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Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code lets you perform most tasks directly from the keyboard. This page lists out the default bindings (keyboard shortcuts) and describes how you can update them.

Note: If you visit this page on a Mac, you will see the key bindings for the Mac. If you visit using Windows or Linux, you will see the keys for that platform. If you need the key bindings for another platform, hover your mouse over the key you are interested in.

Keyboard Shortcuts editor

Visual Studio Code provides a rich and easy keyboard shortcuts editing experience using Keyboard Shortcuts editor. It lists all available commands with and without keybindings and you can easily change / remove / reset their keybindings using the available actions. It also has a search box on the top that helps you in finding commands or keybindings. You can open this editor by going to the menu under File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. (Code > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts on macOS)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most importantly, you can see keybindings according to your keyboard layout. For example, key binding Cmd+\ in US keyboard layout will be shown as Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Cmd+7 when layout is changed to German. The dialog to enter key binding will assign the correct and desired key binding as per your keyboard layout.

For doing more advanced keyboard shortcut customization, read Advanced Customization.

Keymap extensions

Keyboard shortcuts are vital to productivity and changing keyboarding habits can be tough. To help with this, File > Preferences > Keymaps shows you a list of popular keymap extensions. These extensions modify the VS Code shortcuts to match those of other editors so you don't need to learn new keyboard shortcuts. There is also a Keymaps category of extensions in the Marketplace.

Tip: Click on an extension tile above to read the description and reviews to decide which extension is best for you. See more in the Marketplace.

Keyboard Shortcuts Reference

We also have a printable version of these keyboard shortcuts. Help > Keyboard Shortcut Reference displays a condensed PDF version suitable for printing as an easy reference.

Below are links to the three platform-specific versions (US English keyboard):

Detecting keybinding conflicts

If you have many extensions installed or you have customized your keyboard shortcuts, you can sometimes have keybinding conflicts where the same keyboard shortcut is mapped to several commands. This can result in confusing behavior, especially if different keybindings are going in and out of scope as you move around the editor.

The Keyboard Shortcuts editor has a context menu command Show Same Keybindings, which will filter the keybindings based on a keyboard shortcut to display conflicts.

show keybinding conflicts menu

Pick a command with the keybinding you think is overloaded and you can see if multiple commands are defined, the source of the keybindings and when they are active.

show keybinding conflicts result

Troubleshooting keybindings

To troubleshoot keybindings problems, you can execute the command Developer: Toggle Keyboard Shortcuts Troubleshooting. This will activate logging of dispatched keyboard shortcuts and will open an output panel with the corresponding log file.

You can then press your desired keybinding and check what keyboard shortcut VS Code detects and what command is invoked.

For example, when pressing in a code editor on macOS, the logging output would be:

The first keydown event is for the key () and cannot be dispatched. The second keydown event is for the key () and is dispatched as. There were two keybinding entries mapped from and the one that matched was for the commandwhich has the condition and is a built-in keybinding entry.

Viewing modified keybindings

You can view any user modified keyboard shortcuts in VS Code in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor with the Show User Keybindings command in the More Actions (.) menu. This applies the filter to the Keyboard Shortcuts editor (Source is 'User').

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Advanced customization

All keyboard shortcuts in VS Code can be customized via the file.

  • To configure keyboard shortcuts through the JSON file, open Keyboard Shortcuts editor and select the Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON) button on the right of the editor title bar.
  • This will open your file where you can overwrite the Default Keybindings.

Open Keyboard Shortcuts JSON button

You can also open the file from the Command Palette (⇧⌘P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+P)) with the Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON) command.

Keyboard rules

Each rule consists of:

  • a that describes the pressed keys.
  • a containing the identifier of the command to execute.
  • an optional clause containing a boolean expression that will be evaluated depending on the current context.

Chords (two separate keypress actions) are described by separating the two keypresses with a space. For example, Ctrl+K Ctrl+C.

When a key is pressed:

  • the rules are evaluated from bottom to top.
  • the first rule that matches, both the and in terms ofis accepted.
  • no more rules are processed.
  • if a rule is found and has a set, the is executed.

The additional rules are appended at runtime to the bottom of the default rules, thus allowing them to overwrite the default rules. The file is watched by VS Code so editing it while VS Code is running will update the rules at runtime.

The keyboard shortcuts dispatching is done by analyzing a list of rules that are expressed in JSON. Here are some examples:

Accepted keys

The is made up of modifiers and the key itself.

