import data from other browsers but also from Windows Address Book and from CSV or TXT files.

Support for master password

The information that is stored in the program can only be accessed with the master password that you are prompted to set during the installation of the program. So you can be sure that no other computer user can access your private data.

Online storing options

A very useful feature of the program is to store your information online. This allows you to access the login information from any computer and even from mobile devices. For that you need a paid subscription to an RoboForm Everywhere account.

An overall efficient password manager

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet and regularly fill in the same information on different websites, AI RoboForm can help you save time and increase productivity.

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RoboForm Crack

RoboForm Crack makes it quicker, simpler, and safer to log into websites and fill out forms. When you first log into a site, the program memorizes and safely stores each username and password, and automatically supplies them when you return. The Logins function of the app removes the manual steps to log in to any online account. RoboForm Crack Free Download can navigate to a website with just one click, enter your username and password and click the submit button. It is also a breeze to complete lengthy registration or checkout forms. Only click on the Identity app and the tool will fill in the entire form for you.

RoboForm CrackThe entire universe transforms into a number that grows day after day. Many customers have different personal computers and items that are required to obtain free passwords from many sites. Maintaining the passwords in sync manually is just a total nightmare. In addition, it is advisable to always back up your passwords and other knowledge with increased dependency on the planet, which is passwords that are already online within yours. RoboForm Activation Key v9 could be the protection that is the password that is top-rated online and offline passwords securely.

You don’t need to recall any of your passwords anymore. One Master Password you remember, and the program remembers the rest. This enables you to use better passwords, making it safer for your online experience. For full data protection, the tool uses solid AES encryption.

To securely store your name, address, email, credit cards, and all other personal information, use the Identity feature. Just click on your RoboForm Identity to automatically fill in all the web forms.

Save hours of needless typing for yourself! On all of your computers and devices, access RoboForm Patch Logins and Identities. The program runs on the USB drives of Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also has applications, including the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, for the most popular cell phones. Often Use RoboForm

On USB Flash Drives, RoboForm2Go works. Plugin any device with your flash drive and experience all the advantages of RoboForm. Directly install this version on your flash drive. On your Windows Smartphone, Palm, or Symbian computer, store and back up your RoboForm files.

RoboForm Registration Key Full Version uses industry-leading encryption technology, which securely stores your passwords with a single Master Password that serves as your encryption key. For extra security, your Master Password is not stored on Roboform’s servers.RoboForm Serial Key provides you with secure access to your passwords wherever you go! One license can be used on all of your devices: PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or even a USB drive.

RoboForm Key Features:

  • AutoSave Browser Passwords.
  • AutoFill the login form with passwords.
  • Please press the Login tab.
  • Fill in online forms with personal details.
  • Save passwords and reminders that are offline.
  • Generate Random Stable Passwords.
  • Using AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES, or 1-DES algorithms to encrypt passwords and personal data.
  • All personal data will only be saved on your computer.
  • For total portability, take the USB disc.
  • Synchronize your Palm or Pocket PC passwords and notes.
  • Restore and Restore, Print your passwords.
  • Works Under Win

What’s New in RoboForm Offline Installer?

  • Some Bugs are Fixed
  • Improve performance
  • added some new features

RoboForm Crack

How to Install/Activate RoboForm Keygen v9?

  • Disconnect from the internet (most recommended)
  • Extract and install the program (run Setup)

Do not launch the program, exit if running

Copy Cracked file from Crack to install dir#

#Directory where the program is installed

  • Or just run the patch as admin and apply it

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What's new in this version:

RoboForm 9.2.1
- Export: always ask RoboForm Master Password when user exports RoboForm data
- Edge: Fixed Auto Save for BasicAuth in Edge 94+
- Sync: Synchronization works faster, especially for large files
- Changed appearance of Sharing Settings dialog
- Fixed import from Keeper, LastPass and Dashlane
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 9.1.9
- Fixed a rare crash during synchronization
- Import: added detection of TAB as delimiters in CSV files

