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HD Tune Pro portable Archives

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HD Tune Pro 5.50 - Google Drive
HD Tune Pro 5.50 is an extended version of HD Tune which includes many new features such as write benchmark, secure erasing, AAM setting, folder usage view, disk monitor, command line parameters and file benchmark.The HGST TOURO Pro 500GB portable drive had an average read speed of 99.2MB/s with a burst speed of 166.3MB/s and an access time of 16.3ms.The read performance started out at ~125MB/s on the outer edges of the platters before slowing to 62MB/s on the inner sectors.The file benchmark results look good with ~140 MB/s writes for most file sizes over 64KB.It should be noted that the drive never got much hotter than 33C during our testing.How many of you recall the days when even 340MB of storage space was the highest one could find and consumers had lots of brands they could choose a drive from (well at least in most places on the planet) including Seagate, WD, IBM, Quantum and Maxtor?Well since then (over 15 years ago) things have changed a lot so aside the fact that Seagate and WD are the two largest players right now (for example Quantum was bought by Maxtor which in turn was bought by Seagate) storage capacities have skyrocketed up to a crazy 10TB (10TB=10000000MB).Of course technology never stops progressing so we all knew that this day would eventually come although it did arrive earlier than some expected.Unfortunately as we all know in order to own the latest and highest capacity model you need to spend quite a bit especially if you're looking for a durable HDD with the best possible read/write performance.The good news however is that thanks to Seagate people who place capacity and durability before performance now have a HDD they can turn to and its name is the Archive HDD.

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