The following modifiers are accepted:

macOSCtrl+, Shift+, Alt+, Cmd+
WindowsCtrl+, Shift+, Alt+, Win+
LinuxCtrl+, Shift+, Alt+, Meta+

The following keys are accepted:

  • f1-f19, a-z, 0-9
  • `, - =, [, ], \, ;, ',. , /
  • left, up, right, down, pageup, pagedown, end, home
  • tab, enter, escape, space, backspace, delete
  • pausebreak, capslock, insert
  • numpad0-numpad9, numpad_multiply, numpad_add, numpad_separator
  • numpad_subtract, numpad_decimal, numpad_divide

Command arguments

You can invoke a command with arguments. This is useful if you often perform the same operation on a specific file or folder. You can add a custom keyboard shortcut to do exactly what you want.

The following is an example overriding the Enter key to print some text:

The type command will receive as its first argument and add "Hello World" to the file instead of producing the default command.

For more information on commands that take arguments, refer to Built-in Commands.

Removing a specific key binding rule

You can write a key binding rule that targets the removal of a specific default key binding. With theit was always possible to redefine all the key bindings of VS Code, but it can be difficult to make a small tweak, especially around overloaded keys, such as Tab or Escape. To remove a specific key binding, add a to the and the rule will be a removal rule.

Here is an example:

Keyboard layouts

Note: This section relates only to key bindings, not to typing in the editor.

The keys above are string representations for virtual keys and do not necessarily relate to the produced character when they are pressed. More precisely:

  • Reference: Virtual-Key Codes (Windows)
  • tab for ()
  • ; for ()
  • = for ()
  • , for ()
  • - for ()
  • . for ()
  • / for ()
  • ` for ()
  • [ for ()
  • \ for ()
  • ] for ()
  • ' for ()
  • etc.

Different keyboard layouts usually reposition the above virtual keys or change the characters produced when they are pressed. When using a different keyboard layout than the standard US, Visual Studio Code does the following:

All the key bindings are rendered in the UI using the current system's keyboard layout. For example, when using a French (France) keyboard layout is now rendered as Ctrl+*:

render key binding

When editingVS Code highlights misleading key bindings, those that are represented in the file with the character produced under the standard US keyboard layout, but that need pressing keys with different labels under the current system's keyboard layout. For example, here is how the Default Keyboard Shortcuts rules look like when using a French (France) keyboard layout:

keybindings.json guidance

There is also a widget that helps input the key binding rule when editing. To launch the Define Keybinding widget, press ⌘K ⌘K (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+K). The widget listens for key presses and renders the serialized JSON representation in the text box and below it, the keys that Advanced Renamer Activation Code Code has detected ashampoo data recovery - Activators Patch your current keyboard layout. Once you've typed the key combination you want, you can press Enter and a rule snippet will be inserted.

key binding widget

Note: On Linux, Visual Studio Code detects your current keyboard layout on start-up and then caches this information. For a good experience, we recommend restarting VS Code if you change your keyboard layout.

Keyboard layout-independent bindings

Using scan codes, it is possible to define keybindings corel paintshop pro x9 - Crack Key For U do not change with the change of the keyboard layout. For example:

Accepted scan codes:

  • [F1]-[F19], [KeyA]-[KeyZ], [Digit0]-[Digit9]
  • [Backquote], [Minus], [Equal], [BracketLeft], [BracketRight], [Backslash], [Semicolon], [Quote], [Comma], [Period], [Slash]
  • [ArrowLeft], [ArrowUp], [ArrowRight], [ArrowDown], [PageUp], [PageDown], [End], [Home]
  • [Tab], [Enter], [Escape], [Space], [Backspace], [Delete]
  • [Pause], [CapsLock], [Insert]
  • [Numpad0]-[Numpad9], [NumpadMultiply], [NumpadAdd], [NumpadComma]
  • [NumpadSubtract], [NumpadDecimal], [NumpadDivide]

when clause contexts

VS Code gives you fine control over when your key bindings are enabled through the optional clause. If your key binding doesn't have Advanced Renamer Activation Code clause, the key binding is globally available at all times. A clause evaluates to either Boolean true or false for enabling key bindings.

VS Code sets various context keys and specific values depending on what elements are visible and active in the VS Code UI. For example, the built-in Start Debugging command has the keyboard shortcut F5, which is only enabled when there is an appropriate debugger available (context is true) and the editor isn't in debug mode (context is false):

Start Debugging when clause in the Keyboard Shorts editor

You can also view a keybinding's when clause directly in the Default Keybindings JSON (Preferences: Open Default Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON)):

Conditional operators

For when clause conditional expressions, the following conditional operators are useful for keybindings:


You can find the full list of when clause conditional operators in the when clause contexts reference.

Available contexts

You can find some of the available clause contexts in the when clause context reference.

The list there isn't exhaustive and you can find other clause contexts by searching and filtering in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor (Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts ) or reviewing the Default Keybindings JSON file (Preferences: Open Default Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON)).