RoboForm 9.1.7
- Fixed RoboForm consuming noticeable CPU cycles to search for BasicAuth window in Chrome and Edge
- Fixed a bug where RoboForm did not attach to Chrome 92 BasicAuth window
- Security Center: Fixed total security score and password strength calculation
- Identity Editor: Improved usability of selecting values for 'Card Exp Year' and 'Card Valid Year'
- Security: Lock RoboForm account login for 5 min after user has entered wrong password 15 times
- Fixed list of Norway Counties
- Localization: updated German, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm 9.1.5
- Fixed RoboForm cannot read and apply stored proxy settings
- Fixed RoboForm does not apply Advanced connection settings in some cases
- Form filling: Fixed cell phone format for Nigeria and Australia
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 9.1.4
- Prepared for showing user data breaches in RoboForm browser extension
- Localization: updated German, French, Dutch, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 9.1.1
- Updated value options for 'Card Expires Year' and 'Card Valid From Year' fields of identity
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- New download and AutoUpdate URLs for Roboform ver 9

RoboForm 9.1.0
- Official Ver 9 release to commemorate release of RF Extension ver 9.1
- Fixed RF uses too much CPU if Firefox is running
- Fixed RF menus do not show up in Waterfox browser (Firefox-based)

RoboForm 8.9.6
- Fixed computation of Logins/Safenotes/Identities popularity
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Localization: updated German, French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish

RoboForm 8.9.5
- Fixed Most Popular usage info computation, it is now time-weighted
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Enterprise: added ability to specify custom RoboForm templates for enterprises
- Enterprise: miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes
- Localization: updated Austrian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Polish, Serbian, Russian

RoboForm 8.9.4
- Implemented passwordless login to RoboForm for MS Azure users
- Fixed rare freezes in Chrome with native RoboForm installed
- Localization: Updated Dutch, German (at, de), Italian

RoboForm 8.9.3
- Fixed RoboForm breaks DLL-path-dependent applications such as QuickBooks, Frontpage
- Added more support for alternative Firefox-based browsers
- Localization: updated Japanese, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.9.2
- Fix manual Save Forms command from RoboForm extension did not work
- Popular items: decrease the popularity of RoboForm data item over time
- Localization: updated Brazilian, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.9.1
- Added import from Microsoft Edge
- Localization updated: Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.9.0
- Optimized user data synchronization
- Fixed bugs in Import
- Localization: updated Austrian, German, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm 8.7.0
- Updated AutoFill and AutoSave in RoboForm Options dialog, connect them to extensions
- Identity Editor: do not ask for a name for new Group Instance, show a name based on its content
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

- Optimized user data synchronization
- Windows Hello: Show Windows Hello dialog on the RoboForm Login dialog start
- Localization: updated Austrian, Danish, German, Greek, Japanese, Serbian
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

- Fixed bugs in installation of RoboForm extension in Chrome and Edge
- Fixed calculation of bit strength of generated passwords
- Fixed integration with Thunderbird
- Improved user interface of Restore dialog
- Localization: updated Greek, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

- Make RoboForm Extension compatible with new Edge (Chromium based)
- Editor: added 2020 as an option of "Credit Card Valid From" field value
- Enterprise: fixed a problem when user was able to use RoboForm with non-configured sync
- Localization: updated Austrian, German, Greek, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

- Fixed conversion of RF ver 7 to ver 8, it was showing '400 Bad Request'

- Now 'New Browser Tab' is the default for 'Login from Add-on opens website in:' option
- Added 'Forgot Password?' item into 'RoboForm > Help' menu
- Fixed the problem with AutoSave from a BasicAuth dialog
- Simplify user experience when Master Password was changed from other device
- Localization updated: Chinese(CN), Dutch, German(AT), German(DE), Russian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

- Miscellaneous fixes in Enterprise version
- Localization updated: French, Japanese, Swedish
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

- Master Password: periodically offer users to enter their Master Password
- Backup/Restore: show data difference in the Backup/Restore User Interface
- Search: added 'Search in DuckDuckGo' option
- Import: added import from Sticky Password TXT files
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous smaller bug fixes

- Added support of Windows Hello, as means of authenticating RoboForm user
- Localization: updated German, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in Backup/Restore User Interface
- Language Editor: added highlighting of edited lines
- Miscellaneous smaller bug fixes

- Security: added setting iterations count of encryption algorithm for RoboForm data
- Enterprise: added RoboForm installation options to specify proxy settings
- Enterprise: fixed Company admin cannot turn Auto Update on for RoboForm Win clients
- Password Generator: removed "Minimal number of digits" option
- Identity Editor: removed obsolete fields
- Localization: updated Swedish
- Export, Import: implemented export/import of Safenotes in/from RoboForm CSV file
- Miscellaneous fixes for RoboForm in Backup/Restore User Interface
- Miscellaneous fixes for RoboForm in Chrome and Firefox

