Features of CCleaner

January 3, 2022 / Rating: 4.6 / Views: 809

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Find out which Disk Cleanup features CCleaner supports, including Purge Temp Files, Registry Cleanup, Clutter Reduction, Autorun Reduction, Purge Browser Temp, Application Uninstall.

Products › ccleanerCCleaner Features G2
The content includes the price, features, and pros & cons of CCleaner. Mini Tool Software makes a CCleaner review to help you better understand this PC cleaning software.A professional file recovery tool is also introduced here.CCleaner is a utility that is specially used to remove your unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from your computer.It is useful when you want to free up disk space for new data. To be specific: CCleaner has a registry cleaner that can locate and correct the found issues in the Windows registry.

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