Custom keybindings for refactorings

The command lets you configure keybindings for specific Refactorings (Code Actions). For example, the keybinding below triggers the Extract function refactoring Code Actions:

This is covered in depth in the Refactoring topic where you can learn about different kinds of Code Actions and how to prioritize them in the case of multiple possible refactorings.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

You can view all default keyboard shortcuts in VS Code in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor with the Show Default Keybindings command in the More Actions (.) menu. This applies the filter to the Keyboard Shortcuts editor (Source is 'Default').

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

You can view the default keyboard shortcuts as a JSON file using the command Preferences: Open Default Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON).

Note: The following keys are rendered Advanced Renamer Activation Code a standard US keyboard layout. If you use a different keyboard layout, please read below. You can view the currently active keyboard shortcuts in VS Code in the Command Palette (View -> Command Palette) or in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor (File Advanced Renamer Activation Code Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts).

Some commands included below do not have default keyboard shortcuts and so are displayed as unassigned but you can assign your own keybindings.

Basic Editing

CommandKeyCommand id
Cut line (empty selection)⌘X (Windows, Linux Ctrl+X)
Copy line (empty selection)⌘C (Windows, Linux Ctrl+C)
Paste⌘V (Windows, Linux Ctrl+V)
Delete Line⇧⌘K (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+K)
Insert Line Below⌘Enter (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Enter)
Insert Line Above⇧⌘Enter (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
Move Line Down⌥↓ (Windows, Linux Alt+Down)
Move Line Up⌥↑ (Windows, Linux Alt+Up)
Copy Line Down⇧⌥↓ (Windows Shift+Alt+Down, Linux Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down)
Copy Line Up⇧⌥↑ (Windows Shift+Alt+Up, Linux Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up)
Undo⌘Z (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Z)
Redo⇧⌘Z (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Y)
Add Selection To Next Find Match⌘D (Windows, Linux Ctrl+D)
Move Last Selection To Next Find Match⌘K ⌘D (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+D)
Undo last cursor operation⌘U (Windows, Linux Ctrl+U)
Insert cursor at end of each line selected⇧⌥I (Windows, Linux Shift+Alt+I)
Select all occurrences of current selection⇧⌘L (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+L)
Select all occurrences of current word⌘F2 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+F2)
Select current line⌘L (Windows, Linux Ctrl+L)
Insert Cursor Below⌥⌘↓ (Windows Ctrl+Alt+Down, Linux Shift+Alt+Down)
Insert Cursor Above⌥⌘↑ (Windows Ctrl+Alt+Up, Linux Shift+Alt+Up)
Jump to matching bracket⇧⌘\ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+\)
Indent Line⌘] (Windows, Linux Ctrl+])
Outdent Line⌘[ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+[)
Go to Beginning of LineHome
Go to End of LineEnd
Go to End of File⌘↓ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+End)
Go to Beginning of File⌘↑ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Home)
Scroll Line Down⌃PageDown (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Down)
Scroll Line Up⌃PageUp (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Up)
Scroll Page Down⌘PageDown (Windows, Linux Alt+PageDown)
Scroll Page Up⌘PageUp (Windows, Linux Alt+PageUp)
Fold (collapse) region⌥⌘[ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+[)
Unfold (uncollapse) region⌥⌘] (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+])
Fold (collapse) all subregions⌘K ⌘[ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+[)
Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions⌘K ⌘] (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+])
Fold (collapse) all regions⌘K ⌘0 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+0)
Unfold (uncollapse) all regions⌘K ⌘J (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+J)
Add Line Comment⌘K ⌘C (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+C)
Remove Line Comment⌘K ⌘U (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+U)
Toggle Line Comment⌘/ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+/)
Toggle Block Comment⇧⌥A (Windows Shift+Alt+A, Linux Ctrl+Shift+A)
Find⌘F (Windows, Linux Ctrl+F)
Replace⌥⌘F (Windows, Linux Ctrl+H)
Find NextEnter
Find Previous⇧Enter (Windows, Linux Shift+Enter)
Select All Occurrences of Find Match⌥Enter (Windows, Linux Alt+Enter)
Toggle Find Case Sensitive⌥⌘C (Windows, Linux Alt+C)
Toggle Find Regex⌥⌘R (Windows, Linux Alt+R)
Toggle Find Whole Word⌥⌘W (Windows, Linux Alt+W)
Toggle Use of Tab Key for Setting Focus⌃⇧M (Windows, Linux Ctrl+M)
Toggle Render Whitespace
Toggle Word Wrap⌥Z (Windows, Linux Alt+Z)