- Disabled AutoFill and AutoSave on the RoboForm Start Page
- Implemented import from LogMeOnce CSV file
- Fixed processing special symbols in the Language Editor
- Miscellaneous fixes in Backup/Restore User Interface

- Chrome Extension: sort Matching Passcards based on well they fit current web page
- Fixed installation of RoboForm extension in Opera
- Improved user interface for RoboForm Backup/Restore
- Fixed import from Enpass
- Miscellaneous fixes
- Localization: updated Japanese, Russian and Swedish.

- Fixed it was possible to find Master Password in plain text in memory of RoboForm process
- Fixed filling of BasicAuth window in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10
- New User Interface to restore RoboForm data from backup. Allow to choose which data to restore
- Fixed RoboForm asked second Windows user to setup RF every time when she opens a browser
- Fixed RoboForm asked admin permissions when Windows limited user changes RoboForm UI Language
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Russian and Swedish.

- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm UI, Sharing and Emergency Access
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Installer
- Import: Fixed import from LastPass
- Enterprise: added passing installation language to RoboForm MSI
- Language Editor: changed string filters for user convenience
- Localization: updated Swedish

- Fixed bug in cleanup of old data that could result in cleanup of new data, if custom folder location was used
- Localization updated German, Japanese
- Fixed miss bugs found in ver 8.5.3

- Fixed bug in cleanup of old data that could result in cleanup of new data, if custom folder location was used

- Detect old RoboForm user data on local computer and offer to clean it up
- Import: fixed import from 1Password, KeePass, Dashlane and Opera
- Authentication group has been removed from RoboForm Identity
- Enterprise: improved logging of data access in groups
- Use VS-2017 for all builds
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Sharing and UI

- Fixed AutoSave for Netflix
- Replaced email [email protected] with in RoboForm messages
- Improved 'Contact Support' command, so user logs in to support system automatically
- Import: fixed import from 64-bit Firefox
- Localization: updated Italian, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm User Interface

- Start Page: new Login and Safenotes Editor, implemented in JS + HTML
- Start Page: new Identity Editor, implemented in JS + HTML
- Fixed problems in Chrome and Firefox extensions on High DPI
- Fixed vulnerability that made possible RF installer loading malicious DLL already present on computer
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Options dialog

- Chrome: Fixed integration with Chrome 66 Basic Auth window
- Added support for per-monitor DPI
- Fixed crash during RoboForm installation
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore
- Localization: updated German, Swedish

- Installer: re-design RoboForm Installation dialog
- Installer: improve installation procedure for RoboForm browser extensions
- Options: Re-designed RoboForm Options dialog
- Chrome: Fixed integration with Chrome 65 Basic Auth window
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore

- Edge integration: Added Edge extension installation to RoboForm installer
- Localization: Added Greek, updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore

- Fixed freezes in Chrome and Internet Explorer

- Start Page: Better navigation and filtering in Start Page
- Start Page: better search bar appearance and auto-complete
- Start Page: new communication scheme with RF and extensions, makes it faster
- Better integration with RoboForm extension for Microsoft Edge browser (needs new Edge ext)
- New design for lower toolbar in Firefox and Chrome
- Allow user to enroll a device just for 15 minutes in One Time Password dialog
- Localization: update Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish
- Bug fixes and performance improvements in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access

- Change log not available for this version

- Detect RoboForm 7 data that was added/changed after the account was migrated and offer to import it
- Firefox integration: Changed Firefox add-on install to use listed Roboform Firefox AddOn
- Import: Added import from KeePass XML, 1Password CSV
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Serbian
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access

- Options: sync portable user options during RoboForm data sync
- Import: Added import from Keeper, Enpass, PasswordBoss, Zoho, TrueKey and StickyPassword
- Check data for duplicates after user changed RoboForm data
- Form Filler: fixed it for and
- Menus: improved and rationalized RoboForm menus
- Miscellaneous small fixes