Rich Languages Editing

CommandKeyCommand id
Trigger Suggest⌃Space (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Space)
Trigger Parameter Hints⇧⌘Space (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+Space)
Format Document⇧⌥F (Windows Shift+Alt+F, Linux Ctrl+Shift+I)
Format Selection⌘K ⌘F (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+F)
Go to DefinitionF12
Show Hover⌘K ⌘I (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+I)
Peek Definition⌥F12 (Windows Alt+F12, Linux Ctrl+Shift+F10)
Open Definition to the Side⌘K F12 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K F12)
Quick Fix⌘. (Windows, Linux Ctrl+.)
Go to References⇧F12 (Windows, Linux Shift+F12)
Rename SymbolF2
Replace with Next Value⇧⌘. (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+.)
Replace with Previous Value⇧⌘, (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+,)
Expand AST Selection⌃⇧⌘→ (Windows, Linux Shift+Alt+Right)
Shrink AST How to download adobe after effects cc - Crack Key For U (Windows, Linux Shift+Alt+Left)
Trim Trailing Whitespace⌘K ⌘X (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+X)
Change Language Mode⌘K M (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K M)


CommandKeyCommand id
Show All Symbols⌘T (Windows, Linux Ctrl+T)
Go to Line.⌃G (Windows, Linux Ctrl+G)
Go to File., Quick Open⌘P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+P)
Go to Symbol.⇧⌘O (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+O)
Show Problems⇧⌘M (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+M)
Go to Next Error or WarningF8
Go to Previous Error or Warning⇧F8 (Windows, Linux Shift+F8)
Show All Commands⇧⌘P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+P) or F1
Navigate Editor Group History⌃Tab (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Tab)
Go Back⌃- (Windows Alt+Left, Linux Ctrl+Alt+-)
Go back in Quick Input⌃- (Windows Alt+Left, Linux Ctrl+Alt+-)
Go Forward⌃⇧- (Windows Alt+Right, Linux Ctrl+Shift+-)

Editor/Window Management

CommandKeyCommand id
New Window⇧⌘N (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+N)
Close Window⌘W (Windows, Linux Alt+F4)
Close Editor⌘W (Windows Ctrl+F4, Linux Ctrl+W)
Close Folder⌘K F (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K F)
Cycle Between Editor Groups
Split Editor⌘\ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+\)
Focus into First Editor Group⌘1 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+1)
Focus into Second Editor Group⌘2 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+2)
Focus into Third Editor Group⌘3 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+3)
Focus into Editor Group on the Left
Focus into Editor Group on the Right
Move Editor Left⌘K ⇧⌘← (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+PageUp)
Move Editor Right⌘K ⇧⌘→ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+PageDown)
Move Active Editor Group Left⌘K ← (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Left)
Move Active Editor Group Right⌘K → (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Right)
Move Editor into Next Group⌃⌘→ (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Alt+Right)
Move Editor into Previous Group⌃⌘← (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Alt+Left)

File Management

CommandKeyCommand id
New File⌘N (Windows, Linux Ctrl+N)
Open File.⌘O (Windows, Linux Ctrl+O)
Save⌘S (Windows, Linux Ctrl+S)
Save All⌥⌘S (Windows Ctrl+K S, Linux )
Save As.⇧⌘S (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+S)
Close⌘W (Windows Ctrl+F4, Linux Ctrl+W)
Close Others⌥⌘T (Windows, Linux )
Close Group⌘K W (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K W)
Close Other Groups
Close Group to Left
Close Group to Right
Close All⌘K ⌘W (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+W)
Reopen Closed Editor⇧⌘T (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+T)
Keep Open⌘K Enter (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Enter)
Copy Path of Active File⌘K P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K P)
Reveal Active File in Windows⌘K R (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K R)
Show Opened File in New Window⌘K O (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K O)
Compare Opened File With


CommandKeyCommand id
Toggle Full Screen⌃⌘F (Windows, Linux F11)
Toggle Zen Mode⌘K Z (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Z)
Leave Zen ModeEscape Escape
Zoom in⌘= (Windows, Linux Ctrl+=)
Zoom out⌘- (Windows, Linux Ctrl+-)
Reset Zoom⌘Numpad0 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Numpad0)
Toggle Sidebar Visibility⌘B (Windows, Linux Ctrl+B)
Show Explorer / Toggle Focus⇧⌘E (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+E)
Show Search⇧⌘F (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+F)
Show Source Control⌃⇧G (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+G)
Show Run⇧⌘D (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+D)
Show Extensions⇧⌘X (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+X)
Show Output⇧⌘U (Windows Ctrl+Shift+U, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+H)
Quick Open View⌃Q (Windows Ctrl+Q, Linux )
Open New Command Prompt⇧⌘C (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+C)
Toggle Markdown Preview⇧⌘V (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+V)
Open Preview to the Side⌘K V (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K V)
Toggle Integrated Terminal⌃` (Windows, Linux Ctrl+`)


CommandKeyCommand id
Show Search⇧⌘F (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+F)
Replace in Files⇧⌘H (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+H)
Toggle Match Case⌥⌘C (Windows, Linux Alt+C)
Toggle Match Whole Word⌥⌘W (Windows, Linux Alt+W)
Toggle Use Regular Expression⌥⌘R (Windows, Linux Alt+R)
Toggle Search Details⇧⌘J (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+J)
Focus Next Search ResultF4
Focus Previous Search Result⇧F4 (Windows, Linux Shift+F4)
Show Next Search Term↓ (Windows, Linux Down)
Show Previous Search Term↑ (Windows, Linux Up)

Search Editor

CommandKeyCommand id
Open Results In Editor⌘Enter (Windows, Linux Alt+Enter)
Focus Search Editor InputEscape
Search Again⇧⌘R (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+R)
Delete File Results⇧⌘Backspace (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+Backspace)


CommandKeyCommand id
Open Settings⌘, (Windows, Linux Ctrl+,)
Open Workspace Settings
Open Keyboard Shortcuts⌘K ⌘S (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+S)
Open User Snippets
Select Color Theme⌘K ⌘T (Windows, Linux Ctrl+K Ctrl+T)
Configure Display Language


CommandKeyCommand id
Toggle BreakpointF9
Start (without debugging)⌃F5 (Windows, Linux Ctrl+F5)
Step IntoF11


CommandKeyCommand id
Run Build Task⇧⌘B (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+B)
Run Test Task


CommandKeyCommand id
Install Extension
Show Installed Extensions
Show Outdated Extensions
Show Recommended Extensions
Show Popular Extensions
Update All Extensions

Next steps

Now that you know about our Key binding support, what's next.

  • Language Support - Our Good, Better, Best language grid to see what you can expect
  • Debugging - This is where VS Code really shines
  • Node.js - End to end Node.js scenario with a sample app

Common questions

How can I find out what command is bound to a specific key?

In the Keyboard Shortcut editor, you can filter on specific keystrokes to see which commands are bound to which keys. Below you can see that Ctrl+Shift+P is bound to Show All Commands to bring up the Command Palette.

Key bindings quick outline

How to add a key binding to an action, for example, add Ctrl+D to Delete Lines

Find a rule that triggers the action in the Default Keyboard Shortcuts and write a modified version of it in your file:

How can I add a key binding for only certain file types?

Use the context key in your clause:

I have modified my key bindings in ; why don't they work?

The most common problem is a syntax error in the file. Otherwise, try removing the clause or picking a different. Unfortunately, at this point, it is a trial and error process.



5+ best file rename software for Windows 10

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic

Troubleshooting Expert

Passionate about all elements related to Windows and combined with his innate curiosity, Ivan has delved deep into understanding this operating system, with a specialization in Advanced Renamer Activation Code and driver troubleshooting. When he's not tackling. Read more

  • Specialized file rename tools can come in really handy, especially if you discover there are certain folders that you can't rename on your PC
  • Improper file names (e.g. forcing unaccepted characters, long file names) can generate a lot of trouble, rendering documents unusable
  • You can use file rename software from our list below if you don't know how to rename multiple files simultaneously on Windows 10
file rename software

If you are worried about renaming your files, we have got you covered. Today, we have come up with the best file rename software which you can use.

Sometimes, Windows users go online to source files such as documents and images, for organizational purposes, these files are often renamed. It’s much easier to keep track of your files if they are named in a certain manner. And built-in tools might not be enough to do so.

However, we have successfully compiled a list of great file renaming software that will suit your needs perfectly.

Best file rename tools for PCs

This solution respects its name and provides users with cutting-edge organizing services. Developed by the leading company Sorcim, the software comes with a convenient user experience and useful features.

Firstly, you can use this user-friendly software in different ways, to rename or move your files easily on desktop, or using the cloud version. So you will spare time and effort by renaming your Drive files instantly.

You just have to perform 3 steps in order to restructure PC data and rename files in a bulk. Hence the process entails adding files or folders to rename at once, select the needed changes of your files, apply changes for all, see the preview, and enjoy the results.

Hence such a program delivers essential service for an organized PC, assuring a stress-free process of renaming any files to result in a satisfying outcome.

That being said, either you need Advanced Renamer Activation Code renaming on PC or Google Drive or music files rename, this tool is enough.


  • Multi-purpose tools (Cloud renamer, Music fixer, Copy or move files)
  • 12 rules of file renaming such as change suffix/ prefix, trim Advanced Renamer Activation Code, add asceding or descending files.
  • OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 cloud renamer
  • MP3 songs renamer by music tags
  • Support for Windows 7-10 or XP, Vista
  • Free download
Easy File Renamer

Easy File Renamer

This effective software can help you move or rename files of all kinds altogether in no time, so give it a try.