- Fix incorrect handling of RDC Login window in Windows 10
- Fix wrong positioning of RF toolbar on high DPI screen in Chrome and Opera browsers
- Fix problem with wrong RF filling of Basic Auth window in IE
- Fix Clear Search history command of RF toolbar does not work in Firefox
- Fix RF Fill Forms command may crash IE in some rare cases
- Fix Chrome may ask to restore tabs after wrong termination by RF installer in some rare cases
- Fix installing RF extension into Firefox-based browsers when official Firefox is not installed
- Fix RF Auto Save is not offered on sites,
- Fix RF shows wrong UI and asks wrong questions when Master Password is changed from another device
- Fix Sync command does not show Sync progress window when automatic sync is already running in background
- Add a command into RoboForm Options dialog to reset all suppressed warnings
- Rename "Weak" tab in Security Center to "All"
- Fix several bugs in UI

- Firefox: Switch to new Firefox extension based on WebExtensions API
- Firefox: New extension is Chrome style, so it does NOT have RF toolbar
- Firefox: New extension may work without Desktop RoboForm installed, such as on Linux
- Bug fixes and speed improvements

- New design for RoboForm Start Page
- Installer: Use '%localappdata%RoboFormProfilesDefault Profile' as RoboForm data folder for new users
- Installer: fix closing applications during RoboForm installation/uninstallation
- Licenses: update design of license notifications and conditions when they should be shown
- Toolbar Menu: fix a bug with RoboForm toolbar menu appearance on tablets
- Localization: add Portuguese, update German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Backup/Restore: implement common dialog for Backup and Restore operations
- Import: add support for more columns of 1Password and LastPass
- Password Generator: add password strength indicator
- Firefox Integration: do not inject RoboForm DLL into Firefox as Firefox will not allow it soon
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access

- Fixed bugs and crashes

- Turn On new Ver 8 license enforcement
- Now Everywhere license is required for Sync only, with 30 day trial period
- Show 'Buy' and 'Renew' items in RoboForm 8 Help menu
- Make Emergency Access UI officially available in RF ver 8
- Fix bugs in RF 8 licensing on client side
- Fix bugs in sharing User Interface

- Do not create 'RoboForm Online Account' passcard for new users
- Chrome: better design for vertical toolbar
- Logins menu: do not show a Login twice in 'Most Popular' section
- Form Filling: fix form filling on some banking sites such as
- Import/Export: misc fixes in import and export procedure

- Installer: misc fixes in RoboForm Installer
- Installer: fixes in upgrading from RoboForm 7 to RoboForm 8
- Installer: move licensing agreement and privacy policy to the first screen
- Sync: detect when RoboForm account is deleted and offer to user to create an account
- Search Box: show RF Search Box when user moves mouse over the RoboForm Task Bar Icon
- Desktop Shortcuts: fix RoboForm files desktop shortcuts
- Menu: add 'Set Reminder' command to RoboForm Login's context menu
- Editor and Sharing: misc fixes in RoboForm Editor and Sharing
- Security Center: fix Sort Order in RoboForm Security Center
- Language Editor: fix working on High DPI displays
- Firefox: new signed XPI

- Search: change default search engine from Bing to Yahoo, user still can use any search
- Installer: improve upgrade RoboForm 7 to RoboForm 8 sequence
- Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac
- Editor: misc fixes in RoboForm Editor
- Form Filling: misc fixes in form filling
- Login UI: rework RoboForm Login (Master Password) dialog, using new design
- Export/Import: improve CVS export format

- Editor: fix crashes caused by reading grayscale icons with alpha channel
- Replace http:// with https:// in all URLs that RoboForm opens
- Update German and Polish localization
- Fix auto-login problems caused by earlier Wells Fargo fix

- Fix RoboForm Downloader GUI can hang up when Internet connection is very fast
- AutoUpdate Install: make installer ask no questions on version update
- Fix Japanese localization
- Setup: Fix RoboForm setup has wrong layout when user changed MP on RFO and RF detected this during Sync
- Start Page: Newer RoboForm versions are allowed both HTTP:// and HTTPS:// prefix for
- Start Page: RoboForm Start Page JS now redirects HTTP:// to HTTPS:// for newer RF versions
- Start Page: set Bing as default web search on the RoboForm Start Page
- Start Page: Search for RoboForm data names appears above web search

- Setup: fix crash when user upgrading from RF 7 to RF 8
- Setup; fix crash when user changes Master Password and checks 'I forgot' checkbox
- Editor: fix Deleted item remains in tree if it was the last item in folder
- Editor: fix Folders in tree require two clicks to expand if editor was started while not logged in