Check priceVisit website

This Windows-Explorer-like software does just what’s advertised – it batch renames files, folders, or subfolders while offering quite a set of renaming options.

You have an option to use predefined rules, but you can, of course, customize graphpad prism torrent to your liking. The more complex tasks can combine different rules in the demanded order.

Moreover, you can preview all the changes in real-time and see what modification you made and how it looks. With this intuitive tool, the task couldn’t be easier.

Also, you can benefit from the variety of rules included, ranging from simple to more complex ones. However, the definitions are clear and help to understand the purpose of rules.


  • Clear and easy-to-grasp renaming rules.
  • Renaming filter restriction to rename only files under certain criteria.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Recursive processing of subfolders and containing files.
  • A full preview of new file TablePlus Crack 3.12.8 Build 152+ License Code Free Download 2021 before you decide to rename them.
  • Third-party plugins support.


  • Not expensive but also not free.

Get EF Multi File Renamer File Renamer is, like other premium or freemium tools that found their way on this list, more than a worthy acquisition. It checks all the boxes when it comes to batch file renaming and even brings support for external storage.

Giving that such a process can be very time-consuming and dull, this tool comes in handy to help the users organize and find their files easily.

With this practical tool, you perform file renaming in minutes and without any effort. You only have to select your files in a folder and decide the further actions of renaming them.

Thus you should consider this software if you need effective file renaming or customization by numbers, date, or name. Also, it’s possible to write to SD cards or USB drives and rename your files on portable devices.

To conclude, this program can help with anything concerning file renaming on your PC, offering great support to organize your data.


  • Multilingual support (English, German, French, Hungarian, Catalon, and Polish).
  • Intuitive interface.
  • It allows us to save and restore renaming projects.
  • Backup unmodified files before renaming them.
  • Activity log for all your renaming actions


  • Not official Windows 10 support

⇒ Get File Renamer

This software can be used effectively to rename multiple files and images. It has a great interface that contains file listing and a directory tree.

Utilizing this practical solution, you can rename your files at once in a moment. The process works smoothly and files like digital images can be renamed incredibly fast.

More so, there are multiple things you can do using the tool, from automated copy or moving your files, rename MP3 files, sort and rename on EXIF, find and replace text, files filer, etc.

Therefore it’s a wholly choice for organizing your files efficiently with very few resources and saving a lot of your time.


  • It supports regular expressions, EXIF, ID3 v1 and ID3 v2, saved profiles for tasks repeated, renaming lists and tag editing.
  • Excellent help files.
  • License: Free (Limited features).
  • It has an interface that is well designed.
  • A solid file for renaming.


  • Subfolder, Undo and logging features are removed from the free version.
  • No regular expression information.

Get File Renamer Basic

Bulk Rename Utility software is very easy to use. It has a great interface. It is very powerful Advanced Renamer Activation Code highly functional.

This tool is capable of doing everything other alike software can do, plus giving you lightning-fast renaming services. It’s also a lightweight choice and doesn’t consume much of your memory space.

It started as a freeware visual basic tool and then completely rewritten in C++ to become more robust. So its services hold the capacity of renaming folders with 100.000 entries or batch rename 1000 files in a few seconds.

Thereby, you can use it to rename different files quickly for free and enjoy the multitude of features, basic and advanced for an uncluttered PC.


  • You can auto date
  • Adding of prefix or suffix is allowed
  • Moving or copying of files to other locations can be done.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Custom file formats.
  • EFIX tags.
  • ID3 v 1 tags
  • License: Free (Private/ Educational use).
  • Very powerful, lots of features, it is a very good renaming software.


  • It has a cluttered interface and lacks ID 3 v 2 support.

Get Bulk Rename Utility

This tool has an attractive interface and renames multiple files and folders with renaming methods.

Advanced Renamer offers practical support in renaming files, with a variety of options to rename any file in one go. So the process is pretty standard, helping to manipulate your files as desired.

More so, it has multiple ways to organize the files using 14 methods to change attributes, names, or timestamps at once.

Briefly, you can rename digital images including thumbnail mode, GPS data files, music or video files, and so on. Thus this solution promises a sharp process for any Windows 10 user.


  • It has a picture preview.
  • The file change list is supported.
  • It has good help files.
  • It supports regular expressions.
  • License: Free
  • Easy to use.


  • Supports just a little of EXIF and ID 3 tags.

Get Advanced Renamer

This software is very good for renaming files. It can offer all the standard functionalities you may need, including replacements, adding prefixes or suffixes, removing the content of brackets, numbering, and more.

It can also help to perform multiple tasks using a rule set, followed by a logical sequence, and saving or managing all within the tool.

Moreover, the software gives the support of renaming folders and processing regular expressions (RegEx). That means it can use syntax for a pattern of text to search for.

Lastly, it supports different meta tags like ID3V1, ID3V2, EXIF, OLE, AVI, MD5, and more. As well, there are included different languages you can choose from.


  • ReNamer has a good interface.
  • It supports a few different metatags and it is very powerful.
  • It has the PascalScript option for power users.
  • No installation is required.


  • A help guide is not efficient
  • The website might be malicious.

Get ReNamer

In conclusion, renaming documents, images or photos downloaded online before saving on your computer or phone is very important. Most of the software we mentioned above is easy and free to use. Select the one most suitable to fit your needs.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below, and will surely check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions


Advanced Renamer 3.85 License key Crack Keygen 2020

Advanced Renamer 3.84 Crack & Keygen (2020)

Advanced Renamer 3.84 Patch lets you artlessly rename multiple les and folders simultaneously, using a single renaming prole to each of them at that time that is same. This prole is wholly customizable, meaning that the renaming tasks in Advanced Renamer may vary from repairing page instance to completely replacing the le’s title with a brand new one.

It’s easy setting up an advanced batch job using various practices on an amount. It provides 14 dierent techniques to alter the names, characteristics, and timestamps of les all at once. The data can be copied or relocated to locations which can be new to information in the archives. Advanced Renamer Crack is fantastic organizing automatic pictures for both professionals and

novices. The thumbnail mode enables you to display thumbnails straight in the le list giving you maximum control associated with the procedure that is renaming. Using this program, you can rename all your photos in simple. Advanced Rename Portable also features support that is Unicode label based renaming, rename MP3/ID3 information, display thumbnails, create custom methods, and preview new names in substantial time and lots of more.

Advanced Renamer 3.84 Patch:

Advanced Renamer License Key is a powerful software for mass file name renaming. This software has many features that can handle mass files and support all versions of Windows operating system. Advanced Reamer License Key support most common formats such as JPG, MKV, MP4, MP3 and many more. Now you can download the latest version of Advanced Rename with crack

Advanced Renamer Crack With License Key is software with regard to renaming several files as well as folders at the same time. By setting up renaming techniques the names could be manipulated in a variety of ways. It lets you easily set up the batch work using numerous methods on a lot of documents. The 40 different strategies enable you to affect the names, characteristics, and timestamps of data files in one go.

Advanced Renamer Serial Key lets you construct new file names by adding, removing, replacing, changing case, or giving the file a brand new name based on known information about the file. And Before performing the operations on the files you can verify that the output will be correct and if you perform the rename and regret it, you can undo the complete batch.

Advanced Renamer Patch if your images contain a GPS data you can add the location of a city and country where the picture was taken. Coordinates are used to lookup city, country, and state names from a database containing more than 100,000 cities around the globe. Overall its a really good App which friendly user interface.

This is the portable version of Advanced Renamer, a tool that allows you to easily rename a vast number of files and folders. Since installation is not necessary, you can simply place Advanced Renamer Portable on a removable drive and directly run its executable file on any computer. More importantly, your Windows registry items will not be changed. The interface of the software may seem a little confusing at first (since no tutorial pops up to guide you), but Advanced Renamer Portable is actually very easy to work with.

You can start by adding files and folders into the list, by using either the file browser or the “drag and drop” method (e.g. include subfolders, add root folders. In the list, you can check out the name, new name, path, and status of each file. But columns can be customized (e.g. add size, date of creation, extension when it comes to renaming, you can select the batch method (e.g. new name, new case, remove the pattern, replace, renumber, attributes, and timestamp), apply it to the name, extension or both, and proceed with the task.

Advanced Renamer 3.84 Activation Number:

In addition, you can switch from batch mode to move or copy mode, undo the previous batch, refresh the list, test the batch, save and load the list of files and folders, randomize sorting, change the interface language, and more. The program takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, includes a step-by-step tutorial and quickly finishes a task without displaying any errors. Putting aside the interface which could benefit from some directions, we strongly recommend Advanced Reamer Portable to all

Advanced Renamer Features:

  • Select a large number of files
    • Supports all versions of Windows
    • Supports all common formats
    • Fast operation speed
    • Ability to manage mass files
    • Enhanced settings
    • And many more.

 System Requirements:

  • Others: Internet connection
  • Processor: Intel 1.2 or Emeditor 19 serial Talon 64
  • System Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage Capacity: 500 MB hard disk free space
  • Resolution: 1024×768 or higher screen resolution

Advanced Renamer License Key↓


How to Activate?

1- First uninstall the previous version
2- Download and extract files
3- Install Setup file
4- Turn of your Anti-virus
5- Copy crack file into the directory folder
6- Done! Enjoy the Software

Источник: Advanced Renamer Activation Code

Advanced Renamer v3.85

Advanced Renamer is is a free program for renaming multiple files and folders rapidly.