RoboForm 8.2.5
- First production (non-beta) release of RoboForm ver 8
- Increase max number of charatcers in Master Password to 80.
- Fix a rare crash in RoboForm Setup dialog.
- Periodically check with RFO server, to check fore received files, invitations, etc.
- Change version check URL for AutoUpdate
- AutoUpdate: make it easier and more automatic
- Start Page: use as RF Start Page URL instead of
- Editor starts with Home item closed if there is no recently viewed items.
- Editor: change passcard title view, so that site icon is shown in one row with URL
- Security Center: misc fixes
- Import and Export: misc fixes

- Chrome, Firefox: fix RF does not login to
- Chrome: fix AutoFill dialog remains visible after switching to another tab
- Firefox: Login using the wrong passcard, not the one that was clicked
- Firefox: fix AutoFill dialog sometimes remains visible after navigating to another page
- Editor: fix context menu in folder tree does not opened after pressing VK_APPS key
- Fix auto-update issues related to
- Fix saving Login to a specific folder saves to Home folder instead
- Password Generator: fix clicking on disabled Generate button clears password list
- RF2Go, Firefox: let it attach to Firefox 50, drop support for Firefox 40
- Localization: Update German, Danish, sb-Serbian, sc-Serbian

- Fix RoboForm for Windows sometimes does not accept One Time Password
- Opera: Fix high CPU usage by Opera/rf-chrome-nm-host.exe processes
- Editor: fix wrong window position after restoring from maximized state

- Chrome: fix SearchBox dropdown jumps to top left screen corner while typing into SearchBox
- Chrome, Firefox: Fix SearchBox issues, with pasting, etc
- Chrome: fix RF does not work on some sites with IFRAME
- Chrome, Firefox: fix filling from Identity is too slow on some sites
- Chrome: Fix RF toolbar ignores 'Enable popup RoboForm toolbar' setting if started while not logged in
- Firefox: fix keyboard shortcuts for opening menus from toolbar do not work
- Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar appears even if unchecked in Firefox
- Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar appears but does not work in private browsing mode
- Firefox: fix RoboForm does not attach to Firefox in some cases
- Firefox: fix RoboForm does not show AutoFill window on Firefox Sync Sign In page
- Firefox: Fix AutoSave with AutoSave-bar sometimes prevents navigation from happening
- Fix RoboForm does not match Logins for sites with the name that starts with 'cgi' or 'www'
- Fix filling of visible elements whose parents are invisible
- Fix form filling when frames with aborted loading appear, such as in MetLife
- Fix not filling form at and other sites that reset password on focus
- Fix form filling on
- Fix RF menu popups and BA toolbar are positioned incorrectly on systems with high DPI
- Fix some rules in form filling from Identity

- Firefox: Fixed RoboForm toolbar does not work in Private browsing mode
- Firefox: Fixed RoboForm toolbar appears even if unchecked in Firefox
- Firefox: Fixed JavaScript exception is shown in error log when disabling RF extension
- Firefox: Fixed RF extension sometimes does not load in browser startup
- Chrome, Firefox: Fixed background activity in a not shown tab may not be handled by RF
- Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac, version 7-9-21-5

- Form Filler: throw more JS events, to better emulate user form filling in IE, Chrome, Firefox
- Form Filler: the above fixes form filling at Microsoft account, Apple, Wells Fargo
- Firefox, Chrome: make RoboForm filler work in Strict JS mode
- Internet Explrer, Windows 10 Anniversary: make RF fill the new Basic Authentication dialog
- Firefox: Fix a rare crash during JS callback
- Firefox: Fix RF extension does not work if Multiprocess mode (aka Electrolysis)
- Firefox: Fix RF saves wrong URL on
- Firefox: Fix RoboForm does not fill local file pages in Firefox
- Firefox: Fix RoboForm add-on for FF does not load in Pale Moon
- RoboForm2Go + Firefox: make it work in Firefox ver 43
- Login menus: fix incorrect layout in toolbar menus

- Improve Internet Explorer form filling for placeholders
- Firefox: fix some rare crashes
- Firefox: Add support for Firefox 47 to RoboForm2Go
- Improve Site Icon management
- Improve Spanish localization
- Login Menu: fix sub-menu disappearance when moving mouse close to display edge

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