It works using several configurable renaming methods, manipulating file names in different ways.

The 12 different methods enables you to change the names, attributes, and timestamps of files in one go. The files can also be copied or moved to new locations based on information in the files, such as ID3 tag information in music files, GPS information in Exif data in picture files, and so forth.

The tool also can undo an entire rename batch if something goes terribly wrong.

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Advanced Renamer v3.24

HTML code for linking to this page:

advanced renamer id3 gps exif

License typeFreeware1

Author's homepageVisit the author's site

Date added23 Jul 2019


File size 12.39 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)

Supported languages English   Swedish   Spanish   Dutch   Danish  

Operating systemsVista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

Super Softonic

Download Advanced Renamer + License key + Crack + Keygenfor Windows Free Latest Version: 3.85

Advanced Renamer Overview:

Powerful software for renaming mass file name is Advanced Renamer License Key. This software has many functionalities that support all Windows operating system versions and can handle mass files. In addition, Advanced Renamer Key supports the most popular formats like JPG, MKV, MP4, MP3, etc. The latest Advanced Renamer version with a crack is now available for download.


advanced renamer full version,


Advanced 3.85 license key split is a multi-file and directory delete software at once. The names can be changed in different ways by configuring renaming methods. It is easy to set a batch job by a large number of files using multiple methods. With 14 different methods, names, attributes, and timestamps of files can be modified in a single go. You may also use the data in the files to copy or move the files back to new locations. Get advanced Crack Crack Key Renames license.

More About Advanced Renamer:

Further, you can create new name files by adding, deleting, replacing, changing case, or giving a brand new name to your file, based on known file information, with Advanced Renamer 3.85 license key crack. You should check the output will be right before operations on the files, and if you change the files and regret them, you will be able to undo the entire batch.


file renamer online,


Advanced Renamer is a free software to rename several files and folders simultaneously. The names can be changed in different ways by configuring renaming methods.

It is easy to configure an advanced batch job using a wide range of methods. With 14 different methods, names, attributes, and timestamps of files can be modified in a single go. You may also use the data in the files to copy or move the files back to new locations.

With Advanced Renamer you can add, remove, modify, or assign the file a new file name based on knowledgeable data concerning the file.


advanced renamer hulubulu,


Features & highlights:

You should check the output will be right before operations on the files, and if Advanced Renamer Activation Code change the files and regret them, you will be able to undo the entire batch.


A perfect resource to arrange digital images for professionals and beginners alike. Also, you will see thumbnails directly in the file list, in the thumbnail mode, to ensure the rename process is managed maximally. You may rename all your images in a snap with this software.


Also, you can add the name of the city and country where the picture has been taken if your image files include GPS data. Coordinates are used in a database comprising over 100,000 cities around the world to look up a place, country, and state names.


It is common for MP3 and other music files to mess names and contain strange characters. Furthermore, Advanced Renamer helps you to use the integrated ID3 functions to modify the name of your favorite music files to more appropriate names.


Advanced Renamer 3.84 Crack,



Would you ever like to include the codec or video resolution in the filename? You can add different video and audio content information to the names with the video tags.


Similarly, upon importing series details from the website, add episode title or airdate to the TV Shows video files.

Rename files with AdvancedRenamer:

With a simple mouse click, renaming a single file is easy. However, if you need to rename more than one file, use Advanced Renamer. This software helps you to batch-only delete files and directories. Moreover, it has 14 methods to change or delete the names, timestamps, attributes, and more of these files or directories. You can also copy and transfer the files to different places.

It has also Unicode support, tag-based renaming, MP3 / ID3 renames, thumbnails display, custom-based methods, real-time new names, and many more. Using Advanced Renamer to rename files and directories.


file rename,


Advanced Renamer Features:

  • Select a large number of files
  • Supports all versions of Windows
  • Supports all common formats
  • Fast operation speed
  • Ability to manage mass files
  • Also, enhanced settings
  • And many more.

AdvancedRenamer System Requirements:

  • Others: Internet connection
  • Processor: Intel 1.2 or AMD Athlon 64
  • System Memory:512 MB RAM
  • Storage Capacity:500 MB hard disk free space
  • Resolution:1024×768 or higher screen resolution

How to install Advanced Renamer Crack?

  1. Uninstall the Previous Version of Advanced Renamer, if installed.
  2. Turn Off Your Virus Guard
  3. Now install downloaded program & keep remember, Don’t Run It (If Running Then Quit).
  4. Run Crack.
  5. Click On Crack
  6. Done! Enjoy.

Advanced Renamer Wikipedia:

Advanced Renamer Download for Windows 2020 Pros & Cons: 



Mark names being new on a wide range of names.Not at all.
Change record a Post tribute.
Also, change record timestamp.
Trim filenames.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 10.9 MB

Download Here